The Spider

This past week – I wandered into bathroom to…well…use your imagination… it’s 10 a.m. and I’ve been slugging coffee for a good 4 hours or more…

There is a spider in the tub – not moving –

I actually ‘sit on the throne’ longer than need be, just to watch – – is ‘the spider’ moving?  breathing? flinching?’

I confess to not being as freaked out over spiders that may/may not be Brown Recluse/Black Widows as I am over Garden Friendly, Small, Garter Snakes – Thus –

I make the command decision to not kill the spider in the tub first go round –

I don’t hear any vegans awarding me my gold star for overcoming my Neanderthal DNA ways….. (just saying…)

Hour Later….

I’ve really been slugging the coffee down – -I’m in position to observe – seems spider has moved….slightly…or I could be blind… I’m open to that possibility… maybe it is already dead and I should just turn on water and wash him down the drain…

…On the other hand…maybe he stayed up all night and is just napping…

…Shouldn’t drown someone while they are napping, right?!?

That’s just not cool…

And 2 and/or 3 Hours Later…

“Check that out!”

Mr. Spider (yes, I’m convinced it was a Mr….I just felt uneasy addressing him as Miss Spider…)  has slowly moved a 1/2 inch at a time, during the morning, to be on side of tub, nearest the,  ahem…throne….

This may turn out badly…for me…

And, by late afternoon…

I visit to see if tub clear of potential murder charges, if I do weekly deep watering of houseplants…and…

No spider to be seen…anywhere…

OH MY!  Where On EARTH did he go?!?

Into the drain for a sip of water?

What if I drown him while he is recovering from dehydration?  He spent a long morning, afternoon, early evening sans coffee, water, water-wine, more liberally mixed water wine, albeit, still water strong enough to be hydrated…


The Examined Life is No Picnic….

Animal Spirit – Spider

“If spider shows up, it means – ……..

(Ahem, Full Disclosure – there were 4 other possible options to choose from, below 1 fits what I want to do…LOL)

“It’s time to write creatively without limits of tradition or habit, allowing yourself to be inspired by Nature.”

There ya go – blame Dr. Steven Farmer or the Spider – not my fault you clicked to read this…LOL

Oh…just in case you wondered – my Hallelujah in face of my broken heart showed up and reminded me, once again – why Broken Hallelujahs are rather, the best of the best, in the end – at least you know what your greatest strengths AND your greatest weaknesses are – 🙂

And, may I say?  Broken you may deemed by others, but, to me?

More Life’s Joy to walk the path with, than those who don’t even have a clue what a Broken Hallelujah feels like…

You Bless My Life – Just by sharing the path you walk and listening to mine –

Broken?   You?

Never –

Cuz me and the Spider  don’t see you that way…


6 thoughts on “The Spider”

  1. I learned from my wise old grandmother that all life has a purpose, even if it’s just to be part of the food chain, so whenever a poor little critter gets lost and finds its way into my house, I help it back outside. Since I spent 55 years in real estate, including many years as a contractor and a home inspector, I know where critters go to get into my home so I purposely block those areas. Thus its extremely rare for me to have to help critters out of my house.

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    1. Lol. I refreshed my essential oil saicers in the basement where 113 year old foundation likes to sigh, settle and shift now and again. Lol. The spider reminded me I hadnt checked/refreshed them for awhile. 🙂


  2. Last weekend, I was preparing our guest bedroom for my sister’s arrival, and had to shoo a little fuzzy black house spider out to the front porch. It had taken up residence in a corner of the bedroom, and I did not think my sister would appreciate it as a room mate! I don’t kill any spider if I can help it. Like you, I try to find meaning in the appearance – some kind of message.

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