Hunkerin’ Down

We here, at BallyBin, have prepared to hunker down as a couple of major storm systems are due to hit our area starting tonight – maybe tomorrow – etc., and the weekend looks grim for weather/travel, due to spring, heavy, wet snow storm.

We are prepared best as we can for power outage, perhaps extended power outage, just in case.

Since last week, when the storm was forecast to run from Thursday to Sunday, with 5″ to 5′ of snow (who knows for sure? Not the metorologists, it seems!) the storm forecast was pushed to Friday – Monday earlier this week.

And, given various, in disagreement, reports?

I thought, hmmm…best do some prep… maybe a little more than normal.

The prepared to ‘hunker down and ride it out’ activities are done as of tonight, not that there was much really, to do.

I was raised in this country, thus, I do my best to have my house as blizzard/tornado season prepped as possible, dependent upon the time of year….

But oh, Lord, I’m EVER so tired of Hunkerin’ Down…

From my childhood through to now, it feels as if ‘hunkerin’ down’ is a way of life…

Tight finances, surviving Mother Nature’s patterns and cycles, being quiet when I should speak up, staying at a job I hate, until I get hired at a new one.

Hunker down and shove my feelings aside while I sit beside the dying…

Or break the news to others that death is imminent and then hunker down and wait while their emotions break and do my best to not take it personally.

Yup, no matter how tired I get, hunkerin’ down is, I guess, my chosen path in life.

On the other hand, I was raised to Hunker Down..

No matter what the challenge, “hunker down” was a phrase I was indoctrinated in by my Dad, early and often.

And I guess, overall, while this might cloud my judgement and after many hits, make me feel as if I’ve spent most of my life ‘hunkerin’ down’ – it’s not really true, in the end.

Preparing for known possibilities and being ready to hunker down has always served me better and I recovered faster than I ever did from out-of-the-blue hits I never in my wildest imaginings (and I can IMAGINE ALOT!) had I ever ‘planned for’.

And I guess, overall, for myself, I always feel just a tad more confident if I’ve PREPPED to hunker down and realize, “hmmm…didn’t need ALL that, afterall, but by gummy, got it together faster this time, didn’t I??”

And I’m okay on THAT front of the Hunker down drills – practice makes perfect, as the proverbial ‘they’ say….

I’m not really worried about the storm – the forecasts range from 2-3 days – 2-4 feet of heavy wet snow for our area (but the experts confess, they still don’t really know…)

Two storm fronts seem to be ready to collide – I believe it to be so – I’ve spent time watching the clouds today – 😀

But ‘they’ don’t ‘think’ it will be like the cyclone blizzard of 2019.

It’s widley believed to be heavy, wet, spring snow, which could damage trees and plants, badly, and (in my estimation, will be a heavy bitch to shovel off the driveway and onto to ‘growing green things’ areas if it gets deep) and no tornadoes in winter with snow or high winds are ‘expected’….

Thus, I’m prepped for the storm, but maybe, just maybe! it will be a Christmas Like snow, that falls gently down and blesses the dormant landscape with badly needed moisture – no blizzard, no white outs, just blessed moisture…

And for that?

I’ll shovel – no matter how wet and heavy it is.

And I’ll take a break, and hunker down in between stints of shoveling….

No use giving myself a heart attack over it – – 😀

And the man-child is here to spell me (thank goodness!) – Alas, I still only own one snow shovel – haven’t even thought to purchase a second one….and, even if I had thought of it while out and about on errands today, I wouldn’t have tried to buy one – because….

Well, you just look SOFT and CLUELESS or LIKE a NEWCOMER if you buy a snow shovel the day before a March blizzard blows into Colorado –

I do have a reputation to maintain, ya know….

Have You been in a Year(s) Long Hunker Down Mode, too?

COVID, finances, loved ones who are falling, failing, going, recovery from past storms? Decades of disenfranchisement? Too many hits to handle in too short of a time to even catch your breath between each one?

Well – Yup, I hear ya – I’m tired of it all too.

On the other hand, we’ve hunkered down before and came out the other side, so I guess, I’m just betting on our collective Hunker Down Moxie – and we’ve got this, right??!?

Hope this finds you safe, warm, surrounded by love, with no hunger in your belly or thirst in your throat.

March 2019 “Cyclone Bomb” Blizzard – First Day – without power for 72 hours – that first cup of coffee TASTED SOO GOOD!! I just wasn’t willing to hunker down over the propane, outdoor grill, to boil water!

P.S. – The fog moved in tonight and it is raining right now, and just about…not quite yet, but soon! Ready to turn to freezing drizzle… thus, the featured image for this post is from the 2019 blizzard.

The pictures I tried to take of the fog didn’t do much for SHOWING you, the sound of moisture dripping – – the blessed relief of moisture falling, and since the storm has arrived, Oakley and I are walking more nimbly and in better spirits than we’ve been the past few days as pain hit our joints ahead of the storm…

Yup, the picture taken just didnt’t convey all that – – :).

So I did what I normally do – I typed nearly 1,000 words to say what my pictures can’t – 🙂

8 thoughts on “Hunkerin’ Down”

  1. I hope the storm doesn’t dump all of that predicted snow on your area. I have a friend in Arvada, CO that is keeping me up to snuff on their weather. So far just a little more than a foot of snow so not too bad. We never know about the weather. Despite all of the fancy technology, the experts never can get it right. Mother Nature cannot be predicted!


    1. So true – to me, Mother Nature can be observed and instill humility within us, and teach us both about our part in the universal cycle AND our own mortality AND our part, should we choose to do so, in working in collaboration with. Hard to tell how much snow we have received right here as all day yesterday, much of it melted in – but at this time, looks like 4″-6″ in ‘not melting, has accumulated, amounts – my family to north of Cheyenne WY has areas of thigh deep snow in areas (on my brother, which is quite a bit, seeing as how he is 6’5″ tall and alot of that is his legs – – LOL) We are safe, warm, and obviously! Still have power/internet – 🙂

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  2. Stay safe, young lady.

    I guess you could describe the last year as hunkering down. But not in quite the same way you need to when a blizzard is coming through. Just keeping trips to a minimum, staying home far more than I thought I would be. And, given the realities of the pandemic and lockdowns and everything else, spending waaaaay less than normal.

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    1. Yuppers – may that ‘lower spending’ time, support your overall quest for freedom of time in which to explore all your creative sides, and keep you from the restrictive work you did for so long – 🙂 All I know is, I wouldn’t have the beautiful spoon rests/nearly indestructible all in one counter kitchen tools, had you not been home and ‘playing’ with new creative forms! 🙂 Yup! Sat a preheated, hot baking stone on them last night, to transfer pizza crust onto, slid it off them, back to the oven and OOPS! Drug one right back to the edge of the counter and managed, after several clumsy attempts to avoid, drop in on the hard floor, AGAIN! picked it up – no stress fractures, chips or anything – – Your art has been ‘tested’ over and over in Clumsy Kook Kitchen – 🙂

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  3. Whoa! That’s quite a storm, Tamrah! Yup, you’re right I’m tired of it all too. It’s been a really tough past one year and felt like I’ve aged 10 years. LOL! But we just need to hang in there for a bit and keep going yeah. Stay safe, my friend…(ノ^∇^)

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