For Beetleypete and anyone else who…

Love the Classic Editor in WordPress? Look no further than ‘Add Post” option from your admin dashboard – yes…I’m late to the party and just discovered – who knows how long it’s been there?

Have you struggled with the Gutenberg block editor – yearn for the Classic editor ?

Guess what I JUST noticed?????

IF one navigates to Dashboard of their site, in the manner I do – well, lookey there! You can choose which editor you want, without upgrading and adding plugins at all – –

Screenshot of the option – I got to the Posts page, via the following standard M.O. of mine –

Log into WordPress>My Sites>WP Admin>All Posts> and there, right there in the “Add New” option at the top of the page is the drop down option:

And yes, Mr. Beetleypete – I could have spent time figuring out how to add an image into your comments OR remembering how to privately email you sans a contact me page, I could have done that – but, que sera, sera, I’m now in a hurry to share the info with you (and others that might benefit or are just as late as I am at realizing this option currently exists!) and well – –

Here, it is Labor Day – and I took a break from “Laboring” in order to write some, read some, etc., and just had to share, before I forgot to – – 🙂

So whatever your daily Labors may be, I do so wish all my bloggy pals and those who visit here, a safe and happy Labor Day and hope your daily labors leave you pleasantly tired, but satisfied, at the end of each day, or at least, more days than not – 🙂

10 thoughts on “For Beetleypete and anyone else who…”

  1. I’m still a Classic writer… I go to My Sites, then WP Admin, and Posts to get to the old method of writing. It’s simple. What I’ve been upset about are the videos I would like to post. They are of course linked to YouTube which has now put these annoying “end cards” and “end screens” on my videos which,there is no way to get rid of. I have a few video I will share soon, of the triplets we are rehabilitating, but after that, I won’t be using YouTube. Most of these changes with WordPress and YouTube have not made things easier for me at all. I am on a working ranch here, and I barely have the time to write. I’ll be less and less inclined to keep my blog up, when writing becomes a growing technical frustration. I will probably have to find another way to write.


    1. When any service is ramped up for free use – or nearly free use, anywhere – anytime, well, now, you, what you share, etc. is now the ‘product’ – This idea is one I’ve long been exposed to, because, for so much of my last few decades of work life, holds a duty to keep up on ‘tech fronts’ and information – :). That said, there comes a time for all of us, when we yearn for ‘lower costs/make it easy’ etc, on one front or another – my personal motto? “There is no such thing, EVER, in the entire scope of human history, as a ‘free lunch’ – Everything I choose to do, take advantage of, receive, holds with it, a cost – – maybe it’s my time, my energy, a solid dollar value…. Dollars which much be earned by investing my body, my mind, my soul, into providing a service or end product to others, in the manner they desire….Now, over my lifetime, have I been blessed with service, goods, aide, a ‘free lunch’ if one can truly call it so? Why yes, I have – There is free, there are gifts, there are benefits to be had all the time, and in any place – they may come from fate, God, the Universe, Mother Nature, friends, family, community, government, strangers – – they may come with strings attached, they may not – but, in the world of dualism, commerce, democracy, economics, relationship dynamics, etc., to me, whether folks think it ‘cold of me’ to ‘keep track of the pros/cons’ or the ‘what do I spend my time/energy on and what do I get back?” – well – to me, it’s a never ending process of analyzing my personal, basic, survival options – which, in my opinion, sans a loss of will to live, is what we are all DNA, hardcoded with – to survive, procreate, and that pesky little human trait of needing meaning in life, because, we question such things – :). But always, always! How I survive is always a matter of what I give out and what I get back in return from any operation, choice, or arena I play in – on any level – for any reason – – It is ALWAYS an exchange – some exchanges are beneficial for me, some are not – – some were very beneficial for me, just at that moment in time, and maybe later, they no longer are – – I guess, in the end, I look at everything in life as my eternal dance with the Universe – give here, get there – twirl there, stand still there – but, on the topic of technology? Well – you will either pay with $ or your time or both – and you will ‘get back’ what feeds your wallet, your heart, your soul, your mind – and so, I, in my little ‘okay, what’s the main goal here?” way, when facing the limits, impositions of or time/energy spent on ‘having a tool’ at my disposal, I always think to myself – – “What do I get out of this?” and “Is it worth it anymore?” – -For myself, every moment spent engaging with what may appear to be free or bought and paid for, that sends me into “Hell on Earth” living, well, for me, if I must be honest with myself (and You!), I have a choice to make after assessing what it ‘does’ for me in my ‘um, yup, this is feeding me somehow, someway, otherwise, I would just shrug, and walk away”. Sometimes, what it ‘does for me’ doesn’t always show me a portion of me that I like very much – other times, it shows me the great gains to my survival that I am not yet ready, willing or able to let go of – – :). And sometimes, I can’t see the way forward, but not yet ready to let go of, and then, I must figure out, for a time, the reason why I can’t ‘just walk away’ and tell myself that the ‘reason I am here in hell, is because….” – the day I can no longer answer that question? Is the day I walk away – :). Technology and free social media apps are no different – in my world – – I get to chat, commune and learn about folks in so many places, situations and cultures around the world – I get to gaze into the wonders and beauty of other’s lives – – I get a window into what their challenges, struggles and terrors are – – in short, I expand my own horizons and learn more, without ever leaving my home, I find a way to ‘walk in another’s moccasins’ without having to ACTUALLY go do it – and so, STILL, I need to upgrade my account here to a basic paid account – just because – well, here I can do that and the infrastructure built is more than I can or wish to tackle at the time – only reason I’ve put it off? Sigh, will need to do new settings, (spend time), decide what is the minimum sustainable thing I believe just now I can commit to…etc. etc… seriously? having no control over what ads get placed on this that or the other – or wading through the crapshoot of ads and bs algorithms that think they know me better than I know meself? Well, that’s the price I pay – 🙂

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      1. I have been paying for more space and no ads on WordPress for many years now. I don’t mind a bit of cost – I chalk it up to entertainment for myself since we don’t go out to movies, go shopping, or on a lot of travel. I agree with what you say, and I get it too. I’m just not happy with either WordPress or YouTube. Some day I won’t find it necessary to continue either of them.


    1. I’m slowly but surely getting to the place where it’s as fast to do things in block editor as it is in Classic editor – some of it is my ‘fine, I’ll learn’ procrastination and my angst at ‘move fast, break things and improve every week’ style software services – on the other hand, for me, alot of it has to do with the ‘new’ managing to roll out ever better improvements AND not break as many things as it rolls such updates out – – I’m quickly becoming a fan of not customizing things as much – for me or my clients, on various fronts – – just more stuff to track down what broke and why? when updates on a myriad of fronts, roll out – 🙂
      All of which, when such breaks occur, often are answered with “it is your browser (your hosting service, this or that plugin or theme) – SURELY not ours!” by a myriad of providers – and yet, give them 2-6 weeks, and an update quietly rolls out and somewhere, in the list is “Fix:….” followed by the exact problem I reported weeks, or months ago, but they said wasn’t a problem – – sheesh! That all said, overall, it’s still an open platform, both here at bloggy world (.com) and their self-hosted option (.org) and if one is careful about implementing, adding themes and plugins, often one can avoid much of the pain such updates incur – – I updated sites to 5.5 fairly early and didn’t have any of the issues reported by many – and didn’t get hacked given the security vulnerabilities, either – and now, until ‘next major time’ it’s simply a matter of test, report, figure out oneself and move on – sigh – sigh -sigh – 🙂

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    2. I will also report, it get’s rather tiresome hitting the ‘click and accept’ cookie notifications when I’m previewing my own blog post, while logged in – I presume, my cookie, cross-site tracking, privacy enabled Firefox browser of choice is why – but, seriously, you would think that when the WP admin bar shows up as ‘you are logged in and editing your own work or a blog you are an admin on’ the cookie notice wouldn’t stubbornly show up every ‘preview for typos’ view – – sigh – I also STILL get a little peeved when I visit a link, embedded within a newsletter I’m signed up for AND the first thing that happens is, “Do a pop-up Call to Action to subscribe to our newsletter!” and unable to read anything UNTIL I close the durn thing (sometimes immediately apparent how to close – sometimes vastly not apparent…..) Sigh – my only thought, “okay, moron – apparently you are clueless to the fact that I am HERE, simply because I’m ALREADY subscribed to your newsletter and clicked here from there, but okay – obviously you aren’t paying attention to how you’re setting up your newsletter, auto display thingees – – – And, while we’re on this topic (so dear to my heart) – IF you are a banking or other sensitive information industry, it doesn’t really bode well for you that your marketing team is sending out emails saying, “We have your back! Set up your 2 step authentication coverage/alerts today” when I already have done so – and include non -SSL links with a long line of marketing code/gobbledy gook for the ‘link’ hidden behind the button and/or, your email lands in spam, even though, the header information appears as if you really sent it – – quickest way to report such things? Forward the email without opening it to the fraud department – – at some point, someone, somewhere, starts planning their ‘auto emails’ a tad better – – 😀

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      1. YES!!! I’m getting very tired of the relentless cookie Close and Accept bar on every WP blog I visit. I haven’t noticed it when I’m writing my own post, but it is just endless on the blogs. If they use cookies, wouldn’t they know that I’ve already accepted them? 😉

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        1. Depends, I believe, on your browser privacy/security settings – I have found that if I turn of “Enable Tracking Protection’ for various bloggy pal sites, I can like, and not see the notice as often – the fact that I have yet to find how to turn off for viewing my own blog, even though the ‘enable EXTRA security’ is turned off, and the stuff still shows up? I’m at a loss and I guess, overall, an inconvenience/irritation, but fairly low down on the list of ‘what shall I troubleshoot for someone else, for free, today?” – At least here, I get the service for free – unlike my internal angst when I PAY for the service and am still expected to do the free troubleshooting for them, as well – – LOL – – If I charged others for testing their tools/sites, I would be rich AND wouldn’t have time to run my current biz – LOL

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