Middle of the night, I stand,

In silence…

When the full moon shines down,

Calling to me and the four-legged,

To Dance in the Moonlight.


Beneath dark, bitterly cold and clear skies,

Under the Display of Universal Stars.

Shining Beacons, so far away,

and yet….

Oh so so close,

I believe I need only stretch out my hand,

To become one with their wonder.

The storms arrive…

And then move on.

Relentlessly, across the landscape.

Sometimes Fast and Furious,

Sometimes Slow and Challenging.

In their wake,

A stillness descends upon the land.

I often stand in the storm’s fury

Daring the Universe to Take Me, if It wants me.

I also sometimes hide in the cellar…

Or silently curse the unrelenting wind,

or snow,

or tornadoes & hail,

or fires and heatwaves.

I mourn the wilting of plants,

All while I ask them,

Are you tough enough to live where I choose to?

(and) When do you suppose,

It will rain once more?

All Because I’ve learned….

The Peace and Stillness always arrives.

And I and those who live here?

We need only survive long enough, hold on long enough…

….to experience the beauty and bounty.

When I remember this?

My heart and soul are once more healed.


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