If I were wealthy….

Yup, I carve out massive amounts of time to do this….

  • Reply to Spam mailings
  • Answer random calls on my phone that never leave a message
  • Have fun with folks that don’t follow ‘double-opt in/unsubscribe’ rules for online emails/newsletters

Fortunately…IF ever I have time to…

I don’t have to ‘experiment/reinvent the wheel…

Look at what I just ran across – while looking for LED strip lighting planning/wiring how to’s

(yup, I have no clue why it was included in the ‘play next’ list either, although I see more and more things like this, the further I tighten down my browser security/privacy settings….. and – I’m rather intrigued by the possibility of home improvement steps – – on lighting AND phone AND inbox operations!!!!)

Spammers Fun

About 10 minutes – nice break from whatever you are doing, to laugh and recharge for diving back in….
Again – about 10 minutes – for all I know, you’ve had a lousy day and are extending your 10 minute required work break into 20 and hoping it isn’t notices – cuz ya know, here in US, the story is…..Unemployment down and no one cares you are working 3 part time jobs that all demand full-time loyalty, just to pay the rent, light, heat and grocer bill…..

IF you are at work, needing a fun break AND figure, if they fire you, you might have a chance at unemployment benes……

Before you label me as the ‘lazy arse’ that’s ruining the USA…

Understand, I watched these while waiting for various work operations to ‘compile/finish’ because so many that offer services believe everyone has high speed internet access – many don’t OR if available, are not affordable or – sometimes, the internet just runs slow here….

I also realized today, I may need to be on Facebook more often…just to know who is already buying into false data to drive their voting decisions…

…and thus…will know who to avoid having any political conversations with over the coming few months – sigh – – already seeing the crapola of wrong information or yes, true information, hitting the feeds – and yet, not information that really addresses some of the systemic issues at play – Comedians do a fairly good job of highlighting both the ridiculous and base roots of things – so I’m watching more recent comedy offerings, because so many get their ideas from the daily news threads……

On the other hand – it is Halloween, and I should lighten up, right?

Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve…etc., etc…

So maybe I should just share what I think I will do, once I get competent at strip LED lights installation AND dress up for the celebration once more – – you do know about my self-labeled artistic ability, right?

Stick people – I can draw stick people – that’s about it…..


P.S. Efficiency 101 Tip from me….

If you can’t share easily/give credit to – don’t –

I tried 3 times to embed the review, the product video use from customer, etc., and ya know?

Can’t – not with Guttenberg capabilities- or Amazon rules- or …..??!?

No matter whomever did what, or where, I no longer care –

It’s not my job to inform them how to make it easier for them to get free marketing – at least as far as I know – I’m not getting in checks in the mail with note saying “Here’s a little gift to thank you for your referral to us”

So – will just say – there is a video, posted on a Strip LED offering at Amazon (yes, I read tonnes of reviews to see what folks are using such things for – and how…) and here’s a screen shot, with both photo and captain linked so you to go visit the actual durn thing if you have a hankering to – again, am I an advertising agency?

Nope – and I do my reviews if I try, like, am pleased with and no one hounds me within an inch of my life – when and how I feel like being okay with recommending to others – cuz ya know – word of mouth really is the best ROI, overall, on all fronts and I certainly would hate to tarnish my reputation by posting reviews willy nilly to score some rewards or bling….

LED Strip Light Stick People Costume Idea

Screen capture from video of how strip LED lights used – didn’t time right to get the lil’ one dancing too – click on image to view original customer video left as review on product at Amazon.com – – I do not own this video – I do not have an Amazon Affiliate account and I will let you know which set I chose to buy, install and try out WHEN I actually do – I just thought this was cute idea – :). Stick People Art!!! :D. And, ya know, I thought about getting an affiliate account, years ago, but then Amazon and Colorado tax collectors got in an fight and if you lived in Colorado, you couldn’t have an affiliate account – I guess I could, again, now, but why? I’ve got enough work on my plate without working for Amazon, too – πŸ™‚

For those struggling with tiredness from weather, grey skies, winter bugs – –

(yup – Beetley Pete – the following pics are for you – blue skies and promises of spring to view – – )

Keep Warm, Safe, Dry, Away from Fire, Flood, etc…wherever you may be – and may the season of your where, bring you joy…

3 thoughts on “If I were wealthy….”

  1. Oh Tamrah Jo, So crying here with laughter after watching those two first video’s I have had to save the other to watch later… What Gems, my sides ache… So yes needed the laughter today to break up the gloomy rain we have had again ALL day..
    And thanks for the laughter and your photos were special and thank you for this wonderful humorous interlude in catch up mode.. ❀
    You too stay warm and safe.. Much love my friend ❀

    Liked by 1 person

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