I Double-Dawg Dare Ya….

Read this website page from Thomas Sowell’s website, a page About Writing

I landed on his website, which I do so hope is an official one – and my little webmaster mind, coupled with my older, failing eyes and my inherent biases on cyber land and site navigation, etc., all took over – in – GASP!

Judgement followed quickly by, thought/possibility of “hmm, could I, within 24 hours knuckle down, redesign and keep his voice/flavor of the site, lifetime of work? Could I???

(I’m just NOW getting around to working through DECADES of his work via online clip offerings, while waiting for his books to arrive – yes, he came onto my radar some long time ago and has been on my radar off and on for a long time – if ever I heard of him in high school, I have no memory of it – but in me own online ‘read and try to learn a durn thing here and there? quest, I come across his work, or footnotes on his work, often – just here and there and never in my face ‘must do now!’ ways….)

Could I, in 24 hours or less, send off a link to a ‘redesigned site’ dev site, that is more navigable to online reading than his current one??

Nope and really rather an insult to his work if I thought I could – ๐Ÿ˜€

I talked myself out of it before a moments worth of pondering

Mainly because:

  • I was not requested to do such things by Thomas Sowell
  • I have other work in need of doing and doing this means I’m just avoiding doing my real work…
  • Not as hungry for volunteering/wasting my time just to soothe my inner angst in this manner as I was for the pure ‘alleviation of my inner conumdrums’ activities” as I was when I was younger and had more energy to spare….

But, for you writers, in my sphere, here….

I figure, if you can read/navigate the page?

You’ll like the overall tone, humor AND you will feel akin to it….

Or at least, after reading many of your posts, and reading his page?

I figure you will ….

*Note – Featured image for this post is via screen shot of the page – the site is secured via SSL AND it resizes paragraphs given computer browser size – which earns it a ‘basic’ seal of approval from me, even though I wasn’t requested to bestow such things.

I didn’t even waste time testing on my cell phone – I had already talked myself out of ‘doing volunteer re-design’ option long before that thought occurred to me AND well –

I READ it –

With breaks in between to rest my eyes, check the snowfall/need to shovel, say hidey-ho to the neighbor who graciously plowed the driveway, etc….

I laughed while reading-

I also muttered, “ain’t that the f**ckn or bloody truth?” to myself, during reading time, too and well –

The page/article/thoughts – in my mind?

It has done it’s job overall.

and who knows? There may be a purpose in weeding out the readers of such things via ‘do you have to WORK hard to read, OR do you quickly dismiss, cuz not easy????

Which is, in the end, to me?

A really GREAT way to filter out a readership, quickly! when you’ve worked your entire life trying to navigate through the easy/ignorant political and academic statements, in order to try to bring clarity and information to the masses who might…just…be…willing…to rest their eyes here and there, read and actually! assimilate within the tale you just shared with them, into their own internal memory – –

I’m glad I took 3 breaks to rest my eyes to finish it –

It was a fun/great read and well….

I was INVESTED in reading it from the first few lines….- or at he very tleast, reporting that I HAD actually finished reading it!

(Ya know when I go off in blog posts or comments on your blog about website design and development thingees? This isn’t professional interest shared trying to get you to hire me as if I was an innocent layman –

This IS my personal interests as a cyber-surfer and individual with fading eyesight, a right hand affected by a stroke that doesn’t always navigate mouse /keyboard moves/clicks as well as expected and eyes and brain that get overloaded easily….

Such feedback is highlighted about the tools/tech/etc/things I use to try to make the websites I build as doable by someone as picky and flawed as me…overall, as best as may be had – also as ignorant as me on the shared topic – and wanting ‘more input’ even while I have to take breaks to read fully – etc., etc.

Finishing reading something? Just for the hell of it?

Just because I ‘started it?” – –

That is SOOO NOT ME!

I was, during my time at the library, amazed to find how many of my co-workers finished a book they started, hated, struggled to read, just because the ‘started it’ –

Not me! I learned to ‘cut bait’ or ‘crap or get off the toilet/loo’ a long time ago on many, many fronts and well, reading decisions are rather the same operational choices for me…..

Overall, finishing reading just because I started is not even close to high on my ‘to-do’ list or ‘improve meself’ list- too many books and words available at a moment’s notice, to waste time on ‘not good writing/ease of reading’ options – ๐Ÿ˜€

But just taking a break, assimilating, resting my eyes, and returning to it – operations?

Ahh – yes!

That, overall, is WORTH it!

6 thoughts on “I Double-Dawg Dare Ya….”

  1. I used to read the whole book, regardless of my dislike of it or not feeling interested after a time. I believe that was impressed on me at some point in my childhood – you finish what you start, or perhaps I was just that rigid about completing any task or endeavor. Somewhere along the way, I looked back and realized no book or movie that I had read/watched, that was ill from the start, was ever worth my time to finish. If it sucks after the first couple of chapters put it down, and maybe try again later. If that fails, it’s just not a good fit.

    And there are times with many projects that I walk away for a while, and in time I know I have to finish, or I simply want to return to finish. I generally come back ready and and with a better mentality. Go with the flow of things I say!

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    1. Look forward to discussing via…email? I’m working through various pdf’s of Thomas’ writings now – and checked out some of his ebooks – remains to be seen if I agree with all he puts forth – and yet – thus far, I’m enjoying his paper on Judicial Activism Reconsidered – If you are familiar with, I would love to ask you some questions on the premises put forth – ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

        1. emailing you the Pdf and the link to his site – oh, wait, link was shared here – I just got such a kick out of his ‘on the subject of writing/being a writer’ – :D.


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