Not Blog Worthy….but….

Ya know what disappeared from some quite long time ago?

That I still miss?

The ability to hover over my top icon bar ‘avatar’ for my login and just log out right from there – –

Nope – NOW! I have to click, wait to go to profile page, wait for that screen to load on rural internet service AND then, truck from the far right corner of the page/screen to the far left side, a ways down, with my mouse, to log out – –

If I’m missing something, feel free to say so in comments – but for me? Just another example where “Please!!! DON’t LEAVE US’ desperate software marketing tactics that make it more time consuming to leave than it is to stay and/or ‘not thinking about end user at all and saving them time” coding/performance/UI” examples abound – –

That, for me, has been my grumpy-arse take on much of this stuff, for a long durn time – – oh, if I had a nickle for every time a ‘new and improved’ update in software meant more time wasted doing what I used to do fairly quickly’ was true —

I’d be retired and have all kinds of time to waste on the slew of small things, every single day – – LOL

6 thoughts on “Not Blog Worthy….but….”

  1. I have been disappointed with WordPress for a few years now. We’re told these changes are improvements but they are not. Just like how for decades we’ve been mislead about the foods we eat – brainwashed about the food pyramid and marketing of what the government considered healthy foods and nutrition. We’re crippled now with health issues – and an overweight and obese nation with one of the highest rates of diabetes and heart disease of most countries, not to mention so many autoimmune disorders. The USDA and its entities, big pharma and the medical industry have flourished as a result. So-called, improved procedures, medications, and therapies are not creating a better life experience.

    I thought in retirement I would be writing more, but I’ve found it’s actually too much of a pain in the ass to put together posts, and enjoy the process. I’m not connected with much for social apps and media, because so much of it is a waste of the human brain. And then there is the escalating censoring of free expression… I’m not sure the end result isn’t to control everything and every one. The discomfort in complying might be overlooked and accepted by many, but it’s caused me to disconnect. Be thankful you are where you are as a survivalist and a creator of something better. Let your “musings” be a guide to put it out there for other’s to ponder. Many times I smile when I read your posts and I understand. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hi Lori! Thank you for your patience while I reread your your comment several times, not realizing I hadn’t yet ‘approved’ it – – So MUCH in there, to my mind, to be replied to! Because many topics dear to my heart, as you well know – – LOl. 1. I get disappointed with some of the trajectories or updates software I use goes on, and have for a long durn time – – I remember the day I upgraded Office Suite from 2003 – 2007 – – I was in the middle of building a database in Access for a client – – Oh The INHUMANITY of it all! (Seriously, I heard the voice of the reporter on scene at the Hindenburg exploding, saying it…as I opened my project, to continue working and ended up spending the next 3 days educating myself in help files on the ‘fantabulous new Ribbon Bar full of icons – what I needed, for one frequent task? Looked like two trashcans – made no sense at all – to me that it meant ‘compile & compress’ instead of ‘delete this sucker – take it the trash and it’s so big, you’ll need TWO trashcans!” – – LOL – ) But I guess, overall, IF I was frustrated enough, I’d leave the platform and go elsewhere and since I haven’t yet, there ya go, the ? has been answered for myself – LOL. 2. I care about everyday putting in as many layers of ‘well, trying to support my body enough to handle the hits today’ operations and food is one of them, but, as you know, how to raise enough food to feed the worlds population affordably has been the chief goal for nearly a century, though it didn’t take off as big in modern ag practices that had long range impact for ‘less than optimum’ stuff until after the Great Depression/Dust Bowl years – 3. Hmm…will have to double check, but I believe the USDAs formation/birth into being was done in outcry from those who had influence and money to DEMAND their food had no ‘severed worker thumbs’ in it – rather than Upton Sinclair’s initial intent writing “the Jungle’ to highlight worker’s plight in the big packing plants in the industrial east. 4. Censorship – I agree and I don’t – mainly because it seems those demanding free speech and all and the protections (for a long time now) are all for their personal Freedom of Speech rights, but not for everyone – from personal level to public level – do I dare say, outloud? Yes, I will – – – I put forth the hypothesis that at least 3 generations of law students, marketing industry and consultants have made lucrative careers out of ‘how to say and get the result you want without getting sued or into trouble’ thus, the adage of my child hood which spoke of such things in 3 admonitions of “Never shout Fire in a crowded movie theatre”, “Never say anything unless you are willing to stand by it and answer for it and maybe have your jaw wired shut for 6 weeks” and “Imagine if everything you say and do will be reported on the front page of our local paper – now, still sound like a good idea?” – negative/visceral emotional responses SELLS! Promising sex, luxury, etc., SELLS! and well – for many of those who either get censored/banned, etc, whether I agree with them or not – for me? Most of them forget the ‘responsibilities’ portion of their Rights and Freedoms” portion – – This connection between Rights, Freedom AND Responsibility needed to have those things, was firmly carved into my mind, never to be forgotten, when I was clerk at a gas station – who smoked – and who also opened the cartons of cigs and loaded them into the single pack sales display rack – the inside of the carton said, “Your Rights AND Responsibilities as a Smoker” – this was in 1987 – the first wave of ‘social prohibition/scapegoating’ had started against smokers – and it just ramped up over the years, during which total strangers had no problem coming up to me telling me (in the designated smoker’s area!) what a dark stain upon society and humanity I was – I felt like I was one rung lower on the society ladder than pedophiles were, really – and I was engaging in a legal activity, in the designated spot for such activity, purchased and increasing taxes paid on the purchase, with money I earned by the sweat, blood and tears of my own work – and I just wondered how those who marched over had the balls to do such things – – until I realized – “They believe in their rights, they have little thought about their responsibilities and they are TRUSTING that I’m civil and modern or weak/scared enough, I won’t just haul off and bust their jaw for them so they have awhile to rethink their life decisions in quiet solitude’ – LOL So, there’s the short reply – (sorta short, no, not really…..) and well, I’m not a survivalist, though I’ve worked hard to fashion a life where I can have more ‘freedom’ from working for someone else on their terms/schedule 120 hours a week to afford what I need – shelter, water, food, energy, waste management and the arts that keep my soul/brain rather sane – with enough time left over to connect, volunteer, ‘be there’ for others when need be, etc. That said, I do believe I still have so much work to do on the ‘energy’ and ‘water’ portions – to be a true off grid survivalist – but, on the other hand? I survived modern life most of my adulting life and well – – I just never planned on living forever, so we shall see how my life choices play out – – LOL. But in closing – as the web as grown – as software/online options for connection/sharing with others has grown, in ease to sign up (free) and quick easy to ‘put oneself out there’ – yes, the terms and conditions, the rules, etc., portion of such tools has grown exponentially – and well – violate those rules – most of which usually start off with some core “um, would you say this to the face of a person who can kick your arse, in person? Well, then, you shouldn’t say it here – either” – list of items – when it’s free and viral and etc. well – censorship on many platforms exist whether by design or ‘just because’ of algorithms – but at the end of the day? I usually can find what I need to/want to know – or find things that are of help to me, etc., but one does have to devote time to it – – The internet and it’s content is the Wild Wild West and has been for so long – – but it’s going through it’s ‘hey! We USED to be a gold rush town, but now? Gold Rush sorta over and we need to attract more tax payers and producers and citizens into our area to keep from dying out – and so, we are going to instill new rules, we are going to make it look more law abiding so JP Morgan will bring is family out to vacation here, give our obvious refinement” – LOL. Which is, by the way, why there are STILL historians and archivists trying to put together exactly HOW many people did die during the San Francisco earthquake and why various areas of the city are getting attention from architects and engineers and have for a long time – because back then? All swept under the rug in the news OR shoved into areas to build on top of dump areas/liquifaction areas – etc (think that was San Fran, too) and well? Over a 100 years later – the truth does rise to the surface by those who aren’t as emotionally & immediately connected to the actions of that mayor/town fathers back in the day – ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. No not suggesting. I thought I had bluntly and rudely stated so quite clearly. Lol. But it seems to be a growing exponential phenomena across many online Sites and tools especially social ones

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