Stats in Cyberworld

For many and sundry reasons from searching for info not to be found at my usual go-to-trusted places to questions from clients and getting a new work-system set up to make my ‘here’s the stats for your online presence this past cycle’ activities of reporting back to them…

I Have a Story that continues to be reinforced….

You should know, by now, I’m more concerned with functionality than ‘looks’ or short-term metrics – πŸ™‚

And here’s what I can tell you that intrigues me about my “Stats” page, here


Top of the list, over the years, is Search Engines – not WordPress Reader/Dashboard – not other Social Media Outlets –

(although, since I sometimes share my posts from here to ‘freshen’ my Facebook wall – it does come in 3rd on the top level of groupings of stats)

What terms folks search to lead them to me is even more interesting –

It does shed some light on how so many of my posts on vegan/vegetarianism are visited, even when I’m a self-confessed omnivore? carnivore? whatevs….

I always wondered why I would get likes and or follows from folks that I quickly figure out from their WP handle, blog title or a perusal of their blog, I most likely will offend before very long –

I admit, that has really stumped me over the years –

Since I tend to be a chatty-kathy in comment areas once I’m following someone, I really try hard not to follow or actively engage in with blogs whose stated passion, mission, politics or spiritual practices are 180 degrees from mine – – yup, I read them – to educate me self – but I don’t make it easy for me to quickly run my mouth (or get happy typing fingers) in their ‘house’ –

I confess to sometimes pushing the limits on how long I can go without sleep and getting rather happy-slappy on social media platforms when sleep deprived and/or hungry and/or too much water wine on an empty stomach while under work pressure AND pushing to earn my keep – less now and I may relax my self-imposed rules – but – I know me – what seems perfectly reasonable question in search of understanding to me and those who know me – often offends many who don’t know me well – so why be an arsewipe when I know such things about meself?

Looking at search terms that led them to me….

All becomes more clear…

Here’s 2 of the search phrases that are in my top 10 list over the years my blog has been here –

  • one step beyond vegan
  • next step after vegan

Okey dokey – for those of you who searched that and landed here, IF you are still sticking around to read…will you let me know if you find the answer?

You would not believe the resources that go into eating well, caring for the body and environment through so many avenues I gauge to do my part while feeding myself and others – the time, the dollars – well – don’t ya know?

If I could just have a wild garden that keeps Mother Nature and her minions happy and I and my loved ones get fed/healed/rejuvenated simply by walking through it or sitting in it without me having to do much more than keep predators at bay while collaborators gain ground – well..

..more time and money for books, research, connection with humans, travel, activism, writing, and the thousand and one other things I’ll never fully do this lifetime – πŸ™‚

So if you find a long term answer, be sure to share, okey dokey?


The all time stats for that (during my blog lifetime) is a source of both good feelings and…well…surprise to me –

Given my self-knowledge of me often saying just the wrong thing at the wrong time AND the fact that top-level news and cultural stated ‘likes/dislikes’ indicate to me that who I am, what I represent and how I go about my life is usually very abhorrent to this faction or another …

On the many topics folks get passionate about – politics, religious or spiritual practices and cultural/ethnic traditions, well – seeing where folks visit from, whether they engage or not – at least I haven’t thus far ended up on a ‘must kill’ list – I guess – cuz I’m not dead….

And, well, the only ‘hate-comments’ or trolls I had was fairly earned –

I misspelled the name of a beloved by the commentator place, while reporting on one of my few travels and it was totally my typo/post stroke fault, and I replied as such – and fixed – but either spam-o-nator makes me not aware of how badly I flub such things OR maybe I’m not flubbing as bad as I usually think I do when I either say, “this is what I think, as of now” OR “okay, I’m flummoxed, seems like I’m missing something, please educate me on just why….” OR I inconsiderately blog in the comments of sections of other’s sites and get forgiven for it anyhoo- :). who knows?

Yup – guilty of all of the above – here and there, often, BUT, I do (ego! down boy, down!) take pride in the fact of how many I engage with over vastly different geographical & climate conditions, government styles, religious or spiritual practices, cultural traditions, current struggles, historical inheritances, etc., etc. etc.,

In the end, all I see both in the map AND in my following/followers list, a rich landscape of those who bring onto my radar perspectives I may not live long enough to ever be exposed to in my daily life – so they broaden and enrich my life – for the good or angst- and I do the same for them – either via “she understands at some level, what I’m living with” or “well, devil’s incarnate there – she is the problem” ways – who knows, for sure?

But, all of the above changes our grey matter and insides – one way or t’other – if we are paying attention….

And so, When One is feeling Discouraged….

Over algorithms that seem to oppress, interactions, likes, comments, search engine results, online sales, etc., remember….

Grains of Sand & Butterfly Wings

Yes, we are all just grains of sands on the cosmic beachfront – but without us, the cosmic beach is never, quite, exactly the same…

And we flutter around and touch others – sometimes for good, sometimes for ill – sometimes for a loving lesson that brings pain at the time, pain that must be brought up and healed – and sometimes, we have moments of being arsewipes, but often…

We stumble around in our own dark – or witness the darkness encompassing others – and we are called to action –

Which is why, I guess, in the end – stats don’t mean much to me overall –

What the story may be behind some of the stats, intrigues me, cheers me, inspires me to do better, every blasted day – πŸ™‚


For the Record…

IF you are dedicated to what you do – and what you do is boots on the ground and your cyber presence, no matter what platform you prefer, is merely a reporting on what you actually ‘do’ – well, I can tell you – from my own experiments on me-self and watching the Facebook feeds and website posts of my clients, and the stats at both – both when ‘marketing rules for platform, etc.,” are followed and when they are NOT even remotely followed-

If your heart is in the real work and you report about it online, sincerely

Well, ya got it made!

Just keep learning as you go, implement new tools when it seems a good investment in money to spend and time to learn to use, but rest assured – folks are more interested in you, trusting you, connecting with you and trusting your delivery of product or service than they are in how many characters you type or how perfect your white space is – or how fancy your infographics/logo is… in the long run…

Save your Customers Time or Money or Both

A full post with all the info in social media OR an intro with link to full info on your website but with pertinent info viewable in the excerpt ALL WORK!

If you write a lot and suck at graphic arts stuff? Your true fans and loyal followers must like to read – and aren’t part of the 2.5 second crowd –

IF you are great at graphic arts, short clips, making memes that impact and reach to the soul of who you are?

Then go for it – build your platform and work it, work it, work it –

In the Information Overload, Busyness of Life to survive or succeed or whatevs of abundant societies, the Struggling to Just survive in daily struggles of less abundant societies who manage to get access to cyberworld – well – all of them are looking for what they need right now – and you should, just by looking over the past of your cyberworld presence, be able to figure out who your loyal customers are – or at least what they have in common – then focus on that front –

…and work it, work it, tweak a bit…work it some more.

Work for your chosen or existing market

Me? Well, I just have to share with you a line from a recent ‘free consultation’ call I had with a gal I’ve followed for many years and learned a lot from and/or was validated in my self-experimental approach (hard way) of learning more, and/or tried my hand at things I suck at (copy writing i.e. advertising agency style – aka memes, social media rules regarding character limits, on other platforms….)

She, like many people in website/cyberworld advice and service providers world, professed surprise that I continue to build my business without having my own website up – or at least, that’s how I interpreted it…

She, like so very many, potential customers included, during their free consultation with me, also paused for a moment of silence when I asked, then answered when they didn’t know OR guessed wrong…

Do you know what the median wage was here in this locale in the 2010 census?

(Insert ‘tell me’ or ‘wrong guess’ response to question)

$17,400 – For family of four

(** there is a disclaimer for this answer, which follows….

Disclaimer – – Yes, Yes, I, like everyone can have faulty memories, AND I dug through that info of data from the official census report about 7 years ago and 2 ‘went to blue screen’ computers ago – and don’t have the book marks handy-dandy to give to ya – all I know was at the time I researched?

Me and my son were living off of $1000 a month and had $40-$80 left over for clothes, food, doctor visits, etc., after pesky things like heating, light, water, trash, rent/mortgage and legally or ethically required (health and vehicle) insurance was paid for.

I was recovering from a stroke and didn’t qualify for food stamps, back to work training or much of anything – made too much money – (Anything over $249 income, from any source, didn’t qualify for back to work training, medical rehab costs, etc., ).

We qualified for two things and two things only – local food bank boxes (which I worked at to offset their costs) and free lunches at school for my son)

The census report – Didn’t surprise me one whit – It did, however, stick in my mind, as I spent time wondering how a family of four made out with that –

All while I got fired up from single/no children households who pulled in $2000-$3000/month had the gall to ask me where I was ‘wasting money’ – Yup, every conversation of that just drove up my wine/nicotine expenditures to get myself calmed down and focused enough to work on my small business I started to build…

It especially alarmed me, when so many families I knew didn’t have access to the possibility of earning some side trades of food or $ for coming over to help with weeding or other home improvement activities for their neighborswhere both mom and dad were working, while kiddos were doing the best they could, until daily groceries were brought home.

Her comment to my answer?

Well – that’s a really good wage, for 1910’s or so –

I build, do, speak, price for my market I chose to serve…

and yes, yes, there are times I could charge more and get away with it – but why would I do so?

So many I serve are made or broken by the number of volunteer hours they have access to, state and federal legislation/regulations/funding/cost of doing business increases out of their control, that, should I raise my prices, I (and many others who I ‘see’ daily, will, in the end, just pay more to help keep alive the very things I’m really grateful are available in my locale, just now – in one way or another….

And that’s my choice – if I can survive my choices –

You, too, will make choices you must, to survive or to live in the style to which you are accustomed – but, in the end, I would bet my bottom dollar you have more choices than you think you have, if you look to see who your preferred and real customers or loyal customers or loyal fans are – – If you look at your life, your daily needs – what to strip – what to add – where to build on past foundations, where to branch out into new

That’s all – I must get back to work now – – I must simply get some ‘outwardly’ viewable work pushed out, because, one of the reasons I have clients is because I spend an inordinate amount of time on behind the scenes stuff that they think they don’t care about or need to know about, but I figure it’s the best way to cover their six, meet budget needs, etc., just now –

I spend an inordinate amount of time giving the full choice spectrum, until they say, “I don’t care – can’t you just do it?” and then, I spend less time educating them on their choices and more time building/implementing or giving them their to-do list because I just decided, “think that will meet what they insist they want, without biting them or me to badly, down the road, if one or both of us guessed wrong between what we wanted and/or needed.”

THAT’s why they hire me- not because I’m cheap, fast or even that much fun to work with –

They stick with me even when they could go elsewhere when they qualify for ‘free’ (because I let them know they do now…and offer to facilitate the migration) because, well –

They trust if I yell loud and long about something, it’s because it’s better for them, not always for me… sometimes it benefits us both – or sometimes, they are willing to wait for a tad, to have it right, instead of rebuilt later …

They don’t buy what I do – they buy why I do it – which is, in the end, what so many I follow, well…follow – but, Simon Sinek’s intro about “Why” is probably a more succinct way for you to bookmark, to remind yourself..when ya need to – than this post is –

So here ya go:

Here’s two other options, if they make more sense to you…

Permaculture Top 3 Ethics

  • Earth Care
  • People Care
  • Fair Share

I like this walk-through example by Geoff Lawton

Or if you prefer the ethics set to music, here ya go…

7 Principles of Kwanzaa

  • Unity
  • Self-Determination
  • Collective Work & Responsibility
  • Cooperative Economics
  • Purpose
  • Creativity
  • Faith

And here’s the link to the .pdf – in Swahili and English – πŸ™‚

Yes, All these shares say the same thing to me…

What has been found over and over again throughout human history –

What works, what doesn’t, and how to build for long term for many –

May be my bias or prejudice or what have ya – but it’s also why I’m not easily swayed by fancy marketing techniques, algorithms and why my son attended a recent ‘function’ to support a friend and thought the presentation was ‘BS’ – even while he felt rather bad for sitting, and not clapping or cheering while speaker after speaker took the stage and fired up the crowd to get excited about the ‘unique and invite only’ opportunities ahead for those who became a part of this venture –

I recognized it as an MLM – he thought it was a pyramid scheme – there is little grey area between the two in how they are marketed anymore, so I didn’t really argue with him…

But I was so proud of him and so relieved my parenting hadn’t ruined his whole life – :). Though the parenting I have done, has, over the years, made him really uncomfortable or suffered severe moments of doubt while those about him jumped onto one well – marketed bandwagon or the other –

I can’t do much about that – my job to send him into the world with the best BS meter I can and then sit and wait to see how well I did or how it plays out –

His job to sit with the uncomfortable/fear and figure out the why of it for himself – is mama crazy? Or did she maybe have a point?

No longer my job except to listen, offer my perspective if asked to – πŸ˜€

Just for the Record – Why I follow/engage with those of you I do –

You inspire me – you show me the good and the struggles – you are willing to put yourself out there – before you are perfect – you demonstrate an every changing work-in-progress – you learn and share lessons learned with me – you’re safe spot for me, even when I go whack-a-doo and am not at my best –

You may ask me to buy, but you never beat me over the head with it – there is oh-so-much more to you than what you did/do to earn a living – to survive

I see all of this about you – through my interactions with you – it’s why I’m more loyal to you than I am most companies that have fancy sites and awesome graphics, and are available to connect with on about a gazillion different platforms – whether they display a lifetime, money back guarantee or not – πŸ™‚

In the end – for me?

I see you as a good investment of my resources – be it time, money or what have ya – whether anything further ever comes out of it for me or not –

You have so much to give – you give so much of yourself – sometimes it takes me some work to discover the layers and sometimes, it doesn’t – sometimes you gift me with incredible blessings and sometimes, you think I’m just more of the ‘don’t see the priorities you do’ crowds you are feeling consumed, overwhelmed or or whatevs over –

And sometimes – I so appreciate you – but I’m just not certain how to correctly say so without possibly hurting you or bumping up against something not deemed ‘appropriate’ in the world you live in – in other words – I trust that we have found some common ground, and since I have good knowledge that I’m often the equivalent of a enraged bull in a china shop – I’m willing to just engage and learn more – on the anonymous outskirts – I figure some of you do so as well – for your own reasons.

So Much of Marketing Advice for cyberland will lead you astray –

It will try to tell you that folks like me are part of the ‘non-paying’ customers OR the ‘looking for free’ or ‘don’t read” or ‘lose interest in 2.5 seconds or less’ –

I still don’t believe such things are really true –

Because, once folks know who you are, and trust they know who you are – and like who you are – well – that’s a ‘platform’ to build upon – and keep working – where and how and what technology you choose to do it from, is up to you –

But don’t ever, ever lose track of the core reasons you’ve had joy, invested in long term infrastructure that benefited so many – whether paid for or for free – and had success with-

Also, don’t depend upon technology or existing customers to carry the load on all of that is needed, when you outgrow your current system- you will grow and learn and get better and utilize tools better etc…just don’t count on every blessed past success to be the full answer to today’s challenges –

Don’t Ever Totally Count on Tools, Tech or People – ever…

But do count on the fact that somewhere, in your long worked for, rich, diverse and complex web of resources you’ve focused on building over the years, you will find the answer for the way forward, that you didn’t quite see before…

And, ALWAYS count on the ever morphing, learning, changing you

Yup, that’s something, that through the inspiration you provide, just by being true to yourself, will last generations – for good or ill – and what you build from that core of you, has the potential to outlast the pyramids Egypt or Stonehenge or other such things –

Okay? ❀

And yes, there are always, always about a gazillion backstories and reasons why, here at BallyBin – maybe some land for you, maybe they don’t – but now? Another nearly weeks worth of first draft writing done – and…while I’m speaking to you – putting it out there in all it’s defunct, typo riddled, tanget confusing glory, don’t you know?

I’m arranging my grey matter to hone it down into some various website content for ‘investing in your biz’ advice – at my own website – if ever, it actually get’s put live – or if ever, I actually publish a book – πŸ™‚

See? I have a world full of beta readers and y’all didn’t even know it – LOL – or maybe, you suspected – so here ya go – I just told you so – πŸ™‚

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