On the Fence and Checking In….

Given local proactive steps to be cautious in stemming spread of the latest virus to spread globally, thought I would just check in and clear my latest post being one on parenting, which I no longer am in charge of for those not of adulting-it age….

(dare I name the virus and appear to try to hit SEO searches? I think not – If you do not know of what I speak, then I’m not certain how you have avoided this information, but even more surprising is you have avoided seeing the news, social feeds AND yet, here you are reading this…..Amazing!)

I’m not a regular news follower…

At least via station daily news or cable news. Usually, if I need to know something, the local errands run to the Post Office/Store, OR here at WordPress, Or a couple of Facebook groups I’m in, ensure I don’t miss much…although, was saddened to hear I missed the news of loss of a neighbor recently and was unable to attend the funeral/celebration of life…sigh –

That said, my world of ….hermitude? Obliviousness? has been impacted by the virus of which we shall not name, in attempt to not garner folks landing here thinking updated information is available…sigh – algorithms make me nervous – – LOL

Well, my daily operations have been affected, not hugely, but still….which is rather surprising to me, although, in retrospect, totally understandable –

Here’s the list:

  • More website content work that keeps me up to date, whether I actively pursue or not, as some of my clients are public schools and one of them, along with other schools in our ‘local rural area’ are closing proactively for 16 days to deep clean and disinfect, and in hopes to stem spread possibilities now we have cases in our state (Colorado) AND Spring Break travel plans loom. Locally, we are nearing our usual Peak Period for annual seasonal flu stuff, anyhoo, so really don’t see any of it as a bad thing….
  • Since I do regular, rotating, bulk ordering from various vendors who sell the below items, I was disappointed to learn that I’ll either wait longer for orders planned for this month/quarter, to be compiled/shipped and on the fence, should I go ahead and place, in case panic/hoarding get bad? Or wait, to give my beloved small biz’s a break?
    • Dehydrated Veggies (read, prepper/survival food stores)
    • Essential Oils
    • Herbs
  • My financial teams were johnny on the spot – they let me know last week and before that about how if I would just PUHLEASE put their app on my phone, they have my back – Since I’m staying home and try to keep up on all things via desktop – I guess if things are bad enough I don’t have internet/electricity OR they don’t have personnel to handle/keep online operations going – we’ll each cross that bridge when/if it comes up
  • I spent last weekend in a hospital, while family member had surgery, in a county, where, to date, there is still only one case, due to travel, and so far, doesn’t appear any of us were ‘exposed’ – discharge came and family members all left for home about 4 hours after the first visitor restriction signs went up…
  • That said, I kept one doctor appointment (annual) upon arriving home, checked my mail and picked up a few items, but pretty much, just got home and stayed home to wait and see – proactively, as I have no reason to believe I was exposed – but why be an extrovert when I don’t have too and don’t want to be?
  • A friend’s time off from work to celebrate her birthday via a concert with friends at metro area some 2 hours from us was laid waste given concert cancellation and cases showing up in that area AND, she works at a nursing home, so she is being good, too, on limiting what she might expose herself too. Perhaps I’ll rearrange the living room, set up the vaporizer full of essential oils, set up the mini bar and tell her, if she figures I’m ‘safe bet’ on b-day celebrate pal, she can come over and I’ll play tunes and give her a spot to drink and dance – –

All that said….

I’ve already been accused of ‘not taking this seriously enough’ in various real life/online forums, which dismays me, as, I believe I’m doing my part to limit spread, not feed the ‘fires’ of panic and fear, and am well placed to fix meals and deliver to homebound neighbors should the need arise – cuz ya know, I have a freezer full of bones for broth making and buckets of dehydrated veggies for making light on the tummy foods, when folks don’t feel up to cooking for themselves – –

What else do these folks want?

Oh, and BTW – I’ve have PLENTY of Toilet Paper – I was in town for something else awhile back and needed a couple of items from Costco, and heck, while I was there, went ahead and got the TP I’d need to order in April/May, and bought extra dog food early, too, to avoid shipping charges, if I ordered online, instead of stopping by when in town anyhoo – I don’t get to ‘town’ (metro area an hour away) very often ….hermitude…saving the planet one gallon of gas/low tire wear/oil use at a time…. LOL

I have supplies for if a blizzard hits (we just got some snow showers today after nearly 2 weeks of what we locals call “Fake Spring” during which I didn’t get much sheet mulching done to ready for all the seeds I ordered in February).

I also have my emergency plans if a tornado its and quite frankly, these weather/power outage preparation things pretty much meet any ‘prepare for the pandemic’ lists posted and shared that I’ve seen – except for face masks – – sigh – I have a few in the first aid bucket – I think…or maybe in the little carry and go kit…they are somewhere – why hit the store and buy them out?

No Blizzards lately – we are due for one or more spring storms – πŸ™‚

I also have an oobers old 1/2 left bottle of bleach (quit using some time ago and hopefully it’s still in liquid form…), rubbing alcohol, vodka, everclear and kick-your-butt moon shine stores here and there around the house – for various reasons, rarely for actually DRINKING! but, still…..

So maybe I appear ‘too laid back’ about it all – but seriously? Just by saying my thoughts out loud, to those in my circle who have survived blizzards, tornadoes, no electricity for extended periods, droughts, floods, the Dustbowl and Great Depression?

They view me as one of the ‘fearful panicking city slickers’ if I even bring up the subject – –

So as usual, I plan for the worst, hope for the best, watch it all unfold and manage to tick off or concern everyone with my apparent failure to grasp the severity of the situation…. sigh….

But, I did look at the travel restrictions map when I was putting together a quick click resource list for my clients, should they wish to put up any closure or operational delay notices – and am now thinking of my bloggy pals who reside in the countries showing up in darkk orange on the world & USA travel restrictions/notices map –

Stay safe, be well and here’s hoping you are safe at home, in peachy condition and just LOOKING for an excuse to break into the moonshine stores, for an afternoon cocktail to go with your book by the fire, or book in the garden….. :).

The same folks who roll their eyes over pandemic fears cuz they’ve lived through quite a few things, swear moderate amounts of kick-your-butt hooch kills viruses & bacteria without totally wrecking your brain or tummy – – haven’t tested on myself, so who knows?

But most of them have spent a lifetime saying, “Well, I’ll either be dead or better in six weeks, so why go see a doctor?” unless a bone needs set – πŸ™‚

A long ago picture of the March Moon, in my neck of the woods – – yup, we have a bit more snow laying in various areas – but not much green showing up just yet ….

6 thoughts on “On the Fence and Checking In….”

  1. Hi dear Tamrah Jo….
    Yes some of us are preparing in different ways than those in mad panic mode… We can prepare without fear…. And you know my thoughts there.. Its the same here.. and whats with Toilet paper??? lol….. Same this side of the pond..
    All we can do is be cautious, especially around us oldies who it seems are the targeted pray.. lol…. And no I know, I am not being flippant…. I really feel for any family who has lost a loved one… or anyone who gets ill….
    But I even had a text message from my local surgery today SUNDAY to say that no appointments are being given out blar blar… Now I have not been to the Drs for six year??? and then only for a routine test…
    So we await what is to befall us..
    Sending HUGE hugs and will reply in detail very soon.. ❀

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    1. I’m sitting at home, observing it play out – we shall see how it goes – :). In other news, one more push for a new website and I may have some quiet time to set up my seed starting area AND – the first cool season, prairie grasses are starting to peep through! Hope Springs Eternal in my world, just now – via the glaze of green hardy grasses that are poking their heads out to meet the coming spring blizzard forecasted for us…. πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow!! I loved this! I thought I was one of a very few hermits out there who is broadly prepared for the virus, just by normally being prepared for anything. I grew up having a little grocery store to rely on in case of a blizzard (I grew up in Nebraska), tornado, drought, or extended illness – and I have practiced that all of my life. Our freezer is full of last year’s harvest of meats, vegetables and fruits – ooh, and LOTS of wonderful bone broth! I have plenty of dehydrated herbs and oils. I was just reading on alternatives to toilet tissue and realize this 61 acres has many options if it gets to that point. I ordered garden seeds early and already have my spring garden going. At our last venture to Sam’s for supplies a month ago or more (we are at least an hour from big box stores) I bought up enough paper goods, sanitizer and cleaners to get me by for a few months, because we are often busy with guests in spring, summer and fall. My normal – being prepared for anything – lifestyle is serving me well right now. I’m not fretting. And my belief is if we are supposed to experience something it will present itself whether we like it or not.

    Keep well my friend… and thanks for reminding me that picking up a small cache of “kick your butt hooch” is about all I need to stock up on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Little Sundog – sorry for my ‘late response’ other than letting you know, “I read your comment, liked it!” quick operations on phone app – (sigh -yes, WP app can be on my phone – most others? Nope.., I’m rather ‘choosy’ over what get’s installed on me phone – – LOL). By this time (of late response) I’m in rather a frustrated mode that things I only purchase once a year, and/or not that often are always out of stock – or limited now to ‘in store purchase’ only, when 2 hours ago when I started my order, but double-checked all finances, and way played down future income, just to be ‘reasonable’ (life of those who live below poverty level – LOL) – and then waste time researching, looking back up substitutions, etc — Sigh – baking powder is not to be had – anywhere – I keep baking soda on hand in BULK for cleaning stuff I make homemade, and yet, don’t ya know – I don’t make cookies very often, so my teeny-tiny jar of ‘cream of tartar’ to mix with soda for baking powder, pretty low to – I use the powder for pancakes and biscuits – so…sigh – at this point, I did score a small jar of cream of tartar for outrageous price (I’m used to buying in bulk in mylar bag every 1-7 years….LOL) I have a back up plan to meet ‘cooking operations’ for now, but sigh – must once more take a stab at getting started AND keep a’going, sourdough starter operations – – I always manage to kill them somehow when I get busy on other fronts – but yes, guess I shall save my back up plan stores as long as possible – I might want biscuits some day in far future, crave them, and sigh – not into hockey pucks – LOL. Hope this finds you safe and well – :).

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