StarDate – Something…..Check In

I’ve got nothin’ to say, that ain’t been said before, but maybe, just maybe, you haven’t heard, or lost track of this soundtrack for ‘chillaxing’ to…..Here ya go…

Once I wasn’t keeping track of the days for ‘sourdough starter’ operations, I once more lost track of the time – but – sigh – at this point?

I am reminded I can, left to me own devices, blissfully go through one day of challenges, achievements, failures, try-try-again on one front or another, in ‘my world’ and often, navigate it best while I just ‘pretend the rest of the world is hunky dory ‘ and does not care if I’m alive, well, kicking, working, or playing here – –

That all said, I find connecting via phone/text/online/trying to keep up in groups/news feeds a lil more taxing in frustration levels every day – so I’m back to taking a day (or several) off in between times – – just cuz…it’s in me own mental health operations to do so –

But, yes, I have a whole ALBUM of songs that work for me to ‘deep focus’ work to – OR Chillax to, when I’m rather discombobulated from an external world that swirls around me, or the swirling pool I thought I could wade in….and ran right into – the unexpected riptide/undertow – 😀

Just so you, too, might listen to a ‘re-discovered’ fave Or a new ‘chill the you-know-what-out’ soundtrack – here ya go:

That’s it – that’s all I’ve got to share – anything else would be a 50,000 word long post that rambled on and on, back and forth through history – from past ‘errors/lessons once learned’ to ‘okey-dokey, why are you surprised, cuz ya known, in 1348 (3414 BC, 1780 AD, etc.) such and such happened that rather echos today” non-expert commentary/opinions – – 😀

G’night – sleep tight – May you and yours be blessed by grace in all it’s manifestations and forms of arrival.

2 thoughts on “StarDate – Something…..Check In”

  1. “A Summer Place” was our wedding song!!!
    Hope you’re habitizing safely. Having two cousins up in Frisco, they are social distancing as are so many in this most unusual time. Stay safe! M 🙂

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