Merry Merry – From the Grinch

(P.S. For those who don’t know, I was raised in the Protestant, Christian, American version of how to keep the winter blues away and the soul nourished and hope alive during the time that, here, at least, keeps us all indoors – maybe sick, cold and/or hungry – and yearning for summer warmth, green growing things and the annual promise of spring to show up once more – so there ya go –

I go back to Christmas references while illustrating overall values or failings, but never think, that I think, these chosen are the only options to choose from, to illustrate my musings…. :D).

For example: To those in the deep Southern Hemisphere: I’m so sorry you might be in position that requires you to cook up a full Christmas dinner when it’s hotter than hell, outside…

For those near the equator – so you don’t get blizzards just now- so what? I hear tell, the monsoon/hurricane/typhoon season can be just as soul breaking/dangerous – ). You’ve got your struggles/challenges and I’ve got mine – πŸ™‚

Where was I? Oh yes.

Each year, around this time, I find myself at the unique intersection I always do –

Simultaneously in the Grinch AND Happy Holidays! mood….

It’s rather hard to balance these two moods, in conversations with others, at this time of year –

I manage to do it all the rest of the year, because, well, folks are used to me being the ‘well…on one hand…but yet, on another….’ personage.

Well…at least the folks who stick around for very long, who learn it is so, and do not expect me to magically change me, just cuz the calendar says I ought to do something more than change what clothes I choose for outdoor activities….

And so, with that, I leave you with two music selections – nope, make that three – to illustrate the fact – it’s not just the “Holidays” that have me feeling this way – it’s year round – but at least, at the Holidays, I can share some of my childhood faves – πŸ™‚

You’re a Mean One, Mr(s). Grinch

Why yes! I get rather tired of the bombardment to buy/gift this bamboozle, fund that whatchamacallit – etc. There are times when the Whoville folks who pummel me with mailers/email notifications really push me over the edge and make me yearn for my own tiny dog with horns, a big sled, and the capability to slink & snark around houses – not that I’d actually do it – just would be nice to have the tools and skills, to know that I could, if I chose too….

God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman, Let Nothing you Dismay

I grew up from earliest memory, hearing either my Dad or Tennessee Ernie Ford leading the sing-along on this one, thus, here ya go… cuz the things that can lead us astray from being a ‘good person’ are many, varied and a year round proposition- for me?

Lack of sleep, unending emails to BUY, BUY, BUY and increasing costs just to hold the ‘accepted line’ – as well as news articles informing me of what the ‘brightest minds/leaders in the world’ are up to – well – I would just go to the Dark Side, if I didn’t have a “let Nothing You Dismay” song to pull me back from the precipice of Grinchdom…..

But finally, in the end, I always, sooner or later, get to the seasonal song that, to me, rather tells about some year round things one could do – even if it displays how much one must do, to just show up, everyday, and not just on Christmas, if one really wants to ‘make a difference’ –

Alas, most folks, still, despite it all, me included, lose sight of it, in the day to day –

The Christmas Guest

Merry Christmas – Happy Winter Holidays – May your New Year, whenever you mark it, treat ya well!

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