The Eye Doth Not See…

Fleeting thoughts arrive,
As I look through picture archives.

Memories of when,
I stood in awe
Of all that surrounded me,
And remembered to take a picture.

Sometimes, my camera is right at hand
Sometimes, I use my phone

But often…
I lose the moment,
Because I’m too busy living it,
And filing it away in my memory,
Along with the tale,
Or quote,
That came to mind,
As I gazed upon a moment in time.

IF a snapshot taken,
I often arrive home,
Only to realize..

What I most wanted to capture,

Can only be seen in
My mind.

Too Dark….
Too bright
Too blurry…

A picture taken,
As fleeting and wavering
As a dream.

I gaze upon photos taken,
And am reminded of my flaws,

My eyes that drink in all about me,
My brain which protects me from insanity,
By filtering out the all the information,
Flooding it just then,
Via too many light rays
To count.

My ears that hear…
My brain which waits to hear…
Or only hear…
Or translate vibrations,
Into what I wish to hear.

My Brain,
My Protector.

Always filtering out,
That which I do not wish to see,
Or hear,
Or think,
Or care about.
Just now.

My photos often capture,
The moments I missed,
While focusing on something else.

And I am reminded once again,
This morning,
How often,
I lie to myself.

About the things my brain didn’t process…
Or wish to process.
While I was lost in the moment.
Or focused on something else.

The wild animal who stands…
On the horizon,
See there? At the very edge!
As if they are gazing right at me…
Friend or Foe?

The flowering plants in a field,
I missed,
Because they numbered one here,
One there…
While I was caught up in the expanse…
And not paying attention to the details.

The dragon flies all around me,
That I missed,
Because I was trying so hard to snap a shot,
Of the one I held my breath,
And quietly walked back into the house,
To grab the camera and hope,
He would still be there when I returned.

And sometimes….
Guide wires show up…
Supporting structures my mind had erased,
Just then,
On my quest,
To be free…
If only for an afternoon.

A sunset appeared….
In true Rorschach Inkblot Test,
As if Armageddon had arrived.

Displayed so perfectly,
Across the western sky.

Alas! I didn’t stop the truck,
Grab the camera,
And capture it soon enough.

All I managed to do,
In the end,
Was to preserve,

The Sunset said Goodnight,
Though just a moment before,
It displayed a vision of,
The Last Goodnight,

Four years later,
That afternoon clear in my mind…
At least,
As clear as it can be,
Via the story my mind put together.

And yet,
I paused the work of tagging and
Organizing my archives….

After noticing the guide wires,
The Modern Infrastructure,
That was there all the time…
Intruding upon my quest,
Back then.

And the memory of a time,
When I had the camera,
An empty road,
A landscape beset by
Wildness of two storms
From opposing directions,
And I was free…

I now see things my mind erased,
From many moments,
And memories,
Of that evening.

My Heart sees what it wants to see…
Followed in lockstep by,
My Eyes,
My Ears,
My Brain….

But always,
The story within,
Is edited…
Rewritten to embrace,
The other things,
I failed to experience,
Back then…

And once more,
I undo one tiny lie,
Told to myself,
Back then.

**This post courtesy of King Midget, who always challenges me to dare greatly, risk greatly – which is, in the end, Karma due to me – because I’ve tossed such challenges at him, too, often! during our bloggy pals journey.

4 thoughts on “The Eye Doth Not See…”

  1. I think many of us see something of a moment, yet do not stop to record it, or even pull over on the roadside and just take it in for however long it lasts. We’re just too busy. And perhaps, with today’s technology boasting the giant wind structures and massive solar fields, many of us see clutter on the landscape, where just like the oil refineries rusted in the elements when they became outdated and beyond use, these wind and solar structures will be hideous monsters on the landscape too. Humans ruin just about everything they touch.
    And I wonder too about people today who rarely get outside to connect with nature, who are glued to their cell phones and techy devices for entertainment, do they really live life? Can they ever touch the depth of anything important that is free for the taking and experiencing out in the wild?
    My archives are loaded with memories, some I’ve long forgotten. Most of the time the image might trigger a thought or feeling, but it can never really express what I felt in that moment.

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    1. I cannot say much as I am often in front of my monitor earning my living or doing volunteer work thus I am not as free and healthy as I dream of. But I am glad that after 10 years of trying to recover from stoke and divorce I actually have work that is entrusted to me, to do and take care of while others spend time outdoors. All of which finances my time in the backyard build and/or puts gas in the aging truck for a Sunday afternoon drive on the backroads!! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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