Quit Dressing like a Prostitute…

This….this right here, has been increasingly on my mind, for ever so long, on so many ‘fronts’, and regarding so ever many topics – to me? The story I shared (real life experience!) encapsulates, still, the ‘abstraction’ of what I see continually, on so many fronts and topics in todays’ world of current debates, disagreements, labels and judgement on ever so many fronts –

I guess, in the end?

My youngest son’s Sociology teacher from my son’s first year of college? Might be right –

At risk of mis-labeling myself, for both the experts and the hoarding masses, or angry mob folks?

I probably am, at heart – a sociologist – I just try hard to not get dissuaded by algorithms, data sets or narrow experiments in data collection, to prove my points – 😀

The Good, Bad and Ludicrous

“Fully equipped with our own sets of values, of which we are largely unconscious, we sally forth in the world and automatically see behavior with glasses colored by our own experience” – Customs and Cultures by Eugene A. Nida, 1954 edition, page 2

Mr. Nida’s book opens with the following story:

Local church elders loudly opposed the suggestion by missionaries that women of the congregation be required to wear clothing concealing their breasts when attending Church.  In that part of the Congo, the well and fully dressed female citizens were all too often prostitutes.

In other cultures examined by Mr. Nida, full-length grass skirts were the adornments worn by the modest.

Bare breasts and covered legs = Proper Decorum.

(I will also note that my stretch marks, sagging abdomen and full hips would fetch a very high bride price in some cultures.   Here, I’m just ugly.)


My own foray…

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2 thoughts on “Quit Dressing like a Prostitute…”

  1. Very interesting read. The world is so special. It always finds a way to teach us something, show things in many forms, and for us to really just shake our heads and decide what’s our next move

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    1. When I first read Eugene A Nida’s book (the original post contains more info…) I was appalled that such a book HAD to be written for those who chose to go on “Mission” to pull their head out and pay attention to the Culture and ways of the place they went into to – but, (sigh!) I started thinking more about history, and colonialism, imperialism, religious zeal, etc., and then, too, I had only to look around me at today’s world, two – and I DO often shake my head and wonder, “Just when will humans learn…..” – 😀


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