The March 2021 Storm

Yes, I titled that so it will be easy to find later – maybe much later –

You do realize my blog is part of my journal efforts, right?

Saturday, March 13th

I awoke to darker daylight from clouds and snow (even though I slept late!), but no shrieking howling wind that, for me, informs one of ‘blizzard in process’ even before one arises to ‘look out your state-of-the-art, color-coded-up-to-the-minute weather tool (aka ‘your window’).

I gazed upon a lite (maybe 1/2″?) collection of snow on all areas, including the driveway.

Two hours later, the driveway, being darker gravel and less snow, was showing brown shade of wet gravel.

And still looked like that by sunset time.

I took another look at the local forecasts, that were updated and now?

Previously forecast “feet of snow” have been converted to inches, given the updates since I last checked.

Well, shuckey-darn! No Snow Day for my man-child roommate, unless more snow falls and the wind picks up thus closing roadways to travel.

Sunday, March 14th

I overslept again, though today, my oversleeping was helped along by Daylight Savings time…

Power and internet still on best as I can tell.

There is, rather, a ceasing of the natural ‘hum’ of one’s household when the power goes out – a cessation that is profound.

The daily hum that is so low, and never really noticed, until the power goes out –

And you suddenly realize how much you are surrounded by white noise day in/day out, once it no longer is there.

Even if power goes out in middle of night during my deep sleep cycle, I am quickly, and silently awake, alerted by ‘what danger lurks?’ instincts, not by sound, but rather, by the ceasing of it.

I stumble to the kitchen to view my modern weather tool again (yup, I looked out the window while filling the kettle for morning coffee) and sighed.

A little more moisture, but not much…

Great as in maybe 2-3 inches of moisture, and fine wet snow falling, but not a lot of wind, that I can tell, thus…

Well, crappola! The man-child roommate will most likely need to leave early, drive the crappy roads to go to work 48 miles away and then return late tonight on icy ones that may/may not have been cleared/sanded recently.

Ahh well – it’s Sunday, hopefully traffic will be light, which means he need only pay attention to his own skills and traversing, rather than avoiding all the other ones traversing at the same time he is, though perhaps not always in their own lane of traffic….

Nevertheless, I decide I shall check the road conditions at 10am, so if roads are closed (meaning wind is worse out on the wide open plains than here in sheltered town homestead) he’ll have plenty of time to call his boss and not get ‘reprimanded’ for late call off notice that doesn’t include ER or coroner’s statement….

Yup, I am that cynical about bosses and how they view those workers who travel to work and they secretly believe are ‘slackers’ if given even a modicum of understanding that the damn roads are closed/hard to travel just now.

I lived with that reality for nearly 38 years. I have been picked up by Department of Transportation sanding trucks, bosses who had a 4-wheel drive with a good heater and/or snow plow drivers, to go to work, because I was the closest thus I worked the days many of my colleagues were paid to stay home and have a fun day – πŸ™‚

Later that same day….

Whaddya Know!…I look at that road report! Seems Highways 24, 94 and 86 are closed, and have been, for awhile, meaning, even if one traverses successfully across miles of country dirt roads, at some point, they will have to ‘jump a road closure’ gate to get to work/where they want to go.

I even made a little picture which is screen capture of the state road conditions report, AND added nice little arrows showing where man-child lives and where he works – to illustrate it:

When all major highways are closed between you and where you work, but you still have to explain to your boss, why…you are calling to check ‘in’ early, and may not be able to make it to work….legally….

10:15AM – I wake the Man-Child….Early!!

Neither the apple nor the nut falls far from the tree, I know this is true simply because:

When I worked ‘swing shifts’ over the years (a shift that covers something between 2-4pm and 10pm-12am, I learned I hit my ‘second or 11th wind‘ about the time the dark of the night descends upon my locale.

Meaning, no matter how hard I worked, or how exhausted I felt, I would arrive home fully awake, THUS! I can stay up to do this, that, the other…

Which meant, in essence, I would get to sleep about 4-6am, and sleep until time to get up to go to work if left to my own devices and no small children to get fed and off to school in the household.

(before school time? Ahh.. the children had been fed supper and sent to bed by 6 or 7pm by the babysitter who needed to rise by 4-5am the next morning to earn their living – and who slept on the couch and awoke long enough to let me in to pick up the sleeping child unit – who, by that time, had 5-7 hours of sleep under the belt and we would stay up together – and sleep together. School for my children really wrecked my ability to work weekly changing shifts….)

My man-child roommate does the same ‘second wind’ thingees, sans illness or recuperating from illness times.

Often, he is going to bed about the time I get up…

And…well….if he feels safe and not stressed?

He sleeps deeply – just like me – we scare loved ones at how quietly, deeply and profoundly we can sleep – and startle the same loved ones when we jerk awake at the slightest whisper of changing circumstances that jerk us awake, when just a moment ago? Someone was stupid enough to stand close and shake our shoulders rigorously for 20 seconds or so and are now contemplating dialing 911 for unresponsive loved one…..

So waking him up early is always on the list of ‘should I/shouldn’t I?’ exercise in choices for me….

But I did – and waited just long enough to ascertain, yes, his eyes are open, he recognizes me, and seems to be aware he is in the land of ‘so-called’ reality and not dreaming any more

(sigh, we both are lucid dreamers, too, so the line between waking and sleeping life is very blurred for us….AND we don’t always do ‘re-entry’ fast or well….)

“It’s early – it’s after 10am, but Hwy 24 and 94 are closed, and I didn’t know how early you needed to call your boss to avoid getting into trouble…”

Me, explaining to a frowning adult male who is bigger than me and has just been jerked out of La-La-Land ready for a fight – – He has avoided some swings from me at him, too, when I come ‘back from La-La-Land’ – we both come back from anesthesia or sleep in a fighting mood, if we weren’t ready to leave. Yes, this information is given to medical personnel before any surgeries – πŸ˜€

My, My, the glare is outlasting eye focusing operations…

I do not take it personally – we know this about each other, thus, we don’t take it personal – and neither of us ‘run’ from the fray that may ensue –

He grumbles and frowns and says, “okay, thanks!” in a tone of voice that could have just as well said the F*** U phrase, but I, nonplussed, give him the local conditions and road conditions report and repeat what time it is.

He is BETTER than I am as in, he gets up, checks his phone weather apps, dials his boss and MANAGES to sound coherent SANS any shower, water splashed on face, bathroom break, coffee, or nicotine fix, at all, and in about 5 minutes after waking him and leaving him to his own devices….

I hear him saying,

Just checking in – okay – – okay… Well 24 and 94 are closed, so I’ll have to drive up to Castle Rock in order to make it in….

Him, to his boss…

And I, shamelessly eavesdropping, call out….

86 is closed too!

Hwy 86 and county roads are his only avenue to Castle Rock, just now –

Which he ignores or appears to.

In the end, sounds like he was told to ‘rest, take today – you have what you need there? (he answers in the affirmative – but it was asked because his boss was surprised last fall to learn we live in house with only ONE bathroom! So I figure his boss thinks we live in some shack in the middle of nowhere and are on the cutting edge of freezing or starving to death, any day now…).

The Conversation Closes with….

Okay, but rest, because we will be working hard when this is over’. Come back in ready to work

Says his boss now and every boss I’ve ever known that realizes that demanding you to break the law to drive to work, might land them in hot water down the road….

Yup, he works for a company that assists in mail/package delivery – I don’t know why his boss had to spew that ‘rest up, we’ll be working hard tomorrow’ addition.

They’ve all been ‘working hard’ and OT, often, since October of 2019 – about the time Peak Season (for holiday shopping) was over in January of 2019, followed by a short stint of being ‘short handed’ OT, morphed right into COVID shenanigans and well –

He has worked ‘hard/hustled’ every day since, except the days he was sick, or just over being sick, then working hard didn’t necessarily LOOK like working hard to observers, but his boss is happy as long as he shows up, even at 10% of ability – or so his boss claimed when he was wading through his first strep throat journey of the season….

Which Means – SNOW DAY at Bally Bin!

No, Not really – since the power is on, I have some works in progress to do.

And as the temps raise, snow falls off the metal roof and doorway must be kept clear so Oakley girl can come and go as she pleases – walkway cleared every so often to put moisture over on dormant plants that will better benefit from it than we will walking or driving on muddy areas….

Since the power is on – hot meal prep, laundry, housework duties etc., can’t, in good conscience, be put off for another day….

When one is warm, fed and hydrated even when the power goes off – it’s HARD to not ‘appreciate’ the total freedom of power out/snow day gives one.

The days where there is enough light to color by and I rarely break out the pencils, drawing pad, Spirograph, graph paper OR compass, just to color and fashion designs through ‘stream of doodling’ efforts.

Those days when one breaks out the beloved notebooks one has salvaged from end of the school year cleanout, that maybe only have 10 empty pages in them, to write long hand this flight of fancy or that or read favorite books for pleasure, revisit non-fiction ones for study/note taking….peruse gardening catalogs and make plans for summertime….

Sigh – but it is technically, a ‘Snow Day’ thus, I took a moment to do an update, post some pictures during a ‘light wave’ in the storm where the blowing/snowing wasn’t as much, and warmed enough for snow to start sliding off the roof, which has changed, just since I started writing this –

Nope, just checked the window – – it’s darker, and no ‘thumps’ of warming and falling snow from roof sounding out frequently, but the snow is finer and not blowing as hard, just now, as it was mid-typing-this post time –

In many places around the world, including Colorado, the saying is….

If you don’t like the weather, just wait for 5 minutes

Sometimes, if you’re willing to be patient, and just stand by the window – all you have to do is wait 2o seconds or less….

Here are pictures from earlier this morning of the bowing branches of quad-trunk pine tree which was made a tri-trunk pine tree in the 2019 cyclone blizzard. And the ‘2 feet of snow’ forecasted, that actually showed up once it was warm enough for the snow on the roof to slide off and land in front of the door…. Which I after the ‘thump’ resounded, I took a picture and then shoveled onto the jerusalem artichoke bed to the right or the rose/garlic bed to the left πŸ™‚

From Oakley’s paw-prints, you can see another 1-2″ fell/accumulated after I ‘cleared’ the pathway earlier this morning, when it was colder and the snow was lighter to ‘move from here to there’

– I will await ‘official readings’ because…well…

I live in Colorado – I shovel or try to ‘grade’ things to move moisture from inert things like walkways and driveways over too growing things, best as I can, when infrastructure placement doesn’t just ‘do it all for me’ automatically…

Yes, I do such things even though, in reality, the moisture all sinks into to the ‘reserve sponge’ of underground supplies and EVEN though I KNOW tree & perennial/weed plant roots are smarter, bigger and more well traveled than me in comparison…

I still move snow from here to there, and not always just for accessibility/ease of makind idiocy sake, either –

I often find myself talking in my head, while shoveling from here to there –

“Okay, roses, here’s some extra water to make up for next July when I forget to water you – store it deep and remember, I’m not ALWAYS an oblivious arsewipe….”

Me, trusting in the cellular memory of the Universe of Living Things and hoping I don’t get punished next July for my human ways –
What happens when the roofer who installed your new metal roof never returns to install the criss-cross of snow guards to ‘meter’ out the snow ‘fall-off’ to doable levels here and there – πŸ™‚
I’m often ‘tempted’ to go out and shake branches to relieve the heavy wet, spring snow burden from branches, and yet, I have never forgotten the mortal fate of butterflies who are ‘assisted’ while breaking out of their cocoon – I would hate to learn I KILLED the tree, while trying to help it via ‘good intentions’ – πŸ˜€

As you can see, even though there are some small snow specs to be seen in the picture, the ‘blizzard’ conditions regarding heavy snowfall/blowing snow, weren’t, at time of this picture, even close to other storm pics I’ve posted over the years – thus, Snow Day here, arrived WITHOUT the full monty of Blaging Rizzard, thus far, as it appears to bee… So celebrating the moisture and the man-child’s day off!

The power still on – internet still working – thus, I really ought to get back to work….

Hope this finds you and yours well –

P.S. – Interestingly, I searched for the ‘blizzard post’ I did regarding those who jump road closed barriers, long ago, and amazing to me, how often I post blizzard posts in March – I have to go ‘re-read’ my online journal – apparently there was one in March of 2016 and I don’t even remember that one! πŸ˜€

One thought on “The March 2021 Storm”

  1. Only one time in my life, did I work with a group of people who truly cared if I called in sick, or some crises came up and I couldn’t make it in. When I was on FMLA leave to help a family member pass on, or had a funeral to attend, there was compassion. Co-workers and a couple of bosses called to check on us. It was probably the worst job I ever had (a state job) but I had to be thankful for that one aspect of caring and concern.

    I’m glad you didn’t get the several feet of snow that was forecast. We didn’t get the rain that was forecast here either.

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