Plain(s) Beauty

Life still hitting from all sides and, well, if SOMEONE had made a clip of the “I’m Still Okay” scene from “The Road to Eldorado” – I would’ve shared – alas, you’ll have to take my word for it.

I’m Alive, haven’t been stepped on by giant stone Jaguar that was brought to life by a power-hungry….

Oh, wait!

I logged in to share with you the beauty I saw driving home yesterday from a meeting, and why I remembered once again….

I may have spent 16 years living in the Mountains of Colorado but….

I’ll always be a Daughter of the Plains

Here’s how wonderfully green and lush everything is here, after the blessed and frequent moisture we’ve received this summer:

This reminds me of Augusts from my childhood.

Here’s what the tree-line of the ‘crick’ that used to flood annually, but not anymore, due to water conservation efforts made, in the 1950’s, looks like:

Those trees, along the horizon?  They span the creek bed known as  the “Big Sandy” – 🙂

So What does all this REALLY Mean?

We are blessed this year – I could show you pictures of my hailed out garden, that I planted even though I KNOW better than to do so, every year, before I FINALLY, (someday….) install my customized ‘plan’ for the super-duper hail buster gardening infrastructure – – 🙂

I could also post pics of all the weeds that have taken over a 3 ft span of the northwest corner –

The same species that will become ‘Tumbling Tumbleweeds’ and seed my place for centuries to come, should I fail to get ’em ripped out in time….

 I choose to post neither –

Too sad, for one, and also,

I’m thinking winter is going to be a long, cold, wet, blizzardy one –

You heard it here, first…

….if I’m right.

Never said It…

…if I’m wrong

May I do a small, “Ahem” and observe?

“Good Enough for those who want to lead from any seat of power, big or small?  Good enough for me.  At the very least, I will show up and say,

Oh, that was soooo 2.5 seconds ago, before I learned about….


Yes, I thought that way, too, once – but decided it wasn’t working and decided to take (such and such) out for a spin…Better?  Worse?  Back to Ye Olde Drawing Board?

Based on My Gut-Feeling…

I’m busy researching rock wool, Roxul, vapor barrier, installation, how-to, etc.  Because, I’m thinking maybe….

I perhaps….

Should get the insulation job following the electrical job, actually done, before this winter, since I rather dropped the ball on “Git ‘Er Done” in 2016….

Yup…that’s what I tend to do….

Notice, I didn’t say ‘intend’ – 😀

I ‘intend’ to do a lot of things – but anymore?

In 2.5 second world?

I find myself vacillating between “I intend to…”  and “Must tend to this now, before it gets out of hand…”

I will show you a pic from the 15 minutes I spent in my truck a month ago.

Returning to work at the library after doing Post Office run.

Waiting for the hail to slow enough, I figured, I might just make it from the truck to doorway without getting a concussion…coma….or DOS (dead-on-spot).

(Yes, yes, I shouldn’t have parked so far away – might I add?  The first golfball sized nugget hit my truck hood as I was opening the door to get out – left a 2″+ dent AND bounced approximately 4 feet in the air so it could come back down, again, and leave another lil ding – – After seeing that, I figured retreat the better part of valor and what have ya…)

Yes, this is the 2017 hail that did it’s best to destroy (and, somewhat succeeded) the Lil Sweet Corn, Scarlett Runner Beans and All Squashes, Pumpkins, Melons.

The decorative gourds, planted on a whim, are doing fine.

The others?  Maybe they will make it, maybe the won’t….

(Gourds. Ya can’t EAT them, can ya?!?  If so, please send recipe…cuz I used ’em to fill in empty space….and I don’t have time to make cool, creative, fall ‘displays’ to impress the neighborhood with my creative, artsy-fartsy soul..)


On the other hand, the moisture and cooler weather means, (in face of  fall forecast) – I MAY just get 3 or more harvests, this year, out of the rhubarb!  If only I could live off rhubarb – – life would be so much easier – – 🙂


If you haven’t seen “The Road to Eldorado” featuring not one, but two, Kevins – You just are missing out…

I get emails and notifications that, in my harried mind, indicate, you are surviving, too… 🙂

I hope this post finds you ‘maintaining and/or thriving’ – if not?

Well, may you and I both, move onto Plan B (or L, or Z).



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