500 Words or less… instead of Pictures?

From heat wave, dry days to cool, cloudy, got some rain without hail, massive damaging wind or tornadoes, here at Bally Bin, I’ve been working as I can outside on various areas, and inside on the computer for long hours and well –

Just now? The thunder that start rolling in the distance has moved closer and I no longer have to step outside to ‘confirm’ what that rumble is….

The cool season grasses in areas not mowed, trimmed or cut back to ‘make it look like I care more about nice/neat than I do about soil health/drought’ are in seed, and turning from green-gold, to gold.

Areas of bindweed still left to (racklefrackle $#@!) rip out. Feels like a never ending process as I TRY hard to now focus on the areas with the distinctive white blossoms, and rip those (foul-filth-flairn-suckers) out, as deep into the roots as I can, instead of hoping I can keep up with every green head poking itself out of the ground (as I try to do in spring)

The Wild Mustard (purple, water suckin hog, stinkweed) wasn’t too bad this year – Hopefully I ripped a lot of those areas out BEFORE it had chance to set seed for next year/millennium.

My poor, poor poplars and some Siberian Elm trees – – they suffered mightily during the 2019-20 drought growing year and winter moisture – and last year, I was informed by the local conservation district to NOT prune back what ‘looked dead” IF there were still seedlings coming up from the base.

Alas, much of the main growths HAVE died and I have so much pruning/cut back to do what appeared dead (but was still ‘springy’ to touch), last year, is, in fact dead (breaks off at slightest pressure).

And yet – – in some places, for some trees I find new baby trees & seedlings have pushed forth in hope and promise.

Thus, such ‘nursery areas’, must be weeded around, protected by barrier to avoid mowing/weed whipping activities by ‘oops!’ by those who help me on the place and said areas mulched heavily, in hopes, I do my part in ‘caring for them’

So much STILL to do this year – just to try and ‘catch up’, ‘build for future’, seed for future, try to be a good neighbor BUT also build a Garden of Eden oasis in my little ‘area of land in my charge.

And so, that’s my update – as I prepare to hit the ‘publish button’, the pitter patter of rain plays it’s own, unique tune on my roof/windows. And I think, once more, how grateful I am for no tornadoes, hail etc., right here, this year. Around me by not many miles? Yup. But not here – or I slept through it –

And I’m very, very grateful for the blessings and the ‘let us train TamrahJo to expect better!’ grace I’ve been gifted by Mother Nature, this June!

4 thoughts on “500 Words or less… instead of Pictures?”

    1. The local garter snakes have the past few years been neighbors but respect that I No Likey Snakes and can, when startled react in a frenzy that kills. πŸ™‚. That said they do keep various pests under better control so we have a truce going. I dont hunt them down and they stay clear of me. Lol. That said I am in little fear of being expelled due to hubris as apple trees arent on my list of native drought tolerant plants to grow, thus temptation in many forms has been avoided πŸ™‚


  1. That is interesting about the Siberian elm. Some of ours died back on certain limbs, but they seem to be making a comeback from lower on the trunks. Other Siberian elm seemed to flourish this year, which is good because right now Ruthie deer is enjoying limbs while she recoups from her injury. All of our crepe myrtles are starting over from the main root. Years of growth (and some plants are decades old and VERY tall) had to be cut back to the ground, allowing the new growth. It’s been a lot of work trimming and cutting back this year.

    It’s been a strange year with no tornadoes or volatile weather in our area. I too am thankful. We’re expecting rain starting this evening and all through the next week. That is so strange – normally this time of year we have a two to three-week period of triple digits. I’m excited about the rain and 80’s. Woot!!!

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    1. Some of my siberian elms are doing fine – some are deader than a doornail! LOL. Here’s hoping the resources arrive before fall, in form to purchase, rent or borrow a wood chipper! when doing small dead branch trimming? I just ‘clip it into small pieces by hand’ and drop on a ‘wood mulch for new beds’ pile – but sigh – with all the biggees to ‘chop down’ and the annual needs for ‘top mulching’ of ‘pretty’ but break down quickly, to feed the soil chips/shreds, and well – on the ‘dead branches’ things, doesn’t bother me, overall, AS long as I can figure out a way to put it to good use, right here! rather than having a ‘pile for snakes/fire danger’ on my small property! LOL. But, still – weather wise? This June has thus far surpassed all my ‘sigh – it’s June…again….” used-to-expectations! πŸ˜€

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