After a Day of Building for new…then checking phone/email…

…and what came in as I did ‘mid-day break’ from “Do Not Disturb’ activities/settings on ‘tech’ –


I lost my temper, again!

(Do ya see a pattern forming, yet?)


Me ‘losing my temper’ is, dependent upon external perceptions, actually labeled by others as (pick your fave!)

  1. Frustrated
  2. Tellin’ it how it is
  3. Dog with bone, on some topics
  4. Un-Forgiving
  5. Intolerant
  6. PTSD patient
  7. Stressed Out
  8. Anxious
  9. Worrier
  10. Too focused on details
  11. Detail Oriented Extraordinaire!
  12. Saving Grace – Thank You!
  13. Pain in Arse – Straighten UP!
  14. TMI /oversharer
  15. Thanks for explaining the options to me
  16. Tiring to keep up with
  17. Too many examples given to keep track of message
  18. Not enough info to decide on, can you please explain….?
  19. Too smart
  20. Not smart enough or Too distracted from main topic
  21. Low Emotional IQ
  22. High Emotional IQ
  23. Good communication skills
  24. Poor communication skills

See?  Who knows, for sure, when you are looking at a myriad of ‘external’ opinions, realities, etc… the above list only reflects a mere ‘glimpse’ into all the possible ‘labels’ for me –

Easier, and quicker, really, to just confess, myself…

I lost my (bloody) (frickn’) temper

And let various chips, at various betting tables, fall where they may –

My Self-Styled Way of saying…

This is me – right now – in all my ‘living in the moment’ glory – while simultaneously listening to my monkey brain/idealistic heart footnotes, and contemplating….

What IF me, you, we, us, live long enough to experience the ‘world’ we just helped in creating for the future?

What if….indeed –

“What if?”  is rich territory for my mind and changes by the moment – a focus, ever divided across a myriad of fronts, ALL while I find myself quietly updating past held ‘perspectives’ and/or, relying on ages old wisdom to back up my current approach to the ‘whatever matter is at hand’ –

I talk about it, share it, write about this internal process

In any forum or place I think might benefit from such information shared, to those who are in the mood to read, listen or join the conversation –

Because, in the end – isn’t everyone who seeks answers online/or from someone, really looking for something MORE than general, broad, maybe applies, maybe doesn’t, “List of…”  Top 3 (or 5 or 7 or 10, or 50 or whatever # to include per ‘latest marketing/seo advice) topic information spiels?

WE may dream/think tech, and living in the Information/Communication age will save us from…um…ourselves…

But, it hasn’t and It won’t

Ever – not in any real lasting way, until we first look to ourselves, our internal growth/evolution and decide how we want to truly build/truly use, in pursuit of the next level – NOT as a quick answer to meet the fact we let Life in one form or another, get away from us and are now lost, overwhelmed and not in mood to spend alot of time trying to figure out for ourselves – (yup, guilty!  I figure out a lot of things, sooner or later, through research/learning, but , sometimes, I too wish I could just have an answer, I trusted, like ‘right now’ –

Wait for it…Wait For it… BACKSTORY

When Lincoln first entered politics, Andrew Jackson was president. Lincoln shared the sympathies that the Jacksonians professed for the common man, but he disagreed with the Jacksonian view that the government should be divorced from economic enterprise. “The legitimate object of government,” he was later to say, “is to do for a community of people whatever they need to have done, but cannot do at all, or cannot do so well, for themselves, in their separate and individual capacities.” – Encyclopedia Britannica

More commonly known to MY Mind as:

You can fool (please) some of the people all of the time and fool (please) all of the people, some of the time, but you can’t fool (please) all the people all of the time


Tech isn’t going to save anyone – not really – not without some other things in place

I have, on my bookshelf, the copyrighted in 1941, first printed in 1942, second printed in 1943, the book titled “The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln” and a quick persual of table of contents at beginning and the back of book to see if index is present – leaves me knowing –

YUP!  I NEED to just shut down tech tools and options, now, after long, long day that started with me, waking up later than usual to a Fire Drill of “WTF?” response to initial  email list view of what happened during the 90 full minutes I ‘slept’ past my usual ‘get up and get to work being creative time’ whether I went to bed 10 hours ago OR 3 hours ago –

and is closing with me saving for further edits, for inclusion in some future book, the ‘blogging about the first waking minutes of my day report, since, really – it needs edits – and formatting, and it is a story – which may/may not be entertaining, at some point, in some format, to some – suffice to say, even long ago tech leaps can still have use…

For instance, the concepts/observations behind the Archimedes screw, levers and  the plumbob, which was used by those who built the Great Pyramids…

Said pyramids are rather showing their age and weather worse for human curiosity/tourist needs, but they’re still standing – – :)Still mystify, awe and inspire –

Here’s the Re-Cap/Timeline this post was brought to you courtesy of…:

  1. Woke up to some weird automatically generated email notifications from a business services/tool provider
  2. Got figured out/handled,double-checked, with no coffee, first 30 minutes after I was ‘shocked/scared’ enough awake to make my way to work station unaided and without bruising myself by running into stuff on the stumble to it –
  3. Did quick errand run in 5 of block radius to: return library books, check mail, get beef jerky and nic-sticks at store (the whole roll me own, blend of nicotine tobbacco and herbs, in rice paper thingee is okay, but has some downsides I haven’t quite figured out yet…and ALREADY saw – 45 minutes into the day, it’s going to be a long day…), Check in at local auto service garage to see when okay to ‘drop off truck’ and assure them, next week or week after okay by me, if works for you, I’ll check back in next week,
  4. Came home, did some productive, build, research, learn stuff for cool, multi-use tools in future, but meets needs, for site I wanted to ‘flesh out’ with some ‘more’ -now !
  5. Came up for air early afternoon, to check email, phone calls, texts, Facebook notifications – aka – mid-day lunch, rest, connect with world break
  6. Ended up spending more time on that whole ‘connect/break’ process for about a multitude of  reasons –
  7. Got back to ‘build/do/get ‘er done’ real work around 5pm – got hungry around 5:58pm, grabbed jerky and hunka cheese around 8pm – finished up work, did last round of ‘correspondence/replies/check in of emails/etc., at 11:30pm, and then pulled out books, did online quote history and search stuff starting around 1am – Cuz I ALREADY knew what I wanted to write about –

And now?  it’s after 2am, here – I need some more beef jerky, to sleep on, maybe smeared with some peanut butter or coconut oil, so I rest deeply, reheated supper sits on stovetop and I’ll deal with tomorrow – either it’s edible/salvageable or not – (it will be, most likely be, for me – – I made original from raw ingredients, yesterday, which just don’t seem to  quickly go all smarmy/food poisoning potential as fast as canned/warm up and eat store options seem to, first time or reheat operations included, on my ‘started, then forgot to eat’ long experience in observing such things –

Why do I tell ya all this? Yet Again?

Cause humans are a predictable species, in the end, and we are rather funny, when we keep telling the same stories over and over and still haven’t worked our way through to the ‘breakthrough’ – for us –

And so, find myself, once more, examining/reminded of and underlining the point made, shared, repeated,  many times earlier, here at Bally Bin Blog –  and  more recently shared with you a week or so ago given ‘my timeline’, the quote that currently sums my inner world layers of it all into one shorter quote and more succinct article on the basic points:

Technology’s role has begun to shift, from serving human users to pushing them out of the way so that the technologized world can service its own ends. And so, with increasing frequency, technology will exist not to serve human goals, but to facilitate its own expansion.~ From the Article “Why Nothing Works Anymore” by Ian Bogost

I’m realizing now…this probably would have worked as a quote for Dickens, Orwell, Wells, and all the others who wrote novels that tried to grasp/tell the story of what they saw as the ‘failings of’ the technology of their time – steam engines, rise of factories, etc.   🙂

And the very human costs such things extracted as that age of ‘tech’ blasted it ways through – on it’s way to meet it’s own (human defined, after all) ‘ends’ – 🙂

One thought on “After a Day of Building for new…then checking phone/email…”

  1. Loved what you said here ” until we first look to ourselves, our internal growth/evolution and decide how we want to truly build/truly use, in pursuit of the next level”…. Yep…. No amount of tech is going to save us or push us to the next level upon our evolutionary spiritual ladder..
    Funny I said quite a bit here, and then either my hands slipped or some tech gremlin was watching over my shoulder and thought you’d better not go there, So a whole paragraph just deleted itself… Ever had that happen??? it happens a lot.. lol. As I spoke about AI
    I can feel the buzz of your mind as it goes at the speed of a bullet train through the night…
    And I just want to hold your hand, and say Breatheeeee…. Breatheeeee…… As I want to surround you with peace..

    So as I go and gather my own thoughts as to what to write about in a new blog post.. I will just nod my head and say yes we Humans repeat, repeat, repeat, as we never seem to learn and move forward.. Why is that?? Well that is the Question… In this Holographic Techno Matrix… 🙂
    Much love my dear friend…
    I hope your week is techno smooth ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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