Living Through History

On many fronts in my life, I have lived through history – and I remember it.

Not the everyday stuff – not always the moments that mean so much for another in my family, that we shared the moment in time, together –

But, I do remember many things that now grace the pages of encyclopedias and are cited/bookmarked/referred back to –

We all do.

And yet…..

The moments of our history, that are also shared by those around us, are not always put down in a way that will allow the Ken Burn’s proteges of the future, to look back 100 years and tell the story – what made the newspapers and what everyday folks were dealing with at the time, or what their thoughts on the matter were.

Except for those who publish books that are purchased, shared and cherished enough to hand down (instead of dropping off at the thrift store donation bin…)

Those who keep their journals in a crate or trunk or give them to descendents who decide such things are worth keeping – perhaps not in a family home attic that is handed down, over and over, but is saved, during every ‘move’ as a ‘keeping it, storing it, paying to move it, not letting it go…”

How many have cards/letters saved somewhere?

Or do you just keep the ‘important now’ ones?

How many write letters, or send a card, that is kept rather than being read, then tossed into the trash or recycling bin?

And Then…The Privacy Issues

The worry over the digital footprints we leave – in black box, for profit companies, who save every single stroke of our keyboards, keep track of who we know/are connected with, what 2.5 second memes and thoughts we share – but who ALSO decide through their own choices and algorithms, when those things might be easily found/seen – now, later, etc.

We are Living Through History

I also believe, the recent disruptions to global systems on many fronts, were exposed for the very vulnerabilities they contain within them – just through the COVID pandemic – supply chains, centralized food systems, essential workers, safety nets for essential workers who are also, minimum wage workers. The disparity in the income & equality before the law seen on many fronts. Climate changes, Mother Nature issues, unrest due to climate migrations, rebellion, falling currencies and civil war.

All of these things have happened in the past – and, most likely, will happen again and again, until we destroy ourselves through short term thinking and bandaids for symptoms, or the blame/shame game, instead of focusing on true solutions for root causes of all of it –

But in all the moments of History I’ve thus far, lived through? The span of 2016-today? Seems to hold so many, many massive challenges and shifts, all at once, on many fronts – –

And even I sometimes get totally overwhelmed by trying to make sense of it all – even though this front is where I usually LOVE to Play and THINK on/in!

Nevertheless – if you feel called to write, to preserve, to publish a book, keep a journal, keep your correspondence, etc.?

I highly encourage you to do so –

Future folks may have need of being reminded, what these times looked like, boots on the ground, for those who otherwise, won’t make history – ya know – every day folks – 😀

Much like I turn to history of the past, of my lineage, of wars and Depressions and pandemics of the past, to better understand the everyday things, I’m living now.

Future ‘me’ won’t know, for sure, unless I have something to look back at – when my mind is better able to comprehend it all, given some time/space in which to percolate upon it all… 😀

One thought on “Living Through History”

  1. You have challenged me and confirmed something that was released someone on my birthday.She was saying you more stronger when write something than when speak it so she was charging me that you need to keep records of what you writing ….She actually said she sees a writer in me so one of the strategies is my blog and i think in need another option to really jounal events.
    So i want action that asp.

    My desire is that History will not erase my name and exploits …imagine History photoshoping you..hahaha

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