Feeling Blessed this Evening!

After being on ‘high alert’ since about 10pm two nights ago, waking up early, staying up late and staying close to the phone, computer for various fronts the past two days on various fronts?

While outside? The cold front moved through, it’s beautiful and weeds in need of pulling and outdoor clean up operations in need of doing?

Sigh – I often, STILL! question my life choices and paths – 😀

That said, not photo perfect, artistic or professional photographer ready, but well, this evening, thought I’d update my blog and touch base with you, on what’s going on in my neck o’ the woods! 😀

The lilac blooms that managed to bloom and live after 2 ‘nipped in the bud’ hard frosts.


The dandelions who grew straight, tall and long, this year, after two years of short stems, flower in the morning, go to seed in the evening, because they were in survival mode to ‘put out offspring’ in severe drought conditions.

The lilac seedlings nursery where new babies are born and manage to live, thrive, survive, with no interference or ‘trying to help’ things from me –

The Siberian elm seedling growing strong, from 8 years ago, when I chose to not mow down the baby. Originally? Siberian Elms planted here sometime between 1913 and 1950s.

The rhubarb that needs some stalks harvested, so younger stalk get the light and air they need – hopefully tomorrow I get out to ‘harvest’ and preserve!

The Poplars that look dead and have seemed dead, for past two years – nipped in the bud, often, in spring, severe drought? But still – so many branches springy and not dead – so will wait and just carefully trim off the totally ‘break off in my hand’ branches/twigs….

The ants that work hard everyday, and scramble when small boys feel urge to kick their house down, or power lawn tools ‘oops’ catch a side of their ‘home’

The “never forget” WWI poppy, that didn’t bloom for Memorial Day, but bloomed today – and stands proud by itself – instead of surrounded by all it’s brothers’ and sisters, who didn’t make it through drought/freezes/etc.

The succulent for dry bed? The houseplant? Left on my doorstep while I was on phone calls and didn’t hear the knock – I suspect, from a dear loved one.

And finally, my lil ‘In memory of’ – my beloved Oakley, who went on to the Happy Hunting Grounds/Crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 19th.

R.I.P. Oakley – I still haven’t adjusted to you not being here!

Oakley – Who walked the path of Life with me from 2011 – 2021

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