If I were wealthy….

Yup, I carve out massive amounts of time to do this….

  • Reply to Spam mailings
  • Answer random calls on my phone that never leave a message
  • Have fun with folks that don’t follow ‘double-opt in/unsubscribe’ rules for online emails/newsletters

Fortunately…IF ever I have time to…

I don’t have to ‘experiment/reinvent the wheel…

Look at what I just ran across – while looking for LED strip lighting planning/wiring how to’s

(yup, I have no clue why it was included in the ‘play next’ list either, although I see more and more things like this, the further I tighten down my browser security/privacy settings….. and – I’m rather intrigued by the possibility of home improvement steps – – on lighting AND phone AND inbox operations!!!!)

Spammers Fun

About 10 minutes – nice break from whatever you are doing, to laugh and recharge for diving back in….
Again – about 10 minutes – for all I know, you’ve had a lousy day and are extending your 10 minute required work break into 20 and hoping it isn’t notices – cuz ya know, here in US, the story is…..Unemployment down and no one cares you are working 3 part time jobs that all demand full-time loyalty, just to pay the rent, light, heat and grocer bill…..

IF you are at work, needing a fun break AND figure, if they fire you, you might have a chance at unemployment benes……

Before you label me as the ‘lazy arse’ that’s ruining the USA…

Understand, I watched these while waiting for various work operations to ‘compile/finish’ because so many that offer services believe everyone has high speed internet access – many don’t OR if available, are not affordable or – sometimes, the internet just runs slow here….

I also realized today, I may need to be on Facebook more often…just to know who is already buying into false data to drive their voting decisions…

…and thus…will know who to avoid having any political conversations with over the coming few months – sigh – – already seeing the crapola of wrong information or yes, true information, hitting the feeds – and yet, not information that really addresses some of the systemic issues at play – Comedians do a fairly good job of highlighting both the ridiculous and base roots of things – so I’m watching more recent comedy offerings, because so many get their ideas from the daily news threads……

On the other hand – it is Halloween, and I should lighten up, right?

Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve…etc., etc…

So maybe I should just share what I think I will do, once I get competent at strip LED lights installation AND dress up for the celebration once more – – you do know about my self-labeled artistic ability, right?

Stick people – I can draw stick people – that’s about it…..


P.S. Efficiency 101 Tip from me….

If you can’t share easily/give credit to – don’t –

I tried 3 times to embed the review, the product video use from customer, etc., and ya know?

Can’t – not with Guttenberg capabilities- or Amazon rules- or …..??!?

No matter whomever did what, or where, I no longer care –

It’s not my job to inform them how to make it easier for them to get free marketing – at least as far as I know – I’m not getting in checks in the mail with note saying “Here’s a little gift to thank you for your referral to us”

So – will just say – there is a video, posted on a Strip LED offering at Amazon (yes, I read tonnes of reviews to see what folks are using such things for – and how…) and here’s a screen shot, with both photo and captain linked so you to go visit the actual durn thing if you have a hankering to – again, am I an advertising agency?

Nope – and I do my reviews if I try, like, am pleased with and no one hounds me within an inch of my life – when and how I feel like being okay with recommending to others – cuz ya know – word of mouth really is the best ROI, overall, on all fronts and I certainly would hate to tarnish my reputation by posting reviews willy nilly to score some rewards or bling….

LED Strip Light Stick People Costume Idea

Screen capture from video of how strip LED lights used – didn’t time right to get the lil’ one dancing too – click on image to view original customer video left as review on product at Amazon.com – – I do not own this video – I do not have an Amazon Affiliate account and I will let you know which set I chose to buy, install and try out WHEN I actually do – I just thought this was cute idea – :). Stick People Art!!! :D. And, ya know, I thought about getting an affiliate account, years ago, but then Amazon and Colorado tax collectors got in an fight and if you lived in Colorado, you couldn’t have an affiliate account – I guess I could, again, now, but why? I’ve got enough work on my plate without working for Amazon, too – 🙂

For those struggling with tiredness from weather, grey skies, winter bugs – –

(yup – Beetley Pete – the following pics are for you – blue skies and promises of spring to view – – )

Keep Warm, Safe, Dry, Away from Fire, Flood, etc…wherever you may be – and may the season of your where, bring you joy…

Around the flames

I find myself walking the fence among the various perspectives of October 31st and traditions among many who live in Northern Hemisphere – but I will repeat part of my comment left at original post – –

“May we all connect with community before the long days of winter drag our souls down into the depths of Persephone or the sorrow of Demeter”.

Hmm… Maybe I’ll start cussing…

Or being blasphemous in my post titles – – funny thing, but I just cruised through the reader list to try to catch up after my nearly 2 week absence (um…yeah…work got a lil hectic and wore me down to not having a creative notion in my soul and no desire to write anything but tomorrow’s to do list OR this morning’s intentions – or tonight’s gratitude list (some days, I struggle on the ‘gratitude’ list past the obvious things…i.e.:

  • I’m Alive and Breathing
  • I have shelter/heat
  • I have water to drink/food to eat
  • I’m not dodging bullets, bombs or tornadoes –

As I persued my posts list, to see when last I posted…

Sigh – funny how weeks just go by in the blink of an eye…

I realized –

Me at my most frustrated is what gets the most interaction…

Hmmm…you do know how I feel about drama queens and whiners, right?

So I ask myself tonight…did my 3 year experiment at Facebook turn me into a drama queen?

Perhaps….will let you know once I know….

In the end, I realized maybe I should ‘check in’ instead of just liking/commenting…

…just so folks don’t wonder if I’m dead and someone is auto-liking for me – 🙂

We are doing well here at Bally Bin – more recipes tried (with substitutions because rarely, do I have everything on hand some snazzy thing shared online calls for…)

We’ve had some cold weather and snow – one wet, one dry and both falling like the fabled Christmas Eve snow – instead of snowing horizontally because the bloomin’ wind is at 60 mph – with gusts near 70mph.

I have had to talk myself out of putting up holiday decorations and baking cookies, instead of working, oh- so-many days, already this fall – –

Just when I’m about ready to give in to the pure joy of ‘doing holiday stuff, way early’ – don’t ya know, sunny weather returns, melts everything and my flannel shirt over thermal shirt suddenly feels like overkill and I’m sweating while doing the Post Office run and wondering if I took down the window A/C a tad too soon –

Not that I’m complaining…

So many here, in my circle, are really rather tiring of the never ending rain they are getting – so, I guess, if all I’m dealing with is bundling up one day and shedding layers the next, well…I’ve got it made, right?

No flooding crawl spaces, cellars here….

And no ground blizzards, just yet, although, the man child is staying in town, with friends, until this latest front passes through – just in case the wind picks up – he doesn’t want to risk being unable to make it to work OR a wreck on icy roads – which makes me happy – cuz then I don’t worry….

Round-Up of Projects…

Country Plum wine attempt has stalled – – not moldy, not vinegary, just not ‘fermenting’ along – so apparently, I didn’t leave ‘open’ for wild yeast propagation long enough – will pitch some yeast in and some sugar to see what happens – I just haven’t ever experienced the whole ‘smells sweet – no mold, can stand to smell without puking, but no vinegar, no alcohol’ thing before – so…new experience….

Have successfully made booze infested gummy bears with no corn syrup anywhere in ingredients – – gives a nightcap AND works for ‘dessert’ all at the same time –

Made Marsala Chicken for first time ever – – boy howdy! Too rich for my tastes, but didn’t let the sauce reduce, so might be the issue – – good enough to try again – man-child ate all that was left, so no way to test the next day to see if it had ‘mellowed’ in the fridge.

Managed to burn the you-know-what

…out of my index/middle finger/knuckle area of my left hand with very hot coconut oil – (small skillets, juggling two different things and turning quickly doesn’t work….)

Yup – cold water, douse in straight Lavender oil, followed by some Tea Tree oil (straight – no dilution) burns like a mother-f***kr –

On the other hand, aloe vera, in a mister bottle, with a splash of both essential oils in it, and spending the rest of the evening keeping hand gently rested on top of ice packs, with intermittent sprays of ‘burns, then feels better’ blend, means, 2 days later I am rather amazed, yet again…

While skin is still red, and two of the 5 blistered areas have already ‘popped’ I haven’t been in agony, even though about 48 hours ago, I was so certain I would lose DAYS of computer work/crocheting time – due to impaired left hand functionality –

See how wrong a person can be?

I will say again…

Lavender essential oil may burn/sting way more than peroxide/antibiotic washes/gels, but…time and again – the sting is short lived, overall AND stuff just seems to heal faster.

Therefore, I will curse like a sailor (seriously, the man-child was laughing that I cussed more after dousing with essential oils than I did when he first watched the large splash of oil go straight onto my hand – scored some ‘tuff’ points with him, cuz he remembered his owies during his year working in the restaurant.)

I am willing to grit my teeth, cuss, and mix my water-wine a little heavier than usual, for the benefit of not being ‘down’ for more days –

Fingers still rather swollen, but with storm fronts, scaldings and cold weather, who can say just which thing is most to blame? And, the aloe vera gel really dried out my already dry/winter skin (haven’t mixed up my ‘winter body butters’ yet (yes, I’m late on just about everything…) but figure a couple more days and I can start slathering on the tallow or lard – 🙂

I almost shared a pic of the burn area…

But, it’s rather embarrassing that I talk so much about natural skin care and then show how badly I haven’t taken care of mine – – LOL –

Let’s Do Winter Wonderland Pics, instead….

These do not do justice to the sparkly world I woke up to that first snow morning – the magic glitter of the world liked to blinded me – couldn’t see anything inside for the first few minutes after I ducked back in to warm up.

First attempt of Chicken Marsala –

You’re Right, I should show what a hypocrite I am…

So yes, will show you the sorry state of my ‘working, injured hand that tell just how often I actually engage in ‘beauty/skin care’ regimens (rarely – usually after I injure myself, am laid up and nothing better I can do – 😀 )

Don’t scroll below if you don’t like pictures of folks who injure themselves in their own home, when they should know better – 🙂

When hot oil meets hands that are neglected….

P.S. Yes, I’m certain I was discussing politics while cooking with hot grease and switching out skillets to keep multiple batches going – see? Never mix politics with pre-dinner conversations – – 🙂

Happy Monday (gulp – Tuesday) 😀

A day of 3 Songs of the Day and 4 quotes:

When You Say Nothing At All

I woke up with Allison Krauss’s “When You Say Nothing at All” in my grey matter/inner voice – – not sure, still, just why, although as the day played out, I rather understood it better…..

But, as the ‘interaction’ portion of the day will soon retreat, once more, I’m remembering phases –

Something in Red comes to mind…

And I don’t even do red – for wardrobe, though some folks who love it swear it’s ‘my color’ – :). And I’m not looking for something to make a man stop dead, but still live around my immediate sphere – but I’m always think of this song when I’m pondering the ‘stages’ of many things – relationships, technology, skills, Life’s path, joys and challenges – –

But at end of non-hermitude moments day and back to my cave to ‘work some more’ with the silence of me own mind….HA!

I carry within me…the promise of and admonition to remember – for everything there is a season – sometimes it lasts long – sometimes, it’s but a moment –

Turn, Turn, Turn

Whether the Meanings of today’s inner music score are indicative of…

…anything in me or the greater world, in particular, or is needed, somewhere, for someone, remains to be seen – but, I had to report in/share – as I’ve been engaged recently on various fronts on the topics of songs, songs of the day and rather stuck on doing my own check in’s on this front –

For, doncha ya know?

Something might happen, in my ticker tape brain, that has meaning, but I don’t fully process it, recognize it until I examine it – and I further learn more while sharing it – 🙂

Or perhaps, one or both of us won’t –

That’s always a possibility, for this moment, now, our realities bump up against one another – me through sharing, you through reading – and in the end, on one hand, the moments are what make a life – and, in the end, I guess no matter what happens, or is happening or what have ya (I may be posting fluff during a serious to us all breaking news story I’m ignorant of…)

The collective of these moments is one that affects us all – for good or ill – at one point or another – –

Fave quotes from my ‘news’ fly by checkin with wider world about 13 hours ago –

News story link fro Tech/Biz World feed that is older, but spoke to me that provided these quotes:

“It’s one of those things where it just depends how it turns out,” says Chen. “If it turns out positively, it’s persistence. If it turns out badly, it’s stubbornness.”

“I have close friends of every race and gender identity, and from many different countries too, but I don’t really have low-income friends,” said former Blue Ridge Labs fellow Jonathan Stray in a blog post. “Fundamentally, I don’t understand poverty because I have very little occasion to talk to poor people.”

“We have companies that solve the problems of tech entrepreneurs, and that’s it,” says Chen. “If we had waited for somebody who was actively on food stamps to start this company, we might still be waiting, but at the same time, we now have three people in the company who were on food stamps at some point throughout their lives. We just hired a junior software engineer who was a user of the product when she joined the company.”

Anne Lamott Quote

This quote came to me courtesy of New Bloggy Cat – which you can visit right here in WP land – Yup, this one & the attributed author, came on my radar because New Bloggy Cat is one of my long time bloggy pals and email/snail mail pal, who ‘chats with me’ via many avenues – :).

“You will lose someone you can’t live without,and your heart will be badly broken, and the bad news is that you never completely get over the loss of your beloved. But this is also the good news. They live forever in your broken heart that doesn’t seal back up. And you come through. It’s like having a broken leg that never heals perfectly—that still hurts when the weather gets cold, but you learn to dance with the limp.”

Anne Lamott (may not be the best link for verified quotes, but I surely like them, none the less…)

I bid you adieu – for now – as I hunker once more into silence, shielded from the outside world, we all share.

We both, shall see what’s what when the next moment or morrow arrives, shan’t we?

P.S. – Hadn’t ever even heard about her, but already falling in love with the personage who has been quoted, named Anne Lamott – :).

Pretty certain I’ll be sharing some of her quotes for quite some time to come…. :D. Thanks New Bloggy Cat for commenting and sharing!

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