StarDate 8 – Kitchen Experiments

So…um…well, I started off good this a.m. Made muffin tin sized mini-Italian meatloaf recipe, with cheesy/garlic smashed tators on top, and took a ‘swing’ at modifying my inherited dinner roll recipe to using sourdough, eggs, oil (sans milk and butter) …

Mini-meatloafs did fine, even with adjusted on fly ingredients to put in more veggies, less panko crumbs (RATIONING! for such store bought things like crumbs/panko – PUHLEASE let me find a way to not shop in-store or online – PUHLEASE!)

The modified dinner roll recipe from sourdough starter discard? Um…well – forgot to check on it sooner than my usual “meh – check in evening/tomorrow morning’ for rise/punch down I’m used to on no-knead, slow rise fronts and …

It raised faster than anything before, just thought to check it (almost bed time…) and lost some that spewed out over the bowl – still pliant and responsive after ‘punch down/fold over’ operations, so guess, unless I walk into a mess in the morning, I’ll shape to rise/bake first thing in the a.m.

Soda/Hard Soda Ferments

Strawberry/Raspberry one is trucking right along and still needs ‘burbed’ a few times during the day to keep plastic recycled pop bottle from exploding –

Peach/mango recipe slowing down and I’ve now combined back together in one bottle – and added a smidge of sugar in case the yeast were starving….taste testing is set for tomorrow night so we can assess ingredients, time, etc., but didn’t want to swig made-by-mistake-cooking vinegar – so, as usual, flying by the seat of my pants on some fronts and winging it as I go with my best WAG given months/years of READING about it, before actually DOING it –

The Sima?

Well…um…it bubbled the airlock right along about 1/2 – 1 day in, then ramped, up, then slowed, and I thought, “oxygen – it needs oxygen, right?” so I spent one day doing the ‘twist’ of the bucket on the floor, then the next day doing kettle-style Tai Chi moves with the bucket and on third-4th day, pulled the airlock out, barely, shoved right back in and then ‘did the twist’ or country swing with it again –

Who knows what it will turn out like, at this point?

Another day computer bound –

Not really held hostage, but, um, got into staying up late, so no longer waking up on me own around 2am-5am – nope, waking up when the sun has been saying ‘rise and shine, sleepy head’ for an hour or more, which is just about the time my email explodes, I do client work, log into social media to assist in getting local word out and well – yup, another day not spent primarily in garden or kitchen activities/dreams –

I’m getting slower at multi-tasking numerous things, the older I get – I would LIKE to think it’s because I’m focused on what I’m doing “right now” and lose track of time, but alas, I usually dive into so much ‘awareness/focus’ on the now, that ANY and I say ANY newbie to being a time management guru personage would just shake their head and yell at me,

You are seriously in need of time management, prioritizing help!

We’ll see – thus far, individuals, friends, family & mother nature seem to forgive me such things – not so much in other arenas where the clock, calendar and ‘just in time’ marketing things that seem to drive so much of online world, seem to take precedence….

And so…I sign off tonight with one lone picture of the NOW patted down ‘holy carramba!” sourdough dinner rolls in process.

(I did take pics of the dough after too long a rise, and the made hours ago lunch/supper/quick breakfast tomorrow mini-meatloafs, however, wouldn’t ya know? The camera now takes pics without warning me the SD card isn’t back in it from the computer I used to download/optimize pics….sigh – more learning/settings, reminders to me, to-do – LOL)

Hope this finds you & yours well!

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