Let the Happy Holidays Season Commence…

Sigh – the traditions, the social media shares, the fights, the disagreements, the planning, the marketing, the event work, etc., is all ramping up for what I dub, “Happy Holidays!” season – –

Which early on, seems to make some who follow Christian traditions and those frustrated over logistic supply chains or engaging in smarmy marketing practices or consumer, no ceiling capitalism, not very happy for various reasons.

Some of the Christian beliefs arena, very soberly and sternly, inform me, “WE Don’t Celebrate the satanic holiday of Halloween” or “It’s Merry Christmas!”, or they express concern over my soul

Not all Christians I know, but an increasing number of them in my own backyard –

Folks I like and who, for reasons which often escape me, still like me, or worry enough about my eternal soul to put up with me and not abandon me to sin and hell, as it were….

Those on other various fronts accuse me of being humbug, the Grinch, not contributing to GDP, or our collective economy, or a miser, or cheap, etc., etc.

As usual, this time of year really reminds me how I can’t even make some of the people happy some of the time!

After decades of practice? I weather such things a little more easily each year, although I also get ramped up and mouth off often, still – publicly – 😀

Deep Magic

Yes, I believe in Deep Magic – sometimes it’s call a Miracle or Divine Inspiration, or the Holy Ghost – sometimes on some fronts, one thing is believed simultaneously by those of the professed, same beliefs, to be a moment of God and just as easily, as an example of Satan spreading evil –

But to me? Fall and the beginning of the holiday season, in the northern hemisphere of the nation & culture & economic system I live in year round, I still believe the day length, temperatures and the form in which moisture arrives changes drastically, is just a cycle – with gifts and challenges, just like many other things in life and therefore, carries deep magic, memories and traditions in it all at the same time.

It’s a time of death and quiet and resting, below the surface, to build one’s energy up for next spring and longer days and more work to do and long days of doing that work – a preparing for the next season of resurrection, rebirth, rejuvenation.

It’s a time to give thanks for the fruits of the harvest from the past year of work – on many fronts – not just flora and fauna turned from pasture/outdoor land, and now dried, preserved and stocked in the larder, the freezer, the pantry to survive hunger and illness and low supplies during the coming months –

It means more time indoors – blizzard days or fewer ‘events’ to attend or vacations to be crammed into a schedule while the kids/grandkids aren’t in school.

For some it means more time stuck indoors for long time, or gatherings for a day professing Peace and Goodwill to all men, around the very family and folks that drive ya just a bit batty if you have to interact with them or listen to their opinions (facts) for very long, attempting to listen with good tolerance and compassion….

It means illnesses that come from massive shifts in temperature, barometric pressure, bodies worn out from a long season of long, hard days and/or spending time in closed in spaces with folks who might not have as mature or strong of an immune system, or optimistic nature, as you do –

It also means, in some locales, working your way your voter information book and proposed candidates/legislation for your area and trying to understand how in the hell some of these candidates/legislation managed to get onto the ballot – in order to be an informed voter come the first part of November.

Obviously, some folks were busy working on stuff when I was too busy just WORKING to pay much attention to what the hell they were getting put on the ballot – now?

I have to play catch up in research and learning and I have less than 2 weeks to do it in, which is also funny – Deep Research was ‘put off’ when my Voter Booklet arrived – “I’ll get to that” – and yesterday? Picked up from the Post Office my mail in ballot (yes, I live in one of those states that is seen by one side as a shining example of Voter Rights and by another side as the crux of Voter Fraud issues – – sigh – I assure you, I’m a USA born citizen and I have verified documents to prove it – just saying – –

All this means I’m a fan of Fall/Winter Holiday Season

We need some traditions, celebrations, holidays, games/entertainment and feasts to keep our souls and spirits up, our bodies fed, padded with insulation to keep warm and not waste too much of our reserves & harvest (our own/or $ for monthly power bills) in the coming months, in order to greet next spring with our own physical reserves and our time/$ reserves to invest in the new season of sowing and reaping.

It’s our own way, on many fronts, to celebrate after a long season of hard work and to keep ourselves alive and nourished for the coming season of challenges.


Well, it could be argued as a long ago tradition of Harvest Home – a community celebration of the past season of work and harvest as well as a feast of goodies to share and prepare our bodies for the cold months ahead.

A time for a big bonfire to revel outside around, before months of being cooped up indoors. It could be a time when animal predators who walk the earth are either stocking up their reserves to hibernate or are out hunting in slimmer pickings, so it’s best to avoid the wild areas that ring around your village – and tell tales that so scare the youngns in the village there’s NO WAY they will be silly enough to venture into the wild and be lost to the survival of the fittest world.

A time to reflect on the miracle of life and one cycle of life ending before new life shows up once more, months later.

To reflect upon those who came before us, who nurtured and taught us, to survive this season – those who might not be among us anymore..,

The very ones who also put the fear of God and all manner of things beyond our young understanding into us, in order to prevent us from wandering into the dangerous, dark forest by ourselves when we are too small, too weak, to ignorant to protect ourselves fully….

A reflection done in less sunlight, shorter days and musings that might lead us into commune with the All That Is that blesses us with insight or instead, rather, vaguely depresses us – a lack of sunlight and fresh air and spending too much time indoors with folks with little habits that are missed outdoors, but become loud and irritating when cooped up indoors for too long of a stretch at a time – snoring, sniffing, talking during the movie, chewing with their mouth open cuz their nose is stuffed up – forgetting to turn up/turn down the thermostat, etc., etc…- all of which can all lead to frustration and fears – borne of too much togetherness or too much loneliness and results in way too much time to ponder upon losses, the good ole days of last summer, when one didn’t have to deal with such irritations or dark thoughts.


Then the weather turns ever colder and butchering is done – in a time where it will be harder to keep a large herd fed, sheltered and healthy through cold days AND the cool weather and nights allow for processing and preserving the bounty from butchered animals before it spoils and rots, carried over from the days before mass transportation, refrigeration and refrigerated train box cars/semi trailers.

Ahh… after crops in and preserved stored, butchering done, shelters made strong to withstand the winter winds for beast and humans.

Celebration full of too much food and some treats of items that just aren’t easily preserved all winter.

Let us feast on these treasures while we can and give thanks for the sacrifices made by many, long ago and just this past year.

Winter Solstice

Dependent upon ones religion, culture lived in and geographic region, there is some kind of Winter Solstice celebration. Some call it Christmas, some call it Hanukka, some celebrate Kwanza or a myriad of other celebrations, many of which I’m still learning about and feel too ignorant to mention/elaborate upon…. still!

To me? The truth that lies in each of them is long defined by geographical area, how many hours of daylight there is and what the weather conditions were as well as the society in which they were born into, raised into and from which their religious traditions sprang from – both in creating the new and the periodic eschewing the ‘old ways’ of doing things, by changing population, geographic conditions, interaction with others who came from a different time/place/culture…

New Year

Whether celebrated via the end of the annual Gregorian Calendar or later in the ‘approaching springtime’ months – again, dependent upon many factors, some kind of celebration is held to ‘forget the old, turn over a new leaf, yearn and reach for the time when once more, the barren landscape around one, starts to show signs of becoming flush with bounty, once more….

And once the Spring Solstice arrives?

All kinds of frenzy breaks loose, if only in the version of Go! Go! Go! to new births among animals, new flora poking it’s head out of the ground and humans waking up from their winter ‘funk’ or spiritual hibernation…

I often spend the winter season trying to cram in some ‘lets build some new infrastructure in cyber land, to meet next year!” wishes, in hopes, folks have time to ‘plan/build now!” only to meet busy holiday traditions, mid-winter breaks and then, about the time I wish to spend time outdoors to greet the spring cycle, it is as if many of those I serve, awoke rested after the flurry of fall/winter solstice which descended into boredom, cabin fever, perhaps illness to recover from – sometimes, with an aching belly starving for more variety than the last bit of preserved food that didn’t spoil, go bad and a rather boring diet for the last little bit of the ‘dark & cold times’

I will confess – if they aren’t ready/able to work on it – I sink, too, into me own hibernation – seduced by heavy carb meals and cheesy treats and all kinds of comfort food that replaces my ‘light, protein and lean veggie carbs’ diet that often, somehow, carries me through summer – nope – come this time of year?

I’m craving mashed tators, stuffing and gravy – gooey homemade macaronni and cheese – pasta dishes that have way more carbs and cheese in them than lean protein – 😀

Had to tell you that, lest you believe me to be a judging hypocrite – I always gain weight during the winter and lose some/most of it during the summer – although I confess to still trying to get rid of the COVID year/Quit my Thyroid medicine to treat myself with self-care potions, 30 lbs –

It’s almost as if every cell in our being is yearning, craving, reaching toward the same burst of energy that is echoed and shown in Mother Nature’s landscape around us, come the early spring.

I Celebrate the Traditions of the Seasons

I celebrate them all and by turns, offend this person or that, am commended or approved by others here and there, and yet, to me?

No matter the 24/7 world I live in – the leaps in technology, etc., I know, for myself, I’m happiest and most at peace when I honor the cycles within my own body – from the tiniest cell forged by aeons of memory of my ancestors, when abundant food stores, shelter, heat weren’t always as readily available as now,

Aided and abetted by a brain that has new sections in it and different wiring than those who grew up without TV, streaming youtube., or internet. And also holds dead areas that are steadily skirted by new neural pathways to recover skills lost after injury to this clump or that, long ago….

And a job that allows me to work as long a days in winter, sans power outages, as my ancestors worked in summer time, long ago –

The cycles that, to me, are in tandem with the landscape in which I live – an echo or imitation of the complex natural system in which I live and must survive, and yet, also, try to resist the simplification of it, the demonization of it or the ignorance of this ancient system that continues to regenerate, renew, protect itself, in face of a culture, a society, technology and trends that often choose to ignore deep nature or not respect its simple power over our lives.

f that makes me deeply religious or a satanic worshiper or a pagan or one who is a ‘traditionalists who ‘get’s it’ etc.,

So be it.

But to me? It simply is my quest, to be as in tune as I can be to that around which no human could ever fully replicate in all it’s glory – and to nurture my body and spirit enough to survive the times when Mother Nature can take me out anytime she wishes to do so….either through my idiocy, inattention or through my blatant disrespect for her all encompassing power over my fragile and mortal life force.

So, when I tell you, “Happy Holidays!” try to remember, I’m saluting in YOU, the life spark and energy and the spirit that walks in the same natural world I do – with all it’s beauty, its challenges – it’s moments of sheer terror and the seasons of pure bounty, the times when just surviving is a struggle and those blessed moments where and when, living becomes easier.

Everything else? For you and me? Our Differences?

Simply a matter of Geography, logistics, traditions, to me, but as those I have learned to know around me, enter their seasonal cycles, on many fronts different from mine??

I think of and often celebrate quietly with them, too – i.e. those I know in the Southern Hemisphere through bloggy buddies, pen-pals and tech tools chat support – doncha know? I think of you cooking a traditional Christmas feast in the hot climate of your times, when I often am grateful for the stove heat in my own kitchen, preparing my own meal –

I celebrate traditions and honor them best as I can, on fronts where really, those who have them, created them, would not be wrong in saying I was trying to co-opt their stuff and destroy it through my entitlement/privilege (I truly LOVE and celebrate Kwanza and I’m nothing but a lower, middle class white woman raised in a traditional, Protestant, heavily Republican area – so guess what? I just don’t talk about my celebration anymore, to avoid wrath from both sides, but again, I talk about it here – just because, no sense in lying about it….

I acknowledge, honor and cherish, within you, for your traditions and greet you with, “Happy Holidays” the best way I know how.

P.S. – Yup – that’s it – this one, Happy Holidays wish is sent to cover you through till next spring – I mean it! You know me….Ms. Streamline, Once and Done, personage! Just in case I get busy and all focused on this quest or that, and forget to say so, later.

I Might do specific wishes if the spirit moves me to, but never forget, I said it once, here, to cover the all the coming months! Belated Well Wishes on anything rather chaps my butt, though I do it often, in full humility that I lose track of time and do not often remember to comply with social norms – sigh –

Happy Winter (or Summer!) holidays to you and yours, as case may be for you. May you survive, thrive, be blessed, overcome challenges in the coming months.

One thought on “Let the Happy Holidays Season Commence…”

  1. We quit celebrating “holidays” long ago. What happens instead is enjoying the season, joining up with others to celebrate friendship and enjoying each other’s company. Humans put so much importance on what society dictates of how we should be, what we need to do, and how to act appropriately. It’s stressful.

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