Criminey, Jimminy Crickets and Sesame Chicken…

Between my clumsiness giving me a whopper of a good oil burn a couple weeks ago and then over-extending my lower back (with not so good core muscles to support it) last week – I’ve managed to lay myself up to less than productive status quite a bit the past half moon –

Yes, yes, apparently Mercury was in Retrograde, I was due some karma, Murphy was roaming the earth in search of his red-headed step child (disguised as greying, mousy brown…ahem) and wouldn’t ya know? I remember that – NOW, that I’m taking time to contemplate it ….

I did do the whole “Human Doing”

…thingee while lost in the mist of not understanding instead of remembering to do the “Being” thingamabobber – yes, yes, I hear ya, I know better, but still – a woman must eat and keep the heat on, right? And, nothing beats paying bills to survive by doing to earn the bill paying bucks – and often, that’s where I go – when something has really womped me upside the soul – work, work, work – it is my ‘addiction, distraction, tranquilzer’ of choice – my other vices just support my main one – ahem…

Got 3 websites live, still more work to do – but glad these projects are live with basics in order to just start building extra functionality and adding content to –

Putting a website live, no matter how many times I do it, is still fraught with nervousness for me – no matter how many times it goes fine and as advertised, I still fret each site as if I’m a new mom giving birth for the very first time without having a clue what is going on –

I suspect this is how all parents, artists and writers feel about their works – πŸ™‚ It’s hard to let your baby go into the wide world this isn’t always as kind or loving to our babies as those of us who created them…

I actually cooked every blessed day the past 8 …

The man child has recovered enough financially to justify driving back and forth if weather permits – he is such a home body –

And so I was on cook duty every day -because I still haven’t resized my last 3 years of recipes to always feed him, me AND have left overs. I seriously was still sharing left overs with senior neighbors the past 3 months, so I could keep a couple quarts for us, and feed some others and not have to eat (whatever) for 6 days in a row.

Still trying to find the happy medium between too little and too much – given I’ve downsized fridge and freezer space the past 3 years – to save on energy bills –

I did make a self-proclaimed Black Irish Pot Roast – a.k.a. Guinness Stew (man, that Guinness lager/beer is dark and smokey). It turned out pretty good, even though I don’t think I deglazed the pan properly – And yes, I took to a small potluck at neighbors, brought home, froze enough for 1-2 more meals (how far 2-3 lbs of meat goes, when lots of roasted veggies added…) and sigh – again realized I need to get going on getting broth made of all the big elk & buffalo bones in freezer, that I was gifted during butchering/hunting season.

Slow-Cooker Sesame Chicken

Tonight, I write while feasting on easy to make, slow cooker Sesame Chicken – which I modified a tad for what I had on hand- so first, the real recipe I pretty much, sorta kinda, closely followed:

Sweet Slow Cooker Sesame Chicken

Ahem – What I did Different…with compliments to recipe providing chef…

  1. I do not own, nor do I purchase, boneless/skinless chicken – my local butcher raises, then butchers AND then packages my chicken – a few whole chickens, and a few more chickens packaged into packets that mix dark & white meet, to quickly fix for a meal for 1-2 folks – skin and bones included.
  2. I try so hard to follow recipes, first time in, but sometimes? Just can’t help myself – thus, chicken was marinated in buttermilk, raised above sauce via rack (to make it crispy and not fall apart soup style we would have to be careful about small bones in) AND – yes…I added 1/8th tsp of ginger powder – and could’ve added more – though it didn’t call for it. I just had never seen a sesame chicken recipe without ginger in it – so erred on side of caution…
  3. I pulled chicken off slow cooker rack, placed on broiler toaster oven drip drip pan, drained drippings from crock into skillet to add the corn starch to thicken (no, didn’t take time to experiment with other sauce thickener options) and then brushed over the chicken and let broil in toaster oven for about 10 minutes, for a nice glaze –
  4. I didn’t carve time out to make homemade fried rice – I used rice cooker to cook up one cup of sprouted, short brown rice, that I get from Lundberg farms brand – it sets nice on my tummy and I like their farming practices, best as I know of their history –

What the Leftovers look like..

No…I didn’t think to take a picture during the doing – you know how bad I am about thinking about such things, at the time, right?

Yum, and double Yum…

It is so good, even the dog continues to beg, soulfully, even though I’ve told her a 1,000 and 1 times, she could die, DIE, if I feed her onion, garlic or peppers (that’s what all the homemade dog food sights purport…)

Poor Oakley – she obviously likes Chinese cuisine, too – and here I’m too afraid to experiment by feeding it to her.

Connections – ain’t they interesting?

So, these past 2 weeks when I moved between ‘git ‘er done’ work frenzies and laying low as to heal up, wouldn’t ya know so many Connections that showed up in my world, via many and sundry ways – which reminded me to once more, be as a child and hold onto hope – even while I still play the cynical, curmudgeonly adult…at times…often..

okay – very often…

ya got me..

And so, I close out this post, with a song share – I learned this one as a child – figure you might have learned it, too, long ago….

May we adults remember it when the ‘too big for their britches’ folks try to convince us otherwise, hmmm?

“Children can grasp it, pretty quickly, until adults mess it up the understanding with fake smiles and gnarly ways”

Hope your week is a great one!

One thought on “Criminey, Jimminy Crickets and Sesame Chicken…”

  1. Wonderful your son has been home regular and that you have been feeling like cooking.. When we have someone to cook for it makes all the difference..
    And yes that recipe looks yummy..
    Sorry to hear your back has been playing up too.. Not nice, but happy to read that nasty burn you did to your hand is healing well..
    As for the weather.. I hope it allows for that travelling back and forth for those recipes to flow..
    Much love your way πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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