I usually just comment in the comments section of any who participate in roundhouse Monday this, Friday that, Write More, etc.,

It’s not that I’m totally sarcastic, I just figure, those participating are trying to get more views at their blog, and feed back on their writing – I’m not here for that – though I appreciate my community here, if/when I decide, once more, to market things other than ideas or sharing my musings for open debate, I will open up a biz blog, site, and or invite you to my newsletter sign up page – –

I’m just saying, my community here is rather like a hobby quilting club or book club or girl’s night out with wine – is that bad?

I did talk about writing a book, several, someday – we shall see – I even posted a for sale price long, long ago and refunded the two who pre-ordered when I realized, I won’t be birthing this baby anytime soon – all 2.35 to each, at the time – πŸ™‚

But, I still have a dream – and as I read Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness prompt, for tomorrow (or perhaps today, once I write and publish this…) I realized, my mind was immediately filled with thoughts on the prompt – which is the title of this post – here it is again, in case you missed it –


I recently rewatched the original True Grit (John Wayne) and then, cuz I had to watch and couldn’t wait for free on Amazon Prime (this is how they make $, just saying – instant gratification world…and folks wanting it…guilty, me, is….is this case…)

I paid for the streaming version of Rooster Cogburn, although it will be useless to me when the internet is out but the electricity is fine – (that is often the case here – take both out and we have ‘SNOW DAY! FOR REAL!!! BREAK out the sardines, crackers, peanut butter and cheese – let’s drink the beer in the fridge before it goes warm, and where are those board games and books?!?” fun kind of day – that I LIVE for and happens so rarely – -)

Nope, more often, I have no internet, but electricity still good, which means, I can still work locally, and push to live when internet restored and my cell phone still charged, so clients can nag me about such things via email, text and phone calls – – no one calls when it’s a blizzard or Sunday afternoon football – just saying….

So you are catching the Dream drift, right? The dreams I have – the dreams I want – the nightmares I often live with?

Ahem – quote, from Rooster Cogburn (and cited for original, but I don’t care – I like Katherine Hepburn’s delivery too much…)

I dreamed life was beauty,

Awoke and found only duty”

TamrahJo paraphrasing Katherine Hepburn’s quote in movie, “Rooster Cogburn”

Dreams and Duty

I’ve watched myself and those around me for about 3 decades, in regards to the Dreams/Duty topics – Funny, but I’ve found two things to be true –

  1. Dreams are held by the very low and the very high – those in the middle are too busy trying to make it higher and prevent sliding back to where they started to spend much time talking about dreams. The very high have nothing but time to dream and forge and plan the fruition of their dreams. The very low have nothing to lose and little to keep them going other than holding onto their dream, in face of everything that tells them otherwise. Thus, those in the middle end up serving the needs and dreams of the very low and the very high – who said being average was great?
  2. Duty – there are those very high who take their ‘duties’ seriously – there are those very low, with little to really give, who outshine the middle in living up to ‘duty’ – alas, there are things that shouldn’t have to be done, or said, but none the less, at some point, end up on one’s plate and is realized as a ‘duty’ –
  3. Some folks walk away from duty and figure not their problem
  4. Some folks embrace some duties and not others and manage to justify their reasons for both –
  5. Some folks sign up for duty over and over again, until their dream dies, they have nothing left to live for and they figure, why the heck am I sticking around just to do other folk’s duties?

Dreams and Duty are forever forged together in my heart, soul and mind –

Rather like Freedoms, Rights and Responsibilities was forged in my heart and mind back in the late 80s – –

from the add copy on the inside of a cigarette carton.

Yup, that’s what consolidated the argument for me, at the time, cigarette carton ads –

Say what you will, but at the time, I was a cashier at a gas/convenience store –

I’m opening cartons, to stock the single pack sales rack behind the counter, and I see the heading,

“Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Smoker”

This was before smoking in public, restaurants or outdoor parks was seen as a capital offense… mind you….

The copy basically said, “It’s legal, if you are of age, paid the tax, by purchasing through proper forum, you are allowed to smoke. However, you could be polite and not be a dick and blow your smoke in the face of folks who don’t smoke, or hate the smell. If you are at a party where the majority of folks are non-smokers, don’t just light up – ask the hostess where you can go to ‘smoke’ that will not disturb the other guests” —

In short – Big Tobacco, even then saw the writing on the wall and was trying either through pure BS or true intent, to get smokers to see it too and quit being such arses when they were publicly attacked for engaging in legal activity – –

Yes, I, a smoker and 5th generation daughter of those who, if not big tobacco farmers, certainly raised a patch of it to fund purchases at the store for things they couldn’t grow themselves – and probably, a lot of my ancestors managed to pay the taxes on the land during the depression, simply because they could grow tobacco and maybe, maybe I say, also knew how to make their own hooch or country wines and shared (sold) to those in their neighborhood with more money than growing or preserving sense….

But…I never forgot those words…

Your Rights AND Responsibilities…

To me? The “Dream” Prompt brought all that long ago story and pondering back to the front burner of my mind and soul – for – to me, just as Responsibilities follow Rights – so does Duty follow Dreams….

And so many I have watched over the years, have big dreams and feel little duty – the more their dream comes true, the less they feel the duty to help or foster the dreams of others – even if those others helped them to realize their own dream –

And so, while I’ll not say I agree with Marxist theories in total, I rarely agree with any ‘ology’ in full – on theological, economic or political systems – they all have their strong points and their arrogance – I will say this –

To Dream and see your duties is great – To dream and forget your duty is horrible –

And…I could list the places in history where dreams came true of those who forgot their duties, but then, you know this – we all do –

And yet, generation, after generation, we forget the duties and responsibilities shouldered by those of our ancestry – we over and over talk about our dreams and our rights –

Which, that being said, guess I rather should have talked about this whole thingee on Monday, Veteran’s Day, here, right?

Alas, it is on my mind most days and encompasses all humans – not just veterans or a certain nation, or religious group, or culture, or heritage, or class –

There are always prices to be paid for whatever we dream of – there are duties that come with success, there are responsibilities for those who have rights – but, we all know this – and watch and moan and cry the blues when the news tells us about those who have forgotten – even when we, and yes, WE – me included, forget our duties and responsibilities when we get lost in our our troubles and or dreams of what could be –

I see how it all happens – – both to me and others – – I’m just not certain when each of us will pony up to do our true duties and responsibilities to the full, everyday, instead of just on days when we are reminded of them and/or it’s easy and convenient – for us each – πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Dream”

  1. Never let go of those dreams Tamrah Jo True Grit a great book also, and I enjoyed the first film version than the newer one that come after it.. You couldn’t beat John Wayne in any film.. My hubby is a bit of cowboy fanatic and has lots of DVDs of cowboy films that are really ancient lol.. I tease him of his previous life, and tell him he was the cowboy and I was the Indian.. πŸ™‚
    I am late arriving here my friend.. but better late than never.. Great post and thoughts and sorry I went off on my own cowboy trail.. πŸ™‚
    Much love your way..
    Sue ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries on cowboy trail AND, you can tell hubby what my Dad told me once, when we discussing the ‘merits’ of reincarnation debate – “Well, if it’s true, then I was once a Indian of the Great Plains, because the first time I ever stepped foot on them, I felt I had come ‘home’ “. :). You Cowboys & Indians know where to bunk if you make it this section of the Great Plains! πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww thanks Tamrah Jo .. and apologies that email is still pending but will be penned soon.. Hubby not been too well, so other things on my mind right now.. Sending huge hugs your way.. ❀ and A Happy Thanksgiving to you in your part of the world ❀

        Liked by 1 person

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