IF I were a REAL…..

Picture of flowers planted over Memorial Day and all but killed by hail storms in June - leave those sticks in the ground - and let them take their sweet time, it pays off

Poet, artist, photographer, novelist….

Or any of about another gazillion options for being a true creative, inspiring, prodigy –

Perhaps I could properly convey to you the depths of beauty I find in the ever changing of moment of now – –

If I were a REAL….

Archeologist, Sociologist, Philosopher, Historian,  Cosmologist, Astrophysicist, Quantum Mechanics Mathematician, (or, face it, even a basic High School level Calculus student….)….

I could simply tell you why I see what I see in what is not working, hasn’t ever worked and why, without serious modifications, never will –

IF I were a REAL person –

Yum – yup – I would LOSE MY FOCUS and TOTALLY Lose My Cool – and throw s@!t fit on Wednesday, in the middle of a productive work morning, just cuz a software provider forgot to update their changelog link to be viewable – another software provider indicated something changed, but numerous testings later – um, nope – stuff trucking right along -changes expected didn’t happen…. and so….

Here I sit, tonight – after a day full of finally having my ‘fill’ cuz ya know – writers like me don’t show up to wax eloquent on topics when they are busy doing needed work –

Sigh –

Mother Nature is the REAL me –

Tonight – as I came back down to earth trying to make sense of a myriad of events the past year or two, I truly focused in on jus….


The sound of thunder rolling….

The Pitter Patter of rain…no wait…small hail?  Nope – just hard rain – and I just sunk into the blessed relief of Mother Nature doing her thing –

Despite storm warnings that said the newly recovered flower/plants (that somehow survived the 3 massive hail storms back in June – and are beautiful, just cuz I wasn’t in a toot to go rip them out the minute I figured to give ’em up for ‘deader than doornail’ status – ) were probably in imminent danger of being busted back to nothing – once more….

It didn’t happen – seriously – why the heck do I pay attention to such things and think planning on my part may, somehow, avoid disaster?

And so life trucks on – bindweed and weeds, and works in progress and folks who think it’s too hot, too cold, to wet, too dry, etc., once more are relegated to ‘historical footnote commentary’ in me life’s memories – cuz ya know what?

Yup – that’s bindweed – ain’t it loving all this moisture?  Funny, how the areas where it is, aren’t getting flooded –

Deep rooted, it must be – – sigh –

I’m Announcing Publicly, the fact I JUST NOW saw the beauty to be had in Bindweed…

Not that I’m cutting it any slack or giving it opportunity if I can help it to take the place over –

Just saying – I get it –

Still Waiting for the Wisdom of Mosquitoes to show up….

Oops!  Promised myself I’d just write what I was thinking, once more on, in less than 400 words – and actually publish – but…don’t ya know – I remembered to take pics earlier today – they are resized and sent to Mama Bear for my ‘touch base and here’s the report from here’ – and…if anyone can actually see the 10,000 words+ conveyed in these pictures, well – thanks!

Cuz, If I were a REAL photographer…..


P.S. – And CURSES to the software providers AND the Accessibility Watchdogs that cannot make up their mind on what is the ‘rule of thumb’ for Alt-text Required/Nope, not needed if picture named descriptively enough –

sigh –

IF someone must use a ‘screen reader’ to navigate the web?

Good luck – maybe the Fates/Gods of Cyberland smile upon you – they change their mind more often than your software to keep up with it, will, most likely –

But then, I can throw such stones – I see all the warnings thrown by such tests/algorithms, can read the articles calling for ‘such and such’ and then see how they stack up against reality – and doable, for less than 5 full-time jobs just maintaining a basic sites content to meet the latest ‘touted’ requirements – – me things cyberland believes itself the end all – instead of just the ‘archived report of how history is changing faster than one can keep up,,,:

But I’m OLLLDDDDD!  And BIASED!!!!   And I confess to believing that tech will not save me or anyone else – cuz we are all mortal – Thank Goodness!   Cuz ya know?  I STILL believe our own mortality and understanding of it, is the only thing that provides us the space in which to practice our free will to create a life of meaning – but again –

If I were eloquent……

11 thoughts on “IF I were a REAL…..”

        1. Maybe, but, much like bindweed, I’ve finally gotten ‘my stubborn streak back up’ and I will be durned if tech has the last word in this conversation with me – – LOL. It’s all a case of stubborness ….or persistence…as the perspective one might be – 😀

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  1. Nothing beats the Now moment, I smiled at the bind-weed beauty.. It is a really lovely flower when we allow it its head.. I have plenty of it on the plot, but I hardly every give it a chance to flower.. It revels in choking everything..

    It’s YOU that is REAL,, and the rest who are not.. the real take time to Listen, LOOK, and BE…
    Much love my friend.. ❤ Enjoy your Now moments 🙂 ❤


    1. I have much more time to take a break, come back to my preferred reality – I have not, however, been able to do much dancing in the storms this year – sigh – either too risky for concussion from hail, or like standing under a waterfall from a gully washer – :). But still – standing and watching the night sky come alive (the storm arrived very late ) from my kitchen door step was, One of Them Moments where time stops and you just meld into the full beauty of it all – 😀

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      1. I know how fast the rain has fallen here, like tropical rain, a whole sheet of it out of nowhere.. Hubby had to climb up the ladder with me holding it as the birds had dislodged the moss off the roof and it had clogged up the down u-bend of the roof guttering.. It poured off the end like a waterfall, so know what you mean..
        He’s 72 and although he used to climb ladders for a living way back, I was not happy until he had his feet back on Terra-firmer again 🙂
        Sending love and hope you experience more of those NOW Moments.. our lives are made up of them, we just forget to live them, as we are too often worrying about whats next and what’s past. 😀
        Lovely to catch up with you TamrahJo 🙂

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