Celebrating The Independence I Still Have….

We, here, locally, are under Stage III Burn Ban due to drought conditions, various ‘Celebrate our Independence” firework traditions have been cancelled, while nationally, the guns blaze on many fronts given a hard year thus far, and multiple complaints on many fronts, over leadership handling of the challenges posed by COVID-19 and disagreements over what is getting reported that can be trusted as fact, and what, in the end, is ‘victim’ to corrupt politician, sold out for profits news mediums, or many and sundry ‘agendas’ fighting for center stage….

All while daily, on one front or the other, many, many folks, pay the price of the the current conditions, with their lives, or with the heartbreak of witnessing their loved ones fall….

As I look back over my own little, no that important in the comic scheme of things, work efforts of today – at the many things that I’ve done behind the scenes, that come so naturally and easy to me, along side the massive amount of writing done while I waited for other processes to finish (in tech land) or waited for others to finish their lunch break, because I took mine to run errands, forgetting it was their lunch break too….

I actually have a twice edited and needs to be ‘researched, edited, provide links and what resources formed my opinion on, stuff’ post done – sitting in draft status – WIP titled:

Independence Day & Zero-Sum Inheritances

Which clocks in at 2, 137 words – which will not surprise bloggy pals or regular readers, here, one bit…but still …I am trying to get ‘better’ at such things –

I am being careful – a little more – I recently got called out on Social Media just this week with advice on how I would be more persuasive if I could make what I wrote short, succinct and …. well….

What could I say?

Nothing really…


“Thanks for the time you took to leave your feedback, after you spent the time to read it- yes, I’m not really social media friendly in length, working on it – not there yet” –

Me, trying to be ‘good’ – 🙂

What else, can one really do, in face of such a comment?

Obviously, they read long enough to complain about the length –

Obviously, they haven’t yet felt the need to curse me, my ancestors, or my descendants, so exactly, just where, am I supposed to pissed over such things?

What is really left for me to do but thank them for the feedback and move on my merry, if rather unenlightened or stubborn way? – But then, I have that freedom –

I’m not rich, powerful, influential or persuasive enough to cause too much damage on wide scale just by sharing my thoughts – I’m small potatoes, really – and easy to scroll right on by – which means – um…sometimes, I manage to ‘get by’ with a lot ….here and there…. 🙂

My Long Arse WIP sits tonight in draft mode…

It isn’t yet replete with all the footnotes, referrals to books, movies, documentaries, songs, or vetted as ‘yup, true’ historical moments that have aided in forming my current thoughts on many things, here and there, along the way.

To me, as a non-famous, non-expert on any of the topics I choose to spout off over, overall, if I’m going to write on a topic, AND live with myself, later, if I’m tackling something very, very important to my soul, well, it’s rather my job to take it seriously and give you quick-click links and footnotes to send you to the things that have influenced me….for you to judge for yourself –

Whether they work for you, ring true for you, whether you feel compelled enough to share with me a perspective I may have missed along the way – because YOU know, and yup, I just ‘missed’ it – but for whatever reason, you feel safe enough to alert me to the possibility I have a blind spot…

OR you feel safe enough to attack me publicly or personally and believe you can get away with it, without ever having to show up to pay the consequences of how, perhaps, your blind spots, or hurts, or pain you don’t know what to do with, just now, hurt me, too…. well –

I get it!

I do! I, myself, have engaged in such various exercises on one side or the other during my lifetime – I try mightily to remember those times in my own history, of my own behavior – in attempt to not repeat them too very often….

Fortunately, for me…

…to fully finish the piece for posting, I don’t have to look up or link to the ‘latest trending news’ articles, social media tweets or political campaign rhetoric –

I have a rich and varied trove to link to, just by sharing ages old documentaries that have, over all, stood the test of time, (some of which now cost $80+ when I purchased, twice, in digital, then DVD format in slow internet land, for less than $30….combined….)

or share books, both fiction and non-fiction, art, movies, older works by creative folks and brand new works, that to my eye, ears and mind, emphasize the points I’m wanting to make,

over and over…

But perhaps, I too, live in my own ‘filter bubble’ –

Perhaps I only give notice to or deem important the things I already agree with, and block out all the evidence to the contrary that shows up in daily life to try to show me where I’m wrong….

In my internal world? Living in or fighting to preserve my own filter bubble is labeled…..

That’s the worst thing I could do –

{fine – I’ll break up the content with eye candy and music and pop culture classics stuff…. here ya go…. 🙂 }

Still, I’m okay with posting my quick, “going to wish you Happy Independence Day, now, because I hope I have no need to be back here until next week or so” off the cuff thingee I wrote in 2.5 second landscape….

In hopes those who live and die by by having Social Media installed on their phone, remember once more, “um, I have a phone number, email and you know where I live – why on earth must I get a text telling me to check Facebook for your message?


Fine…okey dokey – guess you are worth it – for a while….until social media land wears me out and I get all hepped up enough to once more leave it for good – which I can’t do until some of my clients take over managing their own page – there – 🙂

And what I won’t do, as long as I find that forum is the preferred way folks nearby use to get their ‘local community’ news on local events from –

Whatevs – it is what it is, despite my continuing moments of angst here and there –

I penned a way-too-long social media post to wish others a Happy Independence Day –

Which will probably be flagged as ‘copy cat’ or ‘plagarism’ somewhere along the line, cuz I’m going to cut and paste what I already wrote there, here….

It’s late, I’m tired, and ready to go to bed –

But on so many fronts, for so long, my country has been in the ‘news’ on global fronts….

I’ll get up tomorrow, with the hope that ‘today’ will see some gains from my deep focus and freedom to pursue those things that give my life meaning – but sans, I hope, reactive fronts – you know – those fronts when the ‘plan for the day’ get’s blown all to hell by things showing up you didn’t plan on –

Those days when you went to bed, your ‘to-do’ checklist on stuff you might have some point of power or control over the outcome on, instead of getting caught up in and you said to your self, ‘tomorrow, I’m going to explore, learn more, push my boundaries to aide in finding a solution to this, that or another thing dear to my heart, forward…

…. just one more inch…

Only to wake up and learn – either the universe or the decisions of others means, not for you to have, for today, if you are to live long enough or with yourself, later – given your knowledge of your actions today –

Happy Independence Day, whatever it looks like for you….where ever you might be, right now….

I have officially worked through more days in a row, for longer than I can officially count, on one front or another – for even when gifted, here and there, with a quiet workday, to dive into my personal loves, it’s still not a ‘free day’ and tomorrow – if things hold true to historical form – I will dive into pure, focused, no worries about checking email, phone calls, texts or logging in here to check in on other fronts, while I dive into various work fronts that demand deep, uninterrupted focus time from me…

In my world, holidays, major sporting event days (supperbowl, for example…) I’m gifted the time, space and grace to fully dive in and explore possibilities, solutions, look to history, research and learn as long as I want too, when many are ‘on vacation/holiday” – It’s my ‘quiet time – my time to explore and delve into all I think I can tackle, maybe help with here and there, without stressing myself out over what front is most in need of tackling first and juggling it all.

To all of those kind, kind souls who invited me to holiday celebrations, Thank you for understanding why I declined – and making it easy for me to do what I love, what has meaning for me, in a way I can actually have a hope in hell of making some headway on….. You all gift me with the grace of freedom, space and grace, each in your own way –

Wishing you all an Independence Day that gifts you with gift of “the same pursuit of happiness” you gift me – and if you can’t see it? Just now? I only hope that your pursuit full of struggles, blesses your life, just now, with deep meaning – meaning that is so deep, so profound that you are no longer willing to avoid the struggles, but dive into them, because you know, in your heart, that’s where the greatest gifts you will be granted, to pass on to others, to stand and fight for, to sacrifice yourself for, is worth it – not just for you, or your loved ones, but for many – over and over again, even when it breaks your heart, wounds your soul or hurts your feelers – tonight – I wish this for you with all my heart.

shamelessly copied and pasted my own social media ramblings – which some various fronts I do not agree with, will take as my blessing and well wishes to go ahead an do what they want to – their internal landscape and not my job to save, heal or ‘fix them’ – only my job to stand up and say, “well, good luck with that, and know I will stand against you on that front – Best wishes on making a coherent meme out of that long spiel, but if you do try, please either put a lion or a wolf, or a domesticated mutt, Heinz 57 mix-breed rescue dog on it – I like to think I have a healthy, non-toxic relationship of ‘live and let live’ with domesticated farm cats & ‘feral cats’ who are free to follow their ancestor’s call to to hunt and keep various ecosystems bug/rodent free for all my neglectful human ways – please don’t put a pampered house cat that won’t eat anything unless it’s served via Waterford Crystal priceless heirloom dish on it – or a cat dressed up and playing the piano – seriously, there is only so much low level stress, really, I can take in massive amounts, just now…


7 thoughts on “Celebrating The Independence I Still Have….”

  1. I started my blog back in 2011. Only once have I had someone tell me my posts were too long and I would do better shortening them to less than 750 words. I used to have Facebook too, which helped my posts get out to a larger crowd, but it also brought a lot of negativity (animal right’s activists, PETA people, and folks who felt the need to judge the way we do things here). I dropped Facebook a long time ago. I haven’t missed it at all. And I’m glad I never put my legal name out there.

    I have not felt the need for “rules” in the writing world. I love your ramblings and thoughts – because I think that way. When I’m outdoors, stories of my work with wildlife and nature come constantly and all over the place. When I sit down to write, I put the jumble down, look it over a few times making cuts, changes or additions, look it over again, then give it to Forrest to edit (I like to write – I dislike fine-tuning), and it gets published. I occasionally get a comment that is upsetting. I sit on it for a while. If it’s just terribly negative, I hit delete. I have found in my life, that sometimes just deleting, or putting away, or avoiding, is necessary for me. I’m in stealth mode right now. I’m disgusted by what is going on in our country, but I also believe people will and must do what they need to. That’s how we figure it out – consequences. I’m not sure why anyone feels the need to critique someone else’s writing. Such a silly thing. I wouldn’t give it another thought! 🙂

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  2. Happy Independence Day!

    And, I say… oh BOY Howdy there are those TWO dafuqin stupidest words ever put together in the English language. “Be concise.” Be concise? Eff a bunch o’ that! It’s “Be clear.” “Be poetic.”And really, , sidestepping the etc etc ad infinitum, ad nauseum… just be clear. If they want concise, they should write haiku and put their money where their mouth is… in spare few words.

    You expressed, “move on my merry, if rather unenlightened or stubborn way?”

    May I suggest?… like ants moving a mountain a grain of sand at a time, occasionally destroying everything in their path.

    I also suggest to Lose the “shamelessly copied and pasted my poem social media ramblings.” A solid 40% of my draft blogs are basically “Blog By Comment.” You say things in comments. You say things in blogs. I see zero reason they shouldn’t overlap. You have not tossed the copyright of your words into the person’s ownership when you commented. I have a word. Sovereign. Now THAT’s a word.

    You have an excellent blog here. Don’t let the bastards get you down. Only allow people you respect to get you down… and then, people you respect don’t often do that stuff…they’ll raise you up by knocking you out… with truth from powerfully listening observations.

    Social media newsfeeds are like the weather… No reason to be concerned about it… just. If it’s raining, bring an umbrella. If it’s sunny, bring a friend. And, if you have a great friend, play catch with the umbrella while you both get soaked.

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    1. My, my, Jordan, I did so hit a nerve with you, eh? Although, apparently the same nerve I possess that sometimes gets me shoved into ‘well, okey dokey, I’ll confess me own sins while making clear in my world, I think so and so is the real issue here….” ways – LOL – I haven’t found yet many who show up to cast their stones if you’re busy making fun of yourself – it’s why comedians have a steady living on many fronts – – LOL

      That said, nope, I don’t really get too very wounded over the ‘overall meaning’ of such things on a personal level, but I do grow increasingly concerned as I observer, and gain, here and there, a front seat, in person, on various ‘let’s make it personal attacks’ that play out in many forums, that seem more driven by ‘what who said, where, in trending, news or social media’ than on anything based on history – theirs, mine, our prior relationship, etc., etc., etc. because, while I think sitting around ‘envisioning’ checks in the mail for simply willing it so’ is a load of horswaggle, I also still happen to believe we ‘create the reality we imagine’ when we believe it so strongly we actually take daily actions to ensure our worst nightmares show up …

      Here I shall propose Exhibit A from the 1980s movie “Ghostbusters” when the Sta-Puff(?) giant marshmallow man showed up and the heroes asked their colleague, “Seriously? That’s what you came up with??!?” and he sputtered, “it was the friendliest, not dangerous thing I could think off at the time….” – – LOL. But, you make good points, but again, think I missed making the really, the point I wanted to – In my little spiel, nowhere was there indication that I might starve, or be homeless, or die in violence for peaceful assembly to express my disagreement with various public policies – NOWHERE! and, for me, right now, given what so many, in so many areas, decades of struggle or truly trying times right now (homelessness, near to that, starvation, etc.) my little ‘rant is small potatoes” – doesn’t mean I can fathom it or understand or empathize or try to find ways I might help ‘nudge that grain along a bit more”, but in the end – I have the freedom mouth off about such things, just now – but I also realize that on many fronts, my days of ‘making gains here and there to not worry this whole day and tomorrow and the next day over how to basically survive one more day in hope, might be accomplished’ – on the other hand, the very things that affect many, have affected me too – ovr the years – and I don’t believe it is because of my work ethic, brains, beauty (HA!) or connections or anything else that has saved me from the fate so many deal with day in day out on multiple fronts – I truly believe the very systems that have let them down, will also let me down and I shall fall, too, sooner or later – but until then…? I’m not going to take the resources I do have to travel 100+ miles round trip to participate in a demonstration that may/may not be sponsered by those I agree with on every point – on the other hand, I still have the ability, here and there, to say broadly what is going on in my world, to support some on some fronts, to stand, both in person, in my own circle, OR in support of others, fighting for much bigger daily ‘relief’ than I do, in my own way, that is possible for me, right now – and, in the end – the worse foes in the world, the biggest tyrants, bullies and ‘oblivious’ folks history has shown to exist, all have one thing in common – they loved to hear how they ‘are right or may be right’ – – and then again, sometimes, folks who are hurting and frustrated on their own path, are grateful just to hear, “You might be right…I heard you – I shall think upon it…” – There are both our yearnings and our desires that get fed, one way or another – if they can be ‘cared for’ in a way that doesn’t create or egg on yet another feeding frenzy on one front or the other, then, maybe, that is a small gain? I don’t claim to know – but still trying my best to operate, overall, from that perspective – even as it get’s increasingly hard on many levels, for bull in china shop ways me – :). But still, I find myself getting more calmed down and able to function better on many levels the more I write, no matter which forum I do so in or whether it is ‘published or not’ – that, I guess, is my ‘main processing it all’ mechanism – – 🙂

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      1. No nerve struck, simply something I find important and value. I full-on resonate with you expansive response. Great stuff. The Ghostbusters StayPuff Marshmallow Man had me rolling. Great stuff.

        Yeah, in regards to bullies, my clip is full of spare few words… Basically, be peaceful, but let motherfuckers know… kinda thing. 🙂

        “When fighting monsters, take care not to become one.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche 🙂

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    2. P.S. A long ago mentor told me once, “If one person says it, they may be jealous or spiteful, If two folks say it, Might want to check in with yourself – If three say it, it could be a fad – If someone you respect says it, then, you’d best straighten up and pay attention…” – – LOL – that’s why, even though I still, after all the years I’ve spent in industries and work and being myself that would really benefit from me having a ‘thicker skin’ I haven’t grown one – I don’t want to ‘give up’ my little thin on that, at the end of the day, actually keeps me from, overall, destroying myself through piss-poor choices – LOL – I consider my thin skin, tender heart and head to be gifts – really – and not willing to trade that part of me, for some of the ‘short lived/temporary gains’ to ego, etc., that might come about if I were to give up being me – on the other hand, I play “Devil’s Advocate” and the “Perspective” game with so many others, on many fronts, wouldn’t be fair or just if I believed I was somehow above being held accountable to such musings, eh? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander – except for some, who launch WWIII on their fronts, but cry like a cat who accidently chose to lay their tail to close to the rocking….chair…. LOL.

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      1. 🙂 Oh, I fought professionally for years, literally, in the ring. I make SURE I keep a thin skin, I call it radar… the Princess and the Pea story kind a thing. Feel every little thing, and you learn that when you get surprised, WOW, you got surprised. Otherwise, you’ve got a solid sensE of the weather around you. I find that people who indicate to other people to develop a thick skin… well, they are typically weak themselves… and need others to have a thick skin so as not to notice, or worse, say something about it.

        “except for some, who launch WWIII on their fronts, but cry like a cat who accidently chose to lay their tail to close to the rocking….chair…. LOL.”

        Ohhhhhh, I LOVE that line. Nice work, TamrahJo!

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      2. Yup, people more often than not when stirred up are simply confessing things about themselves, unless two say it, and then it’s a good idea before responding to make doubly sure in silence they are not the best of friends and on a repeat of the 1st. 3 people say it? Fad, yes oftentimes… plus, it’s bee said 3 times… no use in copying that down as there are original ideas to have.

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