WIHH to my “re-blog” option?

Note** Title Acronym Definition -“What-in-Hades-Happened”…

Sharing awesome post link:

10 Inspiring Quotes from Writers About Writing

I Tried the Re-blog – option – didn’t work….

Button USED to give me a window to type intro, and hit Re-blog button again, to share –

Since I’m out of date – and using Firefox with Security functions rather locked down, since the link for ‘re-blog button’ there, shows url that has ‘widget’ in it – perhaps my sticking with classic editor and not being “gutenberg ready/smart plays a role –

Perhaps, somewhere, updates are rolling out, maintenance being done, edits in process or server cachess being emptied, updated – who knows?

I don’t mess with deep research or troubleshooting such stuff, anymore, right ‘on the spot and immediately’- part of my adjustments back to ‘quality of life’ streamlining operations –

I instead, leave my self a note,Β  to try/explore/learn later – or just wait for other operations to ‘finish’ in their own sweet time –

For all I know

This ‘reblog’ share,Β  is also going to appear , somewhere on my blog, some 3 times, in a widget,Β  on my site, I’m unable to see/unaware of – all while such things are also plaguing one of my long-suffering from my ineptness, Bloggy Pals – πŸ™‚

That said – …you have the link – quick read –

Wordlander has explanation if things going ugly on her end and I just can’t ‘see the chaos’ I caused –

AndΒ  – post rather full ofΒ  my go-to favesto’talk myself off the ledge’ mind chatterΒ  when I’m stuck in writing/creative works – – πŸ™‚

There ya go – share from this wannabe writer while wading through tech changes land – πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “WIHH to my “re-blog” option?”

    1. Thanks for the double check, Miss Sue!- I was trying to re-blog from another’s site – it didn’t work – refreshed, closed down, opened in ‘private window’ with preferred browser , ‘no cache’ in place logged in, tried again – sigh – – I admit, I’ve been “MIA” but after tonight of trying to simply follow, easily, from my ‘admin/comments page to simply find a way to quickly follow the other person on their wordpress blog, instead of going back to ‘my reader’ – and then needing to go type, EXACTLY the creator’s name to follow one, but the other didn’t show up, until I EXACTLY spelled right, every stinking space/letter in the blog title, to follow it – well – all I can say is, glad I build sites on the .org framework – and I’m spoiled – and *ahem* we all KNOW what happens if I try to do the ‘fly by seat of pants, type/post’ style thingee or “use my tiny phone screen to ‘do/connect” – – In process of updating my widget area here, and got lost realizing how many posts were in need of updated news, OR follow-up and also, how many from prior beauty and trials, well, um…are still true for me – either I’m one fully stubborn cuss – OR – systems in place doing no better than they did up to 9 years ago – – πŸ™‚ But, I do SO appreciate you taking the time out to do a ‘double check to ascertain if TamrahJo just needs some educating on the matter – – ” πŸ™‚ Me and tech have a love/hate relationship – always – from dictaphone foot pedal thingees up through modern platforms – sometimes I get it – sometimes I think, “Dude, if you had to grow your own food to survive, or cut your own firewood, you would seriously get that tools are to serve/help – not make time slaves out of others – – – πŸ™‚ Rant…um…over ….for now…sure there will be more in same vein, for some time to come – – LOL


        1. Um yup – but, in my world – I increasingly believe there are just too many variables/layers etc., to KNOW for sure, without being a network, coding, log reading guru who knows multiple languages, systems and code syntax – from infrastructure buried in the ground, to radio tours, to wireless networks to the hardware, systems and software that runs them all – which is, on so many fronts, continually under attack – rather like the Wild Wild West or the Pirates of the Caribbean eras, eh? Sigh – it is what it is – πŸ™‚ but I do thank your time spent on double check/feedback – we ‘pioneers/settlers/early adopters/ community builders must just stick together and help each other where we can – πŸ™‚


  1. Hmmm…you’re not alone. I know a fellow blogger who had this problem some time back. And now I wonder if re-blog button is still missing. Sigh….the chaos we have to go thru in this crazy world whether we’re offline or online. LOL! Btw, I like the 10 inspiring quotes…. (灬β™₯Ο‰β™₯灬)

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    1. They are some tops, for just more than writing? right?!!? πŸ˜€ Tech world will do what it does – we either double down or say to ourselves, “self? these dudes aren’t going in the direction we desire – so we will find alternative – – OR we will put up/shut up” – key is to have a back up – etc., but in the end – the current online ‘for free’ services have to make their money, R & D somewhere – so either we look for free – or we pay for what works and we can live with – etc. and we find a way to ‘live without’ whenever possible, when we really AREN’T happy with something – I let folks know I’m considering – or at least used too – sadly – across the board? This has only resulted in me, as a customer, being requested to do free ‘troubleshooting/screen captures’ for what they need to fix – and I think – “seriously? You want me, a paying customer, to do trouble shooting for free while your ‘makes more than me’ IT team or subcontracted website company sits and waits for me to tell them what they failed on? SERIOUSLY?!?” – – sigh – Cyberland is what we make of it – as users, and in the end – sometimes, we ‘make it’ by billing willing to walk away – πŸ™‚
      Doesn’t work, here in USA, without huge cost/inconvenience for such things as taxes, required to be legal, etc., things, but still – πŸ™‚

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  2. WordPress isn’t as user-friendly as it used to be for those of us who are not tech savvy and are a more mature generation. I imagine when it gets to where it’s more of a frustration to write and figure it out, I’ll just give up. Life should not be complicated!

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    1. Um…Ya get that ‘just do crap at speed of light to meet the madding crowd’s propensity for “I’m going to buckle down and invest in myself, my company….OOOH! LOOK! Bright Shiny Thingeee!!!” ways, Right? You’re not outdated – you are that which ‘holds the line’ for those who say, “Um, okay – go for serving folks who use their phone/tablet/look for quick easy answers’ – BUT for the love of all that is holy! REMEMBER those that got you to where you are – – – I currently have 13 website clients – using the WordPress.org (open source) framework – on every, single one of the, “Classic Editor” plugin is installed – why? Well…I was willing to buckle down and learn Gutenberg, drag/drop options – BUT they thus far don’t test well for Accessibility issues – are time saving or user friendly for true writers (but are, most likey, useful for folks who share mindlessly the work of – – others -etc., etc., etc. ) And so, I’m holding on and supporting while speaking my mind over ‘plugin use/install’ as we go forth – πŸ™‚ Ya read the tech quote I shared in the post before this one, right? “Check In, Touch Base Sunday” – it’s near the bottom – um – – yup – it was picked for quote of the week, for a reason – πŸ™‚

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