For the Love of All that is Holy… STATS!

For a long time, I don’t look at my stats – – I’m appreciative of each new notification of a ‘follower’ and do my best to respond in some form or fashion to new comments – but seriously, stats, as shown here and in other places, I truly believe, are designed to drive folks nuts and/or fund a whole slice of industry/work sector – – how to – services – tutorship on how to ‘win’ at the stats game – –

yes, I’m STILL Grumpy over the whole Algorithm/Stats game…

Simply because – I’ve seen the Man behind the Curtain game of stats generation on many levels, especially in biz & public policy land –


…and you know me – if it’s humankind made and/or trending – well – I just am cynical about that stuff –

And so, I realized, today, after a comment came in and I’m thinking, “Who is that?!? Oh…wait….maybe some one followed a tag – remember, your ‘new followers’ list is long that you haven’t gotten over to their blog for a lookey-loo, cruise through the neighborhood trip for….”

And I realized, oops! maybe I should go look at the list to see how far I’m behind and…opps!

I ended up on the stats page to try to find a quick list instead of scrolling through my notifications list to get a count –

And alas, I stopped myself – simply because, even IF I compile the list – it will be awhile before I check it off – sigh – so, when under the gun, what’s the point? I’ll compile the to-do list when I have a hope in hell of doing it –

So again, I say, I haven’t grown much, if at all, on the online marketing front – I still view stats, notification algorithms, reminders with a healthy…HEALTHY dose of cynicism –


Well, because it’s not my goal to go viral, be famous, or try my hardest to keep up with 100K followers a day – crap – what a nightmare that would be!

I still believe, in my heart and soul, one of the core needs of the human spirit is to ‘be truly seen or heard’ – and seriously, as one person, how many people can I ‘truly hear/see’ in one 24 hour period? Really?

And yes, yes, one can ‘hire VA [virtual assistants] or implement a chat bot named Sydney or Alice or Bob, or whatevs – but then – well – has that other human truly been heard? felt heard? Probably not – at this stage of the game (based on my own experience of chat bots showing up – and I don’t even know where they got it right and I was talking to a chat bot and didn’t even know it and I don’t care – if issue resolved, if challenge handled, if rep connected with when I write 2,400 words when I do as requested, by labeled chat entity as ‘bot’

“Hmmm…can you tell us more detail?”

Fine! Who cares? Did it get solved or not? Did it get answered/addressed or not? Did I feel heard or did I wrack up in my mind’s storage center, just another example of how lots more talking/typing going on – less communication actually occurring –

Granted, I’m starting to get ‘experiential feedback’ on the fact that me blogging in social media comments might actually be of assistance to others – and, just like me being blunt, [harsh], on other fronts over the years – –

Well, I just really don’t get that much feedback from critical areas, that indicate me being me is wracking up more damages than gains –

Who knows? But, that said – stats are okay if you want to figure out how to anticipate and meet a need before someone has to figure out how to ask it – (YES! THAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT! Because lord knows, many knowledge bases, help files and forums are a train wreck of confusing information, for one who is willing to spend the time, but…..

And so, I continue on in my [ahem] wanton ways –

But if you’ve followed my blog and I haven’t visited yours yet, don’t take it personally – I’m just behind on my todo list – –

11 thoughts on “For the Love of All that is Holy… STATS!”

  1. I gave up long ago trying to keep up with everyone who follows my blog. I do not look at stats, but what I do look at and respond to is comments. I’m good with the “Like” button – people don’t often have the time to respond. I do keep up with the folks who comment and click “Like”, or at least I try.

    I don’t really believe the stats. I don’t trust WordPress – especially the new management, trying to “improve” and drum up more business for them. I’m not on any other social media because it’s a nightmare and it’s overwhelming. The last thing I need are more people to keep up with.

    Now I must get back to chores… and mowing… and whatever else presents itself for the day! 😀

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  2. I have almost 1000 followers on my blog now. But, it’s the same 5-10 who comment, and maybe another 10-20 who occasionally like posts. And my best posts might get 50-75 views. Meanwhile, over on twitter, there is a writing community and so many of them are on this relentless quest for more followers — but you know what happens with all of those followers? The exact same thing that happens with my blog. There is no engagement or interaction. And if you publish something, all of those followers … do … not … run out and buy your book. So much of these stats are simply meaningless in the grand scheme of things. I generally just don’t pay attention to them anymore, and if I do pay attention, I really don’t care. I put my words out there on my blog and on twitter and if I get some dialogue going, great. But I gave up long ago on any of this creating a ripple for me or for anybody else.

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    1. I LOVE the interaction I have here on my blog and on my bloggy pal’s world – it has deep meaning for me – I can’t even imagine trying to keep up with high numbers of followers all commenting – not in a real- one-on-one way – so I hear ya – I know me – I’m not capable NOR are there enough hours in a day to truly ‘communicate’ with that many followers, and quite frankly? I’m a ‘starfish – made a difference to that one’ type of person – I’d rather have real interaction that makes a difference with a few, than fly by night, forgotten tomorrow interaction with many – 😀 Which is why, still to this day, I rather am seen as a dinosaur in stats, marketing, etc., land – I see so many that can’t even keep up with their social media, etc., except doing it in a ‘bot reply’ fashion – and when it comes down to that, for me, internally, ‘what the hell was the point, then, really?” – – LOL

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        1. I never went after followers/wanted them, etc., I did, however, in my desire to ‘acknowledge/accept/do award thingees AND visiting those who visited me, get over loaded at some point…hmm…I know exactly when that happened – I did a blog on Dunbars Numbers – – when was that? Hold on – looking it up – – (which is easy, I blogged about it – – LOL) …let’s see…hmmm…. there it is! June of 2013 – I lasted 3 years or so just taking what showed up and doing what I thought was ‘my part’ of the open/online community gathering – before I realized, “Crap! This is what folks are going for? How will I ever keep up with this stuff?!? Do I even want to?!?” – and again, my brother is right, HE knew I wasn’t an extrovert long before anyone else got it – he said to me, long ago, “Nope, sis, you can work a crowd, gathering or party, but in your heart, you’d rather have a deep conversation with one person, than talk to everyone in the room about BS that doesn’t matter…” – I always was grateful HE saw me as who I felt I truly was – everyone else at that time, in my circle, (and still, on some fronts!) has the ‘story of me” – chatty kathy – extrovert – write all the time/long/etc. And yes, I CAN do all of that – but crap – doesn’t it take a bucket load of energy and I need to be left the heck alone to recharge once I dive in or do the public sphere or work a crowd/party – takes huge amounts of emotional and mind energy to meet and focus on each person, just for them – to hope they feel heard, to learn more about their worldview/experiences – – to me? If someone isn’t worn out by that – well, they aren’t listening very well – – LOL – but that’s just me….

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        2. Okay – I’m giving up on reading, liking, commenting or chatting with pals here tonight – whatever the reason – slow internet OR WordPress doing rolling updates or what – I am trying to read, like/comment while working through the blogs of others – and ‘no go – ” all I’m quickly allowed to ‘do’ is just scroll through the reader and ‘like’ on the feed, but NOT able to like/comment if I actually visit the durn post – AND now? Notifications show ‘pending’ in menu bar, but if I open to reply, just on the never ending ‘blue circle of death’ as one gal in my community calls it (loading….loading…loading) and, well, guess I’ll get caught up later in the week on this front – seriously Sunday evening seems such a time such things happen anymore – fine – but does anyone get that it’s usually the one day a week, when I can play hookey from work and just read for fun..?!? DO THEY?!?? LOL – – ARgghh! Pirate Matey voice – but I’ll get over it – but goodbye for now – I’ll do numbers/reads when I need to that outstrip my capabilities, but more and more, getting tired of messing with such stuff in infrastructure, services, online land – “seriously, dude, it’s prime time in the evening on the weekend and if folks are busy, just when do you think they get this stuff read? LOL – again, all on me and my current perspective – now, let’s see if this actually posts/updates – – LOL

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  3. So understand…. 🙂 and I owe you a reply email Tamrah Jo, one is half written… 🙂 sitting my my drafts… I have several pending replies… It is impossible to keep up with everyone… What counts my friend is that we take care of ourselves, our priorities and nurture our own inner garden…

    Sending love and enjoy your new week ahead… ❤

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    1. LOL – see my reply to your last comment on my ‘two in one day posts’ – I address playing, email correspondence and keeping up with correspondence, etc., there – – and…LOL – – “TAG! You’re IT!” but no need to run fast or hurry yourself – your missive arrives when it does, and often, your missives and message within arrives with sublime timing and perfect, just when needed – no worries! Hugs! ❤

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