I Don’t believe You…

When I publish a post, near to or over 2000 words long?

And I get an ‘insta like’ a minute or two later?

I don’t believe you…

Cuz you know, I did a year of Speed Reading classes –

But attracting as followers, those who are speed readers – is not my wish….

That said, perhaps you took advantage of ‘automation’ options while you build your empire, eh?

Okay –

But in the end –

I don’t believe ya –

Just saying….

4 thoughts on “I Don’t believe You…”

  1. I have the same thing happen just as soon as I publish. I feel like if you have a number of followers, these quick clickers are using us to get noticed, maybe. I don’t know. I’m with you… I don’t believe they read a danged word.

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    1. Yup – all while my heart and mind whisper to me, “It is what it is….” LOL. I am resting in the space of being inwardly conflicted until the day I die unless I just ignore it all and fear getting ‘blindsided’ while I was ‘ignoring’ things – LOL


    2. P.S. – Despite my best intentions? I’ve come to the conclusion, I log into Facebook? Anyone in the free world that has my email address or systems that ‘deliver’ things to my inbox (saving me time to look for them?) is instantly notified, “HEY! She is online – RIGHT NOW! QUICK! SEND YOUR MISSIVE, BEFORE SHE GET’s MAD and closes it all DOWN!!!” – – LOL


  2. I’m pretty certain that there are people who have the notifications function on their phones set for on for WordPress and as soon as somebody they follow posts something, they just automatically click “Like” without any effort to read. I don’t know why. It does absolutely nothing for me as the author of the post. Particularly, when the people who do it are “readers” who never, ever actually engage with the content of the post. Other than that immediate like.

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