Party On…oh, wait, I was WRONG!

For some unknown reason, today, the music and lyrics of Earth Wind and Fire’s song, “September” ran through my head —

Which I sang out loud once the inner brain committee served it up to my inner ear – (seriously, I have no clue what my inner committee chooses to do – I consider them my “inner AI tech crew – things happen, but no one really knows why….)

Basically, the moment included me singing off-key, under my breath, while swaying/dancing to the tune in my head, the following lyrics…

“Party on – – (mumble mumble) “September! – Do you remember” …(mumble, mumble)

And….me, listening to the music memories in my head – while the ‘band played the notes’ fluently …

And then that moment when I realized, I don’t really know the lyrics for this – I ought to learn them …..

And so I went and looked up the lyrics – whether I could sing them right and in tune or not –

A Published Post is Born….

Since I’ve been struggling on what to write about and actually – PUBLISH for consumption! for a long time now, I decided, ‘this is short, it’s fun, it’s not a downer, political, fake news other than my failure to learn true lyrics of a song….’

I personally feel this share is Solid Gold – because it allows me to be the Class Clown or Idiot that makes others feel good about themselves –

Maybe they KNOW the lyrics….

Maybe such a post might garner me a whole bunch of new friend requests here and there from folks who think I’m a true, total Disco fan – who will forgive me when they figure out I’m not ….really…I just like the flow of the music and singing….

But in the end, overall, all it really does is post something to freshen my blog – doesn’t ask that you agree, think hard, research, or be shocked and amazed that I once more, am taking a stab at “well, they make fun of me, they are leaving someone else alone” mode of operation –

That’s my attempt at ‘naive transparency/radical honesty’ for this post.

Imagine my surprise to learn….

….upon ‘reading the REAL lyrics!’ that my hearing of “Party On” is not to be found in a single line of lyrics – –

It’s technically “Ba-Dee-Ya (Dee-Ya, dee-ya) – – (sounds like party on to my ears and brain..still….even now that I know better….

Freudian Slip? Maybe – – it is….

After all, Friday night and long ago, that was the time to ‘dress up and go dancing!” – although I confess to never having the desire to wear outfits shown in the video –

Well…IT Sounded like Party On to me….

Seriously folks, I come by this massive or small flaw on listening to music lyrics honestly and I’m also a hypocrite, as I couldn’t ever understand why my uncle thought Patsy Cline’s great was “I Call You Peaches” instead of “I Fall to Pieces” –

But I truly get it now!

Sadly, my uncle and dad are both dead, so I can’t even confess to them so we can all get a good laugh over my hypocrisy!

In the end?

My uncle got it wrong for Patsy Cline song lyrics and I’ve gotten it ‘wrong’on a multitude of song lyrics over my lifetime and if an analyst were to combine all the times we got it ‘wrong’

Our being wrong would span nearly a century of time…

Which is what I try to remember when I read the news, posts, watch trends, interact with others, read social media posts that diss me for who I was born as or who I strive to be — –

We could all be wrong on this and that, but in the end, may we live long enough to figure out what the lyrics of the song actually said….

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