Lights a Flickering now…

In wake of my post regarding “meh! Roads closed, Snow Day for man-child, but not for me”…

The neighbor with snowplow on front of truck showed up and plowed the driveway – which hasn’t happened for quite some time due to either no heavy snow or me getting out and doing it by hand before he get’s to my place (we live a block or so from each other – but are surrounded by elderly neighbors, thus I fully expect to save his time and/or he saves me for last, to take care of others!)

We chatted briefly, the driveway was darker, wetter brown and moisture shoved over to native grass areas –

He left, I penned another post – and …..

Went out to kitchen to refill my watered down wine 48oz mug…and HOLY CRAP!

Yes, you can see the snow pushed out of the way…

But the landscape is, groundwise, once again all shades of white – –

The sky is darker and more fuzzy given snow and blowing snow –

And now?

Hmmm… maybe a full blown blizzard is arriving here….now – we shall see…..

Still can’t hear the wind shrieking as it moves through static standing things (like buildings and deep rooted trees….)

Same landscape, again, later in the day -notice the ridge of ‘driveway was plowed; just near the base of the pine tree – and the bigger speckles of white snowflakes captured – without effort on my part, I might add – ‘point and click camera phone’ used today since first picture posted – – LOL. resized and optimized for small footprint in cyber land activities – – LOL

2 thoughts on “Lights a Flickering now…”

    1. Today the sun is shining. We got maybe 4-6″ and driveway already cleared. Not the storm predicted for our area. Most of the dump happened north of here. Spring showers bring summer flowers!!! 🙂

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