And…here…is the RANT!

Been awhile since I’ve really, REALLY RANTED! here – but for the LOVE of all that is Sacred and Holy, to so many human beans, regardless of race, sex, nationality, fiscal status, political party, etc., I’m just going to put this out there, to see who see’s it the same way…

For ya know – I might be wrong….

#1 – “That’s Just the Way Things Are Now”…Is NOT acceptable answer for issues in need of solving –


5 thoughts on “And…here…is the RANT!”

  1. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving TamrahJo and Yep.. We could all rant till the cows come home.. But unless we all change our Ways of Being, things will not alter.. It all begins with us altering ourselves, our consumer habits and our putting up with things, and unless we rant some more.. Nothing changes.. xxx Sending some calming Hugs.. and enjoy your festive season.. Hugs Sue

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