There Is a Reason Folks Rebel…

Yesterday evening, while secretly whining to myself over how miserable, sick and tired I was, I watched the movie, “Suffragette”.

It was HARD for me to watch…


Because I knew, in my heart, the things done to those in the movie have gone on in the past, and still happen today – not just to women, but for any group that wishes to have their own voice in making the laws they must abide with.

I have been, in my own lifetime, a ‘victim’ if you will, of such outdated thinking – 🙂  From both those who saw me as the enemy and those who thought I should have better protected myself from the enemy, cuz seriously, I should KNOW better…right?

Not EVERY single group, marching, protesting right now comprises “1/2 of the human population”

  • Sometimes, they are more than 1/2.
  • Sometimes, they are less than 1/2.

But I can’t help but Ask…and then remember….

the response to my 1990s query, “Why are they marching over Right to Life/Right to Choice?  Why are they bombing/killing people?”

And the answer, simply, calmly given, was,

“Because those who believe in what they believe feel there is no way else their voice is heard and taken seriously.”

I think of this answer, as I read political, freedom, religious posts – as I watch movies made, based on real events –

We are all talking about what we’d each like to have happen, BUT, are any of us listening to what the other side is asking for in a ‘violent way’?

Are they violent simply because they are in minority and wrong OR simply because…the majority didn’t take the time to listen when asked nicely?

The end of this month is banned book month – for me?

The list of Banned/Challenged books over the decades shows, exactly, where our ‘past and next conversations take place on who we wish to be, as humans’

The news media is filled with shares from those wishing to shut down the conversation and those wishing to start or further the same conversation..

Some of the conversations have been going on for far too long, to my mind and we humans must be idiots if we haven’t resolved certain conversations by now – regardless of race, nationality, culture, religion, sex, etc. –

If you think ‘they’ are being destructive/fools, I only ask you to contemplate the question…

“Just why did THEY feel the need to go to such lengths to make their voice heard?”

Um…yeah, these are the ‘thinks’ I contemplate, when I’ve worn myself out and have little else I’m up to doing, except, learning about the past and hoping to the heavens, I don’t keep repeating it….


4 thoughts on “There Is a Reason Folks Rebel…”

  1. Reblogged this on The Good, Bad and Ludicrous and commented:

    Some games, greed, denial and total lack of understanding plays out in our world – over and over, in, to my mind? Pure misunderstanding of the interdependent world we live in – from days of yore to today?

    Understand your resources, understand who contributes what, and for the love of all that’s holy – please try your best as ya can, to not repeat the errors of the past….

    Blast from the Past regarding on the Reasons Folks Rebel – I highlighted ONE durn moment, in time – with movie clip, but to me? So much shown in it?

    Applies to many things that are showing up in the news, as STILL a problem – thus, perhaps I’m just being a stick in the mud and not growing, or maybe…..

    “Nothing new under the sun, but for land’s sake! Can’t folks move past some of this stuff JUST to keep the conversation going with folks who are willing to have it???


  2. This is a valid point… certainly worth pondering, and considering. I am simply amazed at how the media holds so much power to control and wield the masses. It is easy to put untruths out there. How easy it is for the media to destroy lives? To turn us against each other? To perpetrate hate and pain? Freedom of speech is one thing, but it is about who is in power and where the big fat dollar resides.

    This is what I love about watching a powerful movie (like this one you posted about). A film that can evoke emotion and understanding – to put us in touch with the root of who we are – love, that’s a good kind of power to connect with.

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