“Will I see you next summer…”

After a really productive day yesterday – today rather fell apart in notifications, tech stuff, ‘yup it should work, have you restarted your computer?” lame tech support when it’s easier to question my computer and my skills then it is to say, “I don’t know, can you wait while I check on what used to work, and no longer is?” fronts –

My chosen life, to earn my living & my circus and my monkeys, but still….

By mid-afternoon, after starting in to whip out work, rarin’ to ‘go’ at 5am, I was ready for a break from my ‘world’ of ever changing chaos .

My mom had previously texted me a picture of her flower garden area-

I called her today, before the day got away from and too late for a phone call.

She asked if I had checked out how bloomin’ fantabulous her Columbines were?

I scanned through emails/text sends and was looking for ‘blue columbines’ –

Told her I hadn’t seen the picture of her columbines – did she send it recently? Did she text or email me the picture?

We figured out, finally… it was texted, and yes, I saw the picture, then, found it today in the ‘feed’ of texts and yes, the going gangbuster’s Columbines are right where she said they were, in the picture –

I didn’t see them because I was looking for ‘blue’

Right up until she finally said,

No! Mine are ‘maroon/pink’. The maroon with pink things? You can’t see them?!?

Given that little piece of extra information, I quickly saw exactly what she was talking about in the large picture on a tiny phone screen, zoomed in so I could better & fully ‘appreciate’ the display they made and all was good.

But it got me questioning my own assumptions on Columbine flowers

That if someone talks about their columbines in the garden, I’m always looking for blue – and that just may not be ‘so’ or ‘true’ in this moment…

Seriously, I’m a child of the Great Plains surrounding the Rockies and I just have a bias that Columbines are Native to our region and they are Blue, unless someone says,

“I got a multi-color pack of Columbines” or “I picked up a variety of Columbines that are supposed to do well in our area, and they are this stunning mauve color…”

If someone is kind enough to give me a few extra ‘extended labels/identifiers’, well….

Then! I know better what to keep an eye out for when they are sending pictures and I don’t really want to transfer the pic to my desktop computer so I can enlarge it and be able to easily make out the leaf/petal shapes to know what the heck I’m looking at, really…

I will confess to another bias – Native Yarrow is white – best as I know – and yes, yes, that pretty peach one lived here for about 2 years after I rescued it from the ‘discount’ shelf at the nursery, but it didn’t take off, propagate itself nor could I ever figure out if that ‘peach variety’ was good for mosquito control and medicinal herbal tea uses, either – so to me? If it ain’t native, white yarrow, why mess with trying to get it started here?

I Also confess to often wondering, on the subject of garden, domesticated, columbine stories:

If you live here, why aren’t you doing native Columbines? – They are BLUE! BLUE I say! and are native to the region and will truck right along without help from you or me for another 1,000 years or so…”

said the lazy gardener

That all confessed and my ‘bad’ and all, the whole exchange ended with a win for both parties –

It reminded me of one of my fave songs, from long ago, that was B Side of a 45 record –

I played the first few bars of it for her to listen to, and nope, she doesn’t remember hearing that before, but it’s pretty…so I emailed her the link to it…

And I had something else to think/write about

Regarding my current thoughts about how unspoken/unacknowledged assumptions & biases can make even your mother question your sanity, eyesight and/or ability to navigate enlarging a photo on your smartphone….so you can see the whole thing…. 🙂

Instead of trying to wade into the whole ‘sharing/spouting off’ field that I may/may not have any true experience of..

There are many assumptions and biases that have run the gamut for a long time, been institutionalized, etc., but I’m here to tell ya, from personal experience, just because someone says their columbines are growing real well, doesn’t mean you just scan the picture for the specific shade of blue your memory tells you to look for –

(*Ahem* yes, I’m using the ‘silly TamrahJo moment’ to make a broader point that I believe we are all guilty of here and there – maybe on big things, maybe on smaller things, maybe on 1,001 smaller things that add up to a really, overall BIG thing – who knows, for sure, where to point the finger at for ‘total blame (scapegoat)?

But why preach at others when I can make fun of myself, and still make my point, I ask you?)

There are a couple of the lines from this song, that really just stick with me throughout the years…

“Will I miss you while you were away?”

“Will you miss me when I’ve gone away”

thought every human, at some point in life

Enough of an intro before showing you the song – (yes, I’ve deleted over 5,000 words in trying to continually edit this piece and not go off on too many tangents, overall, so I can just hit the ‘publish’ button and not edit it ad nauseum over the coming 10 years….)

C.W. McCall – “Columbine”

One thought on ““Will I see you next summer…””

  1. Most excellent post, TamrahJo! As i like to say, full-on hijacked years ago, origin buried in too much business leader usage and bastardization that The Google Oracle has NO idea — good thing, making it their own… T.S. Eliot ~ “Good poets borrow. Great poets steal”

    Thanks for the theft you made your own! Big :)s to you. I love the, “said the lazy gardener.” That’s wonderfully an oxymoron like Miltary Intelligence, etc., and SO well put, The “lazy gardener”has simply settled into the naturalization born of:
    ~ 1st year roots
    ~ 2nf year foliage
    ~ 3rd year fruits and flowers
    ~ 4th year, birth of naturalization

    “From small beginnings come great things”. Yes. YES!, they do. Excellent post!

    Liked by 2 people

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