Celebrating Mothers this Christmas

Well, yes, you KNEW I couldn’t just post holiday cheer and be done, right?

Today is me mum’s (mother’s, mama’s, mom’s) b-day and she has shared her day with just TOO much other holiday activities and (budget for gift giving) for so many years of her child hood, adult and senior life –


No matter how enlightened, evolved and wonderful the men are in our lives

“Why didn’t I just get my dad to come help me chop down the Christmas tree instead of trying to do myself ?!?”


“I’m almost there – the house is almost cleaned – we made it [insert get together] and was late, with my share of the food, but turned out okay because SHE was running late, too – “


“Yes, trying to get caught up on sleep, cuz I stayed awake in case travel to us plans got way laid by weather and just wanted to know when folks were safe/on their way/plane had landed and I could wipe that ‘check in on’ off the ‘worry list’


“The turkey took way longer to thaw than I planned for!” or “my heating element went out in the stove and guests are arriving in 45 minutes ….” or “The child called at 12am my time to say dinner with the new in-laws went better than expected…they were stressed about that for two-weeks, don’t ya know….

All the things that over my lifetime that mean the Holidays have arrived full of graciousness, gifts of the heart and quiet tears, are delivered from the “Mom’s at Heart” of the species – just saying.

Why of course I honor and appreciate the good men out there, but, in my heart – Mom’s and the feminine side of the equation in any person, are the ones that make Christmas, in all it’s full ‘what the holidays really mean’ glory, happen –

So Here’s to you Mom’s at Heart

Mother, Sister, Aunt, Grandma, Mentor, Colleague that always sends cards out on time and makes killer crispy toffee nuts, luscious fudge and/or the delicious potluck meal we all crave, that no one else does just quite as good as yours …

Um, yeah, I’m taking this religious song, in modern version, and using it as a tribute to those who just simply – throughout the year, and go through their own personal version of hell, each year, too, getting ready for ‘the holidays’.

They keep the traditions and beauty of the holidays going – often on no sleep, lots of caffeine/chocolate, but with joy in their heart – 🙂

So do not invite them to join your weight loss plan on January 1st – they are running off of heavy infusions of cortisol, chocolate and alcohol to make such magic happen….and they will get with the weight loss program through pure doing once school starts back up, gardening time arrives and/or those they work for ask for 15 hour days to launch the ‘goals to meet this coming year’ – while they live off of snicker’s bars at their desk – walk with a friend during their break….Back off on the Resolutions – okay?

P.S. – You’re invited to W(h)ine and Cheese party with no dishes to wash, wear your pajamas if you want, at my house in January – the house won’t be any cleaner than it is now, but let me know ahead your faves and you won’t go hungry or thirsty….cuz, I’m a grinch – thus, I’m in charge of ‘restoration’ operations afterward…right?

Oh, also, if you figure out how to keep the tree up year round, dusted and seasonally appropriate without having to dust, move or put up/pack away …share! Cuz seriously, who has time for all that put up/pack away nonsense each year?

Here’s to You!

One thought on “Celebrating Mothers this Christmas”

  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours, my faraway friend. It’s been a very challenging year but we’ve survived. Sending you lots of love, joy and laughter this Christmas season and a happy 2020! Catch up with you soon. ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ♡

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