Happy Labor Day!

I celebrate Labor Day by laboring – šŸ˜€

Today was the Labor Day celebration and our local town’s Celebrate Our Community Day.

Organizations, local vendors, businesses, crafters and non-profits set up stalls at the park.

The local Volunteer Fire Department provided lunch of a hamburger, chips and drink, with the only cash register in site, a wooden “Donation Box”.

Cornhole tournament ran by the Library and a book sale (donations only!) by the Friends of the Library .

A Jr. Firefighter Obstacle course provided for the kids by the fire department, as well as opportunities to sit in a life saving Helicopter or interact with the first responders, pilots, EMTs Nurses and volunteers that answer the call for help 24/7, courtesy Flight for Life and Life Line Crews who worked today, too.

Out here? Sometimes, the most beautiful sound in the world, is hearing the chopper blades making their way to you and your loved one, who is in crisis.

Not as big of a turn out this year, as in 2019 celebration- for a myriad of reasons, which we all know the reasons why…. And yet….

New folks to meet, old friends to see.

A day of hope and nostalgia for me.

So many lost due to age, illness or COVID the past two years, that I always got a chance to ‘catch up with’ at Labor Day festivities..once the harvests in, fair over and summer frenzy of guests or travels winded down…

Some weren’t there today…. and I missed seeing them, even though I knew I wouldn’t.

The day had some ‘gaping holes’ in it for me..

On the other hand, a young aspiring author I waited on often, back when I worked at the Library?

Ta-Da! She is now published and our community has another local author!

The Craft Vendor store that opened in fall of 2019? And managed to do home delivery to serve customers throughout COVID shutdowns? Survived?

Still open, getting more vendors and are open more hours a week than they were in 2019.

Many of their vendors were manning stalls at the park while sending folks down to the main craft store (a 2 blocks away!) to promote the abundance of products made by the creative and artistic folks that are my neighbors.

Caught up with those I haven’t seen for oh-so-long.

Met some new folks and oohed and ahhed at the photos on cellphones eagerly thrust into my hands of new babies born, new puppies added to households and homestead infrastructure additions.

I took pictures of new emergency equipment purchased through grant funds to provide higher level of care to those in need who call 911.

Machines that do chest compressions at the right depth and rate, and never wears out, when CPR is needed and available volunteer crew just got slammed with multiple calls and are scrambling to meet every need/call with the staff they have available.

Took notes down regarding the revamp of the town brush pile that is open once more to residents for clearing out deadwood from their place, that is expanded and graded clean to get rid of tire-flattners – (i.e. nails/etc.) – with promise from our new Public Works Director he’ll send me a picture to post when someone thinks it’s a place to get rid of their trash for free …(sigh…newcomers or outliers…sigh….)

Met one of the board trustees for my town I hadn’t yet met.

Learned my local mechanic has retired & sold his automotive shop to….a new young man, who posed for the local paper, proudly standing by his wife and young children for the business announcement picture.

So here I sit, taking a break from resizing/optimizing/sorting pictures for my various website customers who spent today and months BEFORE today, to make today’s event, actually happen.

Mourning those gone, and yet full of hope for the younger ones coming up to fill the holes left in our community.

And, once more, very, very grateful for the blessing of living where I do.

No matter what Mother Nature delivers, or what national news says, or what challenges come – to me?

I live in rural America, and so, overall, I’ve got it better than 90% of the population – dare I say 99%??

And once more think,

We may be small in numbers, but we are mighty in community and strength.

We, too, walk through all the challenges faced on various fronts as others do, and yet, under a clear Colorado blue sky, not yet hazy with the next wave of fire smoke that is estimated to reach us by Wednesday, not too hot, not too cold, not to windy, we gathered together to celebrate being alive, our community, to connect and share memories of those who weren’t there this year.

Here’s hoping this Labor Day finds you and yours safe, warm and in the community you love to be a part of.

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