New Song in my head…

album cover of A Theme from Summer Place by Billy Vaughn & his orchestra

Some months ago, I awoke to music playing in my head that I had to search to find –

(you can read that whole saga in Night-to-Day Dreaming post, if you are intrigued about my brain and what it chooses to do with music snippets from the past…)

But the ‘wake up to’ and/or ‘shows at odd times of the day’ new song to show up in my internal world, replaced the previous one, a few weeks ago.

Fortunately, for me, didn’t take too long to locate, because I knew EXACTLY the album, performer and song name, the moment it ‘appeared’.

Extending thanks to the many kind souls who made both the album and the song available on so I can quickly share with you. šŸ™‚

Performer: Billy Vaughn and his orchestra

Album: Theme from a Summer Place and other great themes

Released in 1960, and at some point, purchased by my parents, it was pretty easy to find what I was looking for just by the album cover, as I scrolled through options of which option to listen to.

My brain remembers pictures, too, apparently.

Song: Tracy’s Theme

Yup – this is the tune that just ‘shows’ up whenever it wants, to randomly play in my monkey chatter brain – šŸ™‚

It shows up REALLY LOUD when I’m getting stressed or frustrated.

In my childhood, this is the album I often fell asleep to.

So I am rather impressed that playing the whole album on repeat, now, actually makes it easier to focus deeply on work, instead of the portion of my Brain Committee in charge of thinking ‘they’ should urge me to:

Just go take a nap, your brain is exhausted, chaos reigns and what’s the point? Really?

My Brain Board/Committee, who talk loud and often, but who were stripped of their voting rights, years ago – yes, I’m a tyrant….

And so, here’s my current Theme Song For Daily Life- for now – just until my subconscious brain (who regularly defies the strict limits I’ve put on the Board/Committee members) chooses to pull yet another song out of the dusty file cabinets to meet the current needs he/she deems a priority… šŸ™‚

Hope this finds you & yours well.

I personally made it through June 3rd without chaos, catastrophe, death of someone in my household, tornadoes or hail storms that wreak total havoc on growing/living things.

Thus, I’m counting this year a win, as opposed to years in the past, when I really thought Skipping June might be the best long term option for me….

Why Yes! Skipping June option was presented by committee member Ms. Avoid it/Ignore it if there’s nothing you can do about it – –

She was opposed on her motion, by Ms. I Call BS, who said,

“Hmm…bet we can find some way to change our experience of it, somehow, someway….”

one of my brain committee members

Overall, I learned sometime ago – maybe I should listen to the various portions of my brain, and maybe I shouldn’t. I’ve also learned to listen to them as if I’m the director with final approve/veto power, and so, what does it hurt to listen? Really?

I’m not sure what you are fully and currently dealing with – on all the fronts of your daily life. But I hope this finds you/yours as well as can be expected in these fast-changing & chaotic times.

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