Check-In, Touch Base Sunday

** Please know I won’t be going back and editing for spelling, grammar, or missed words, my previous post, done late at night, total stream of ‘just write and push the blue button – thingee’.

Serves as a reminder to me of both the kindness of my fellow bloggers who just ‘get me’ even when I fail at communicating well or at all, really AND a reminder to me –  “EDIT!  for the Love of all that is HOLY!  EDIT!!! ” **

So, with no before/after pictures of today, here’s the check in from ye olde BallyBin Front –

Yes, I forgot to take before pictures to go with after picture of infrastructure work done outside this a.m. – and who wants or needs screen shots of me reading how-to/researching options, for building modules for websites?!?

News-brief  from Household/Work fronts:

Busy work weeks here, as I continue to catch up on cyber-land education & behind scenes infrastructure for me and all my clients,  all while new clients have just shown up via communiques I view as, “hair on fire Please Help!!!” missives –

I’ve been told  such missives are not  – ‘hair on fire’ and I still think to myself…

“not quite yet, but in my world – yes – it will become so, sooner or later, given what you’ve told me… “

Old Dawgs – Old Tricks – R Moi –

Blessings all around.

**Even while I frequently chafe over  what all ‘new things’ that must be researched/learned, in order to just ‘hold line, while building for future flexibility/adaptibility’ operations- in cyber-work land**

Man-child, worked outside this morning while I did weekly correspondence and online work,  moving heavy infrastructure supplies and weeding, etc.

His work, makes it possible for me to do the detail design work that doesn’t wear me out as quickly as the carrying heavy things all by me lonesome,  just to even start  on an area build  for ‘no-mow, ready to plant’ space creation. – 🙂

I confess, I have really lost my ‘grit’ these two years of increasing ‘time spent using my brain and typing fingers, instead of whole body in bucking straw bales, flinging tires or moving concrete blocks  🙂

Bartering News

The  work trades with man-child, (i.e. I cook, do laundry,  grocery shopping & bill paying – he lifts heavy things and runs errands when need be) while we split expenses for basics (utilities/groceries), are working ever so much better for me than being married ever did – 🙂

Bonus Perks I didn’t see coming….

He often cooks for me on the weekends – as he enjoyed being a ‘chef/cook’ and has a flair for it – he is quickly adjusting to using tiny home cook options, from restaurant grill, broiler, etc., set-ups he is used to, and appreciates my ‘stocked pantry/substitution options on hand.

What a gift to just have food plopped down in front of you with instructions to ‘eat it and I’ll do the dishes’ –

He says he is content and recently interviewed at work for a promotion, which if obtained, will mean the end of  commuting often to do split shifts to get his 40 hours.

He is saving money from renting on his own in town, I have help on the place and we’ve eased right back into roommate style “works for us both” routines.

No telling how long this will last, but on October 10th, will be 2 months since he came home and it’s just getting better each week – he is young and will go forth as he shall, but very grateful for the gifts bestowed, just now.

He just rather ‘gets’ my native “Love Languages”

  1. Quality Time (watch a movie together?  Share music fave? Discuss what’s going on in world?  Personal challenges? Rant about anything and the other doesn’t take it ‘personally’?)
  2. Acts of Service that are in tune with my ‘foundation/build for future’ needs, instead of ‘hmmm..nice, but luxury, thanks – but, um, yeah – still stressed out over basics – 🙂

He receives, in return,  lower costs & the freedom to be an adult (i.e. texts or check-ins “Hey!  Staying in town for friend’s gathering, be home tomorrow”  or “What needs done?  I have plans later today, so figure out what I can do to help, cuz I’m available to help until….”)

And I get to be a mom/worry/make fun of myself/share experience, etc., but overall, I mainly just get to be a ‘roommate/friend’ with someone who knows most, if not all my lil ways…the good, the bad, the radunkulous –

(feel free to replace radunkulous’ with ludicrous or peccadilloes if you prefer real words…)

This Week’s  Shares….

Reading for Pleasure:

I have started reading “Giants in the Earth:A Saga of the Prairie’ by O.E. Rolvaag.   Published circa 1920s, it is the story of Norweigian immigrants who homesteaded in South Dakota plains.  I’m really enjoying it thus far.

Reading to Learn:

I’m learning new cooking techniques from “The Essentials of classic Italian cooking by Marcella Hazan” – most recipes call for ingredients too fancy, expensive or unavailable to me, but have mastered, with substitution, a couple of  basic sauce recipes, that I see multiple uses for, that really wow our taste buds.

Recipes learned from online search 2 weeks ago

Simple Irish Soda bread recipe that cooks in my toaster oven, nestled in a cast-iron skillet, will transition to solar cooker and even modified a recipe that makes an onion/garlic bagel style bread for Nathan, that goes from mix, to toaster oven and done in about 20 minutes.

I took pictures and wrote down process so if I ever get asked for the recipe or manage to publish the blog posts written, in need of refinement, I have what is needed to do quickly – 🙂

New to Me Movie pick for Week

“33 Postcards” on Amazon Prime

Official Trailer:

Song of the week

I couldn’t decide on one –

First comes to me, thus share with you,  via  Bloggy Pal King Midget as he continues in his quest to update his own ‘theme song’ – The Posts of this quest are full of great music, but thus far….I really like this one best  both for my ‘list of faves’ and what I see of his life, outside looking in….

Second is latest from Starset, a band my son introduced me too – the clear lead voice that allows me to  ‘hear the lyrics’ without having to look them up, and imbued with multiple levels of meaning and the imagery with multiple depths contained in the video…well – all of it continues to fascinate me regarding this band’s work:

Quote of the Week:

Technology’s role has begun to shift, from serving human users to pushing them out of the way so that the technologized world can service its own ends. And so, with increasing frequency, technology will exist not to serve human goals, but to facilitate its own expansion.~ From the Article “Why Nothing Works Anymore” by Ian Bogost

(8 minute read for those of you familiar with my tech reading style that doesn’t fit into your busy schedule and…

P.S. Tried to do ‘link’ from original news post at original site, sadly, original site too full of main page stuff, that took too long to load and 3 attempts at using ‘search’ function just didn’t work – maybe my slow internet, maybe issues on their side?  who knows?  But Pocket News link is what you get – 🙂

Technology is, to  me, rather like my 3rd generation shovel – I can, and yes will, someday, write about that whole metaphor, but until then here’s the short(er) recap of my mind musings over the past 3 years

My shovel helps me get what I want to do, done –

Sure, it needs some care, some sharpening, some skills to use effectively, but it doesn’t sit by the fence or in my kitchen/mudroom place saying, “love me, update me, pay for a snazzy new fiberglass handle every 6 months or so – and, ya know?  you need to learn new skills, too, if you want me to shovel wood chips this week, just like you did last week – )


This Week’s Reminders…

Via many in bloggy world to be grateful for…

  1. I’m glad I don’t live in Medieval Europe during the Plague, but nice window into what I already knew, but stories and pictures I hadn’t seen before.
  2. Old, new, steadfast and challenges can exist side by side, be Functional AND Pretty, and there are always those souls who capture those things and share – here in WP land- 🙂
  3. Still believe  online world is ‘what we humans make of it’ and I am done ‘experimenting’ in those forums I, apparently, will never fully understand the unspoken “rules/culture/ambience’ of – 🙂
  4. There are many, many folks in the world who think my, “This is quick/dirty version, but if you can live with, for now, we can build out…” attempts at many things are awesome AND also continue to show up, for my tendency to say, “Hmpf – it’s just a start – you really want to build what you said?   Okay – here’s a general road map – options lay ahead – but till then – get hold of yourself – more work to do… have you thought of this?  How do you envision going forth on this … for you/daily life…?  Need…More…Input…”  – (via conversations and research/reading)

And, as always – was reminded of the places, the thoughts, life challenges & funnies, shared – which make me laugh without trying, entertain me, hearten me, inspire me –

All via  you fine Bloggy Pal folks who bring the world to my living room in such a gracious way.

(Want the links to? all of those bloggy pals??  Just click on the “My Community” Sidebar icons – I think most of those who enrich my life are listed in what the ‘widget listing’ display, (which long ago check of widget capabilities and after clean up’ of follow list *ahem* long ago (6 months?  a year?) actually displays links to those dear to my heart and who warm my grumpy, ole cynical heart.  Over and over….

At the very least, you’ll be taken to the folks I follow and who come to visit me –

You can, also, start to get plugged into  my tiny ‘numbers’, but mighty in beauty, global reaching network,  that doesn’t represent each and every location/culture/language – but still, nice broad spectrum of kind folks that might not agree with me or you on everything, but still often show up for  the conversation -:)

I am Grateful for you being you!

Take care and I’ll catch ya on the flip side! 🙂

(that’s CB/Truck Driver/Truck stop waitress talk, I think – at least – that’s where I picked it up from – It is, IMHO, the older version of “TTYL” – :D)

8 thoughts on “Check-In, Touch Base Sunday”

    1. Yeah – well – as you know, in my world – sometimes a shovel is a ‘partner in work/crime’ and other times? It’s just a spade and needs to be called a ‘frickn’ spade’ – – LOL

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes – I always found them cool as they moved through the ‘stages’ but I confess, through space/place separation these past 3 years, I’m just delighted over the discovering him anew, even while I was aware of ‘changes in progress’ but not there to see the playout of how such changes shape our once more shared, daily lives – 🙂


    2. P.S. – Nearly ‘blogged’ or maybe did, in your space, on the whole Plague/Stories/Pic post – 🙂 Trying to ‘restrain myself’ here and there – :)But yes, while I struggled to ‘keep under 2,000 words+ length) there were so many things that impacted me this week, in numerous quality of life ways – easy to share? here? no problemo – – I am logging out, but I see I need to read Ani’s latest work – – 😀


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