Sigh…I did Black Friday…sorta

Featured Image for Post courtesy of and shared with me via newsletter from Derek at American Independent Business Alliance – Thanks to you both!

  • I did my Post Office and store run, bought postage and some meat from my butcher.
  • I purchased tools, online, for my biz, that I’ve had my eye on for some time, at sale prices.

I did run into a couple of ‘hiccups’, whilst shopping online, along the way, that no one can explain, nor do they wish to waste time trying to figure out, “what happened?”

But, overall, yesterday was a productive ‘working’ day for me

I spent this a.m. thinking, pondering and testing implementations, while awaiting replies to ‘implementation’ questions regarding testing on myself, locally, said tools, waiting for other queries, I sent yesterday, which I was assured, yesterday, in pre-sales questions, I could ‘reach out and ask at anytime’ –

Except for when the ‘office’ is closed.

Which is funny, because some pre-sales questions were replied to on Thanksgiving evening, though I didn’t expect a response until Friday, Saturday or Sunday –

Tech industry, apparently, after long years working to build a 24/7 world as the norm, is now taking weekends off in increasing numbers – and working on holidays (well…they said they were based in the USA – and it’s not like Columbus Day – where there are conscientious objectors – not tied to religion – and …um FOOTBALL games?

Hello? Have I lost my mind when folks gear up for a Black Friday sale running through Cyber Monday by working Thanksgiving evening, but are ‘out of office’ on Shop Local/Indie Saturday? Really?

I’m stumped, I confess….

Ah well….

The clock is ticking on “if it doesn’t work for you, we’ll refund” time span on each tool….so I’ll figure it out before time runs out, make it jump through hoops OR I will ask to return it & receive a refund –

Makes no never mind to me – πŸ™‚

Meanwhile –

I have also, these past weeks, and most recently, (Wednesday through this morning), “Unsubscribed’ from email promotions from various vendors I have done business with, over the years, and used to, rather, like…

Said vendors, nevertheless, started pummeling me with ‘buy this, buy that’ missives 3 weeks ago, but rarely/never offered anything close to resembling what I’ve ordered before, shown interest in or anything I needed/wanted and/or must have thought my inbox was their personal playground to show up in and never leave….

Seriously? These vendors have access to data, stats and feedback regarding what I’ve purchased before, re-ordered, liked, rated high, etc….

Surely they could have included just one of the many options I use OR have on my wish list, in some part of their promotions, right?

Do they think I will buy stuff I don’t want/need or afford, in hopes that will shut them up and quit nagging me?

Obviously, nowadays, lots of data being collected everywhere, but often not being put to very good use, says I –

How good, in fact, are algorithms at this work? Really?

How good are humans at sifting through the data that tools tell them ‘is the state of affairs’ and seeing what’s really going on?

Perhaps, algorithms and human marketeers, still, underestimate my stubbornness and temper – πŸ˜€

That’s a possibility -Lord knows I truck such tendencies out to public viewing often enough – πŸ˜€

Well, didn’t they just pick the wrong person to send 3-7 emails a day to, for the last month…

You knew it would be so – did you try to warn them? Save them from themselves?

I thought not – you’ve got your own inbox to wrangle, without spending time saving others from making those mistakes in mine – πŸ˜€

Perhaps, it’s worth it to them, losing me as a customer –

Perhaps, said vendors had lots of sales from this ‘mindless, bombard’ approach – – to make up or even REWARD them enough, they are freed from having to take care of me, (existing customer)

Maybe – long term stats say not – but….

I do not claim to ‘know’ personally, nor do I get paid to spend 20 years conducting studies on the phenomena –

Such relentless marketing endeavors, remind me of plans in place or implemented, that cost so much, across the long term, on multiple fronts, that could have been avoided, but the ‘bottom line’ bots said,

“Cheaper to pay the fine, take the hit, hit quotas, alienate customers, then to just do it right in first place” –

I won’t list the examples – unless you live on an deserted island and don’t read, you have your own areas of knowledge & personal examples of such things to refer too for proof….


I recently became aware of a new-to-me acronym used, to replace, I think, FOMO….which is….

“Fear of Missing Out”

FOBO is the new one-

“Fear of Better Option”

One article referred to FOBO as the new and improved version of “analysis paralysis”.

Since I spend increasing amounts of time maintaining systems that are built/maintained by ‘Break it fast, then move on’ style thinking – –

I’m not a fan of FOBO, anymore than I was of the FOMO trend, talked about extensively in the 1990s forward-

Yeah, sure, maybe I, too, will be a dunce and ‘miss out’ on sales delivered right to my inbox – but really, I’m not certain where I could even put the big screen TV, nor where, exactly, I would ever go, that requires diamond jewelry, just to ensure, through outer wear, that yes, in fact,

I belong here at this function/in this position at work/etc., etc..

me, sighing over it all and then asking me self….

Do they know about Diamond mining? The workers? The ecosystem? The industry? The marketing of it over the years? The divorces over 30 years where wife has pearls, diamonds, etc., but just wanted to have pizza on the couch and watch a movie while snuggled up to her hubby, but he was never home? Or the men who said, “I work myself to death to provide everything for her, what does she have to complain about?”

Has all of these things that are on my radar, over and over, movies and real life included, somehow escaped the marketeer’s radar for over 50 years now?

Me, wondering why merchants thought I’d be interested in the sale on TVs and Diamonds –
Member exclusive, they say –
Can’t be all that exclusive, or targeted, cuz you just sent it to me, anyone can pay $60 and be a member – – I reply πŸ˜€

A Girl’s Best Friend is the man who wants to buy her diamonds,

…but instead spends the money/time on tools, or taking time off work, to help her with a project she holds dear…

That’s my take on the matter – OR they buy her own set of power tools – –

Importantly, the ones she most often ‘borrows’ from them….

But then, I’m supposedly ‘weird’ cuz I’m not a huge chocolate personage, either – πŸ™‚

I could be wrrrrooong – – but seriously, how do we get so many things ‘wrong’ so often? Over and over?

Are we listening to bad advice?

Thinking if everyone else says it’s so, or doing, we must just be in the wrong?

I’m open to the possibility that I’m missing some big items that actually, make sense, for the opposing view, in the end…

That all said & confessed…

Months of research behind me, I’ve invested in me own business ‘diamonds’ (tools) and now, slogging through learning them to implement them –

Business tools – the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ year round

Me again – yes, I often quote myself to make a point and give white space to ease reading online endeavors…

Now…if only I can learn them fully, test them and roll them out, over the coming weeks, when everyone else slogging through the busy holiday season, to buy time for them and me, here and there – over the coming year(s) well –

That is my goal –

As usual, even with extensive time spent on knowledge base and tutorials for said tools, long before I actually purchased, it is taking more time than I thought it would to wrangle through them….

But then, I always have high hopes…..and then slog through less than hoped for ‘user results may vary’.

But still, hopeful – always – until I’m not….

BTW – Monday is Indie Biz “Cider Monday”

Basically, participating businesses put out cider, (or hot beverages and snacks) and invite their local community to drop by, take a break and just relax for a moment while not getting a ‘chill’ from the weather, or food, or beverages…

Just for a moment, customer appreciation isn’t shown by sales prices at o’dark thirty, or only for the next 12 minutes, coupons urging scarcity, hurrying, jostling, trying to be first while running with the ‘herd’.

It’s simply celebrated via open arms/space and saying,

“Thanks for supporting us this past year – thanks for being a loyal customer. Come in, warm up, take a load off, and here are some refreshments for you, while you rest”

Cider Monday Spirit

Oh Yeah! If Ever…

I have a brick and mortar store, or my house is such in space and expectations that I can promote a ‘come when you can, drop in style” customer appreciation day?

I’m DEFINITELY doing Cider Mondays!!

Until then?

Well saving $ by Black Friday shopping and charging customers lower prices/ volunteering hours to needed projects, year round, is where I’m currently living – I may crash and burn before it’s all over, in today’s world…

It is what it is….until it’s not –


One thought on “Sigh…I did Black Friday…sorta”

  1. I don’t do black Friday, but I do give small businesses and local businesses my attention. I also do some cyber Monday ordering but mostly it’s not for gifts, but to restock what I usually order.

    Talking about that “girl’s best friend”, I got that fella right the third time around. It was 17 years before I finally let him do the diamond thing (I’m not a huge jewelry person), and he’s always been great to help me with my projects and has always made sure I had the right tools to get my work done. The guys at his work one time couldn’t understand him bringing me a pair of warm Muck boots home from a business trip instead of some kind of jewelry or pretty bauble. He assured them I’d give him the stink eye over jewelry, but the boots would be greatly loved. He knows my heart… a practical one.

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