All Call for “Help! Can’t Find the Original Published Story!”

After another fruitless search, to find what I wish to share with Son #2 on his upcoming birthday – I’m ready to put up the flares for “SOS” and hope one of my WordPress community-bloggy pals who are much better at searching Google than I am –

Your Mission – Should You Choose to Accept It…

(LOL – Sorry – couldn’t resist!)

In my childhood, Dad shared a story with me.  I believe it was something he came across in a Reader’s Digest – but not certain on the publication…

A mother wrote a final letter to each of her three son’s before passing away – the gist of each stage of life was listed out, but I have no memory of details except, as follows:

Son #1 –

You were the child of our early years, when we were working to build a life…how full of hope we were, but we didn’t always have the time to play…

Son #2

You arrived in our middle years – when we didn’t have to work so hard, but ……

Son #3

You arrived when we had it good – and had plenty of time to play and enjoy you ….

She closed each letter to each son with (paraphrasing)

“A mother is not supposed to have favorites –   Therefore, be kind to your brothers,  look out for them and never let them know, I always loved you best.”

I told this story to each of my sons

So they would understand they each had different personalities/ways of being, etc., that I loved best – without making either of them feel like they had to live up to the other –

Would love to share the original copy with Son #2 on his upcoming birthday – but dang if I can find it – 🙂

Thank you for any/all assistance!


This Message will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3….

Just kidding – your computer is safe –


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