Need for Speed…

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I confess a yearning to live in or tip toe on the edge of Danger Zones – in my own ways, all while I also yearn for the space/time, grace and peace to be left alone, no crisis to be met, to sit alone and ponder, and plan out a path, or ‘what to-do/can be done, now??)

Sometimes I risk the possibility of failing and going down in flames – when, um, the topic/job at hand seems important enough to fall on my sword over –

That said?

Been dealing with various struggles a bit the past few months, trying to find my way forward, all while, signs abound all around me to ‘just do it already – either it works or it doesn’t – if it does? Great!

If it doesn’t?

Try, Try Again…

Ahh…but so much of my angst and stress comes from providing services in the tech industry, where, um, overall, the philosophy AND business model is…

“Move fast, break things, learn and then move fast again….”

My life? on the receiving end as a customer on many tech fronts?

I have some patience on some fronts, for some providers

Other places?

Not so much.

But Today?

I was reminded of what moving fast looks like, to me….

Saved from myself!

A colleague from the eastern seaboard of USA who I only know via email/phone calls?

He who knows a lot more than I about servers, security, maintenance and php coding syntax (and many other coding languages too!) popped up on my phone as incoming call –

I saw his name and decided I was ready for a break from “Ye Olde To-Do List”

Turns out?

He accidentally butt-dialed me.

Neither of us can figure out HOW that happened! We haven’t called or texted each other for over a month or more!

But…to me?

Perfect! Just what I needed!

Because, you see, he and his family are are packing up to go to Talladega – for Nascar – camping and infield seats and all.

He’s gonna send me pictures – – maybe, just MAYBE! He’ll butt dial me from the infield with the roaring engines playing in the back ground (I can only hope!)

And I’m reminded once more, of my need for living on the edge, all while I live strive daily to live life relatively small and safe.

I worked in many an adrenaline junkie industry, over my life – and when the s**t is hitting the fan – when life/limb is at stake? Oh, I do my best to be right there –

On the other hand – Many scrambles in everyday life are treated AS if life/limb are at risk, but really aren’t, and that’s where I get lost or start struggling – 😀

I’m reminded of my blessings –

The fact I can live vicariously through the thrill, the speed, the music of others, and then get ‘back to work’ in my own little, behind the scenes, relatively small potatoes on life/limb risk fronts for either my job and/or my daily life.

So why tell you this?

I took a break. Visited some songs/music videos for reminders, after his call, which reminded me of and just sharing with you – cuz, once in awhile, when I get stuck?

Here’s comes the call, the email, the connection, whatever, out of the blue, not always as a result of on purpose intentions, that just gets me ‘unstuck’ on this front or that when such things arrive.

Blood and heart pumping – Mind instantly swept free of too many options or too may cobwebs.

Such random things just do this for me –

…over and over, with zero effort on my part….

Which is why, I firmly believe I live in a generous Universe AND I believe in Angels – the human ones – who don’t always know what angelic things they are actually doing, right at the time….LOL

Soon I will return to next ‘work the to-do list’ push – which will be full of details, double-check, data entry, cross-link checking, et al, activities –

Which others find boring and sometimes is also mind numbing work for me – overall.

But such things MUST be done – over and over, as foundation for the awesome and inspiring and wonderful, to all happen….

It just is what it is.

The training, the practicing, the learning, the learning to avoid the risks while flying the highest you can reach, right about now….

The do over and over until you can do in your sleep, operations….

The taxing yourself to learn more and do more and leverage off the past all while pushing into yet another frontier…

It all is rather a ‘Wash/Rinse/Repeat’ cycle, to me.

And I sometimes get stuck in cycles –

But in my head and heart?

As I return to work today?

They will sing to me of things that beckon – –

The open road, the music, the roar of the engines – these things, in the end, are my Siren Call.

And that, overall is the beat of the Universe I can see/hear, right now, which I will return to work within….


Hope this finds you and yours well!

AC/DC “Back in Black” intro – 1967 Impala -Supernatural series

Kenny Loggins “Danger Zone” Top Gun

Rascal Flatts, “Life is a Highway”

Peter Schilling, “Major Tom (Coming Home)”

Garth Brooks, “Standing Outside the Fire” Firefighter Tribute video

Driving through Smoke and Fear

Often, I’m the one that tells others, “you can take the curve high, you’ll drive straight through it…I know it in my heart” –

But sometimes? I just have to remind myself of that too –

All while NOT sitting in a race car or fighter jet – or with my butt strapped into a plane attached to a rocket – 😀

7 thoughts on “Need for Speed…”

  1. I was looking for Sammy Hagar’s “I can’t drive 55” in your video lineup. LOL I love the hard and fast of life, the adrenaline rush and those “you can take the curve high, you’ll drive straight through it…I know it in my heart” moments. Those of us who are risk takers might crash a little harder but the inner spirit has us dusting off our butts and getting back in the saddle. That’s living life to the fullest and being a survivor!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. AWESOME!!! And YES!! How on earth did I fail to remember/share THAT Classic in the lineup!! Sigh! here’s the ‘shows cars in it’ video link: LOL.

      Your comment? Also reminded me of…a friend of mine, in high school, who got CAUGHT while hot-rodding – Big time!

      He made up one verse to sing to tune of George Thorogood’s “Lifes Been Good” – LOL

      “My car could do 125,
      Lost my license, so now I don’t drive.
      I have a bicycle, take it to the track –
      Use it to get to work and then get back….”



    2. P.S. – There are so many, on so many fronts, I say, just like Harry (from last long movie clip!) “there’s nothing you can’t do in a racecar” – style stuff, I STILL truly believe, with the right community, collaboraters and intentions/dream? So many folks could soar with the Eagles – :D. It PAINS my heart to see those who fly high, sitting on the ground, because their wings are clipped – through their own fears or lack of tools, etc. But in the end? I’ve always been Harry! LOL – that’s where I love to serve! On the other hand? Once in awhile, I just yearn to be go fast! But, overall? Being the hot-shot, expert, flying high person is not where I am most suited – rather – I’m one of the pit crew – best as I can be – that provides what is needed for others to fly high and not fall to the ground/crash mightily – :D.

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  2. You reminded me my former Job .I was a bank teller so our job was just to count from 1 to 10…either receiving a deposit or doing a withdrawal for a client. After 7 years i resigned.

    The banks dont allow you to have your phone with you.The environment was tight that i ended up not enjoying the job but i continued ,so long, im receiving my salary that was my only motivation kkkkkk but now im i doing what i enjoy though, at the moment less rewarding since im still establishing.
    But i am enjoying each day .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Quality of life and the return on the investments you make of your time and energy are so much more than just a paycheck, although! I confess, some of my attachment to living small was because I was married to one who needed alot of entertainment and distractions to be paid for – LOL – After leaving and basically, starting all over, I just committed to living as small as I could without depriving my child and still do – just because, I LOVE having the freedom of choice in which work I choose to take on for $$ – 😀


        1. Sometimes? In workplace? In the fronts one shows up to invest in? Volunteering, collaborating, etc.? Sometimes? I find myself not entertained at all – If I want entertainment? I can sing, I can dance, I can read, I can watch/listen to the work of others – I can research, I can learn more – I can plan for future infrastructure, etc., And yes, sometimes when I come up for air from ‘working’ with others/for others, from ‘what needs be done’ – I sometimes, rather laugh and get entertained about human nature, but overall? Some things do NOT entertain me, at all – they just make me Mad and reverting to early Christianity (Catholicism) and calling upon Gabriel, the Warrior Angel (learned later it might be Arch Angel Michael, from that theology, but well – to me? Just another face of God, but Gabriel was where I talked to God, all while attempting, in small ways, to avoid God in all my ugly, dysfunctional, fearful ways – – LOL – – I finally got strong enough to cut out the middle man and just use the direct line – – but that’s just me! )

          Entertainment is available in so many ways, in so many forms, in the society/region/land Iive in – and some entertains me – but when I’m at my worst? Um…yeah – not entertaining – makes me want to dial up Gabriel once more and say, “Sooo…. thinking about drawing my sword on this front – what say you? With me or not??” LOL

          The Warrior Angel

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