I Still, as I approach my 10 year anniversary of being a STROKE survivor, sans any proof of WHY I had a stroke in the first place! Hope, in face of my Time Displacement issues still going strong, when I’m immersed in the Now around me? I look back to Back Then – and think – “Humph! Oakley gone, and without her? What do I have need for walking – Figure I could do 6 miles now, in about 4 hours, I’ve sat on my butt and worked in front of the computer so much/so long during the the past 2 1/2 years!! LOL. Sigh – Desperate goals of long ago and making those goals a priority? I’m reminded of, tonight!

The Good, Bad and Ludicrous

Time is Tricky Stuff Time is Tricky Stuff

I’ve long been fascinated by Time.   How it drags when engaged in the dreary or waiting for the fantabulous to show up.   How it flies when deadlines loom, projects pile up and loved ones are soon to leave.

I’m also intrigued by the way our brains interpret time.   How our thinking and actions directly affect how time and the universe unfolds.

Case in point – yesterday, I walked almost 6 miles.   Now, this is nothing special for most, but it’s taken me weeks to build up to this.   I started out by walking a mile – and then doing it til I could walk it in 30 minutes – then I added more length each time – staying at that length until I could finish the distance in 30 minutes.  I had worked up to 2 1/2 miles and still able to do other work when…

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7 thoughts on “Time”

  1. Hmm, I can’t remember if I knew about the stroke or not. It seems you’ve been through a lot on this journey. I’m not certain dates are so important, or remembering the exactness of it all. It’s how you feel and react and continue to motivate and do like Oakley did – stop to smell something interesting and linger where it feels good, and forget about the time. Just live in the moment. Be happy.

    I often read back over my blog. It’ll be twelve years in February. Just those twelve years have been delightful and joyful. There are always tough times and days of struggle. And there is so much to laugh about and hold onto. It’s all good. I miss my dogs mostly, but I cherish the memories and their place in my heart. Sometimes I wonder at how my writing has improved over the years, and how I’ve matured, and healed. I hope one day I find the time to go back and read it all again. I keep thinking surely one day I’ll have less to do around here and enjoy reading time again!

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    1. I read most at my blog, when I’m struggling, feel like I’m sliding back from gains made, or to double check my memory! Or update stuff, IF I’ve changed my ‘mind!” on this or that – overall – LOL. Thanks for your comment and visiting!! Hope this finds you and yours and your four-leggeds (and two legged chickens? :D) all doing well – !

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    1. So much of my past resides in my archives here – but, well, who has time to sit down and read blog posts stretching back to 2010? Certainly not I, for my faves here, don’t expect anyone else to do at my blog, either! LOL. That said, sometimes, memories, anniversaries, celebrations or mourning times hit me, and I sit with it and well – I made it to 10 year anniversary of surviving a stroke, IF I CAN JUST live long enough to the last friday of the month of October!! LOL – – And I have been sitting with many things over these past 10 years – had to check calendars to get the date right – Oct. 27th? Nope – that was a Thursday and I know it was a Friday – – I still can’t tell anyone, off the top of my head, the DATE my son died – I can tell them, for sure, the final death happened, medically, on the first Tuesday, in June, of 2008. And so – I blog, often, to remind myself – it is, for me, an online version of my diary/journal – cuz who the heck has the time to go searching through handwritten memo notebooks, spiral notebooks, diaries, journals etc., that get tossed in storage crate with, “no more free pages to write in that one left…pull out fresh one and start again…” LOL. Not me!!! LOL

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      1. Well, I hope it wasn’t October 27. That’s my birthday.

        I’m not sure what my blog is anymore. It certainly is an archive of what I was thinking and doing whenever I’ve decided to post. But there are also plenty of things I haven’t blogged about because of who might read those things.

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