Merry Christmas! And now, for my resolutions!

Wow! Christmas on a Wednesday – AWESOME! I can take a break from working and cheering tech support/customer support folks who answer my silly questions that could’ve been found in a forum post dated from 2014, but updated a month or so ago – but hey! How would I know they are working today, too?

I can also, in real time, move emails to the “Atodo” list “ABillsTobePaid” OR ‘newsletters to read’ or “DELETE! DELETE! I’m not shopping and I don’t have to again for a few months, so in the trash you go” promotional emails –

(Seriously, keeping a clean email account is how I get by on ‘how many GB I’m limited to on the ‘basic’ plan – πŸ™‚

First – Happy Wednesday (Christmas and a slew of other winter, religious, spiritual and astronomy dates….)

For everyone except those in time zones that mean, it’s not yet Wednesday OR it’s now Thursday – in which case, happy Belated/Future Wednesday

On to Resolutions….

Here’s my early days yet, New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Read books, watch free YouTube video captures of local town halls, and scan for me own “election year” news info to read
  • Continue with commercial free tv so as to avoid political ads
  • Throw any ‘snail mailed’ election stuff in the trash, before reading/reacting –
  • Talk to my neighbors, share what I’m reading, why such and such impressed me, but focus on the challenges faced, NOT on who did what – (i.e. IMHO – all elected officials are rather living apart from the daily work flow, the daily ‘sigh, again?” flow, the “Okay – should we pay the electric bill, mortgage, phone bill or get prescriptions and groceries for one more month?” game
  • I shall not say ‘you, your party, your candidate’ when engaging in such conversations – I will say, instead, “I like (insert focus) about what (you, your fave party, candidate) said about (insert whatever they said or have on their website) but I’m concerned about (insert my concern) as it affects (me, my loved one, my neighbors) and I don’t see that is being addressed – thoughts?”
  • I WILL TRY MIGHTILY to keep neutral look on my face, listen, truly listen and not interrupt with, “Sorry, to interrupt, but I’m going to stop ya right there! How can you say ‘they’ support (insert such and such) when in 1990 they did this? Or the news feed reported this? Or their legislative vote meant this, for me and mine, in 1972? What about that?!?
  • I refuse – REFUSE to be mad at folks who have more education, a better job, more resources and assets than I do – I CHOOSE to do my best to align with folks who are broke on a level different from mine – (All the way from… “Dude! You have no food? A way to get to the doctor? Keep warm?” to “Dude, I’m not really understanding how your biggest fury in life is over healthcare for your employees and whether or not you should keep shelling out $3,000/month to keep up your indoor, house pool/jacuzzi set up you never use – – the employee benefits are a tax write off for your business, the pool isn’t – – or shouldn’t be – unless employees use for water aerobics, physical therapy and pain relief – THEN, YES! You can keep it and straight arrow write it OFF taxes, TOO! See? Problem solved…..)
  • I will research candidates way earlier than I usually do – started doing that stuff in August 2018 – have my spreadsheet all set up and it needs some clean up, everyday/week –
  • I WILL not donate to any candidacy that doesn’t allow me to do a $5 (or $5+transaction fees for online processor) donation – Every penny counts, right? Okay – so $5 without paying the transaction fee, yourself, = 500 pennies – so now, are you serious or not?
  • I may, as the year winds through, send some very pointed questions to candidates as they navigate their campaign and I learn more –
  • I will not engage with candidates who have interns/email algorithms that plop me into auto-email hell and do nothing to answer what I originally asked about – even with a quick answer “Yes, we agree – here’s the link to our official response on that question….”
  • I will share the various reasons I’m interested in learning more about a candidate with my circle – and if they fire in to shut me down as to why I’m an idiot if I like so and so, I will ask them for the reason why – their life experience? Their reading? Publicly available information? Really bad performance in a little town hall in BFE Amercia where some local activist recorded the whole thing and uploaded to – without editing or commentary?
  • (P.S. If you watch every town hall a candidate does through the year, that is uploaded for general viewing, by folks who don’t make money from advertising dollars – guess what? You get a really clear handle on recurring themes – :D. Did it in 2016, and I can do it again….I think….I hope…

RE: Citizens United and Pacs, Super Pacs and Mr & Ms. Pacman

So what do email phishers, hackers, Nigerian Princes, PACs and candidates who use some or all of them, have in common?

That shit works – enough of the time, that to NOT do such things is akin to political suicide, simply because, you can’t compete – you can’t do the whole marketing version of “It takes 7-48 times before a person finally gives in and gives you money just to shut you up and go away – -“

And so do I wait for “Election Reforms” and all that hullaboo to take place before I’m actually freed from such things?

Nope – no more than I hope to have $10,000+ to get lame dinner/lunch and shake hands with a candidate or anymore than I wish to carve out a day or too, hotel costs, gas money and time away from work to go to a ‘rally’ and stand in line to get my 2.5 seconds with the tired, perhaps sweaty or ice cold hand of a candidate (who is probably tired, too – of all this smiling and handshaking – face it – how does any candidate make it office without their arm/hand in a sling due to ‘overwork/repetitive stress syndrome?)

Mr & Ms. Pac man were never intended to raise enough money to bully folks into their way of thinking through sheer inundation of ad spots, mailers and time on air – They were meant to do their jobs! Ya know – like leading, and getting out so folks can get to know them (that’s a lot of traveling, meals on the road, extra support in nutrition, etc., so they aren’t 30lbs underweight and stressed out mess when they take the oath and start making decisions that affect us….)

So what happens if we all just say, “I refuse to pay attention to the pro/attack/opposition ads – I will turn down the radio, tv or ignore news/social feeds in order to get my information – I will dig, dig, dig and look at the little things here and there –

Grass roots baby –

What happens if enough folks commit to ignoring the millions of dollars, the foul play, the social media/viral shit that means you better spend 1 billion dollars or more, just so you can make it to the November Ballot and…hopefully win?

I’ll tell you what happens – you, me, we, paint a target on our back for ‘elimination’ from those in the advertising industry, cyberland services and, maybe even the USPS – (ya know, that bulk mailing of advertisements does help shore up our snail mail systems….)

I’m thinking I’m safe enough –

A. No one cares what I think

B. I have a local network of folks who KNOW it’s not working for them, on any level, no matter how hard they work, no matter their party/religious affiliation

C. I do a Christmas gift of food every year to my local USPS –

If you didn’t at least make the attempt to do something nice this year for the local infrastructure that serves you – in some shape or form, probably best you don’t engage – it could go ugly –

Fool Proof Plan?

Of course not – Are ya kiddin me?

But, it is a rather optional plan to try, on meself, this coming year – just cuz, the risks are low, the payoff is nowhere in sight, to my eyes, but seriously, I just time out of my day to right this and I could have been working, instead – – OR I could have gotten my Christmas cards in the mail –

This was more fun to do –

P.S. Comments are open on this post, but I swear to goodness, anyone calls me an idiot or questions whether Satan was my father, Lilith my mother or trucks out the latest Facebook meme to make their point, I will close down the comments faster than anything – –

Cuz, in the end, if the majority of American culture says,

It’s all good as long as we don’t talk about politics or religion”

WTF is left to talk about that makes a very real impact on our daily lives? Our elected politicians make up the rules to be followed for everyday life and our religious (or spiritual) ideologies are what guide our internal compass/our daily actions…

So if we shut down civil conversation on those two levels – we have already lost everything that gave us a fighting chance to working together to SOLVE SOME OF THIS STUFF!

Okay – I’m done – hopefully, I log back in and do a nice, fluffy wuffy post talking about more evolved ideas before this rant stays on my ‘first in feed’ for very long – I usually do this stuff at 3 am, cuz it just gets lost in the clutter of the internet – πŸ™‚

P.S. This post brought to you courtesy of…..

  • Reading the 2001 book “Nickle and Dimed” by Barbara Ehnreich
  • Reading the 2014 book, “Fighting Chance” by Elizabeth Warren
  • Inability to get some earlier titles by Ms. Warren OR Andrew Yang’s book, via my local library
  • An increasing amount of personal correspondence where so many are not looking forward to 2020…here…because it’s an election year
  • An incident yesterday and conversation this morning, that made me realize, being a hermit is really awesome, cool, etc., on the other hand, it lowers my tolerance levels to where I become an entitled arsewipe who is irritated that eating out, and reading the final pages of book before returning it, was interrupted by one who was struggling and another who just wanted the ‘problem person’ to disappear – like, hopefully, forever – – and yes, I choked on my internal irritation and did something that probably wasn’t the wisest choice from either point of view, but really, did it to make both of them to feel small and reassess where they were spending their energy, just then – came home and decided, “Wow! what a jackarse am I?” moment

And woke up to the never ending email feed that doesn’t have an algorithm that wishes to acknowledge my hope of being left the hell alone today – until I need answers in order to do my work or more quickly move through the ‘so called help files that are sometimes updated and other times not” and to save me from 6 hours trying to figure out the forum where users provide tech support to other customers and multiple, arguing options, abound – -:)

Merry Christmas!

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