Revisiting Labels…

It continues to confuse me, after I don’t know, for sure, HOW long, how me being me is labeled as either good/bad – as succeeding/failing – as blessed savior on this front or that or ‘what is wrong with the world’ on other fronts –

Want an example?

Here ya go –

In my world? My life?

Me being me is seen/labeled by many, all at once – the following:

  • Humble/Low Self Esteem
  • Leader/Bossy
  • Empathetic/Projecting onto others

Same shit, same audience, different labels –

Thus, as always, it occurs to me, every durn day results in reminding meself,

“Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder”

and there just isn’t much I can do about that – overall – πŸ˜€

Ta-da! There’s the short version of the previous 2,000 word post filled with memories, lessons learned, context, sarcasm, quiet truths, etc….

In short….


4 thoughts on “Revisiting Labels…”

      1. Okay – hopefully this answers your request – I grew up in a very small community, and while I understand the human evolution and need for gossip (to keep connected to one’s community and offer aide or assistance when needed) much of the gossip I ‘call’ gossip, is mean, petty and violate one of the 10 commandments – you know the one, “Do not bear false witness against your neighbor” and, to me, much of stems from violation of another commandment, “Covet not what your neighbor has.” etc. So, in my very early life, I learned often and harshly how a few wagging tongues and the cowards that wagged them, would talk about me and what they thought I was doing, behind my back, cause problems for me, trouble for me, which I THEN had to waste my time and energy to clean up the false mess they had made – –

        The folks that gossip/talk about others that way? Are just the adult version of childhood bullies, in my mind – and show lack of character. Because I HAD to get a tough skin and deal with it – I coped with it all by reminding myself, “Well, if they are wagging their tongues about me, they are leaving someone else alone”, perhaps someone else more vulnerable or more easy prey than I was –

        That was the only way I learned to deal with it. Through the years, in office politics and those who play them through sly deceit and half-truths? I learned to just speak my mind and my truth loudly and say, “Okay – if you believe them, and don’t want to sit down, all of us in a room, and figure this out, I can leave and they can have it all. ”

        In short – gossips, tongue waggers, those who seek to destroy what is good and make it ugly or hurtful? I just cope with either dragging them into the light or leaving them to their own devices in the Hell made by their own choices and pettiness.

        Me? I want to be so busy dancing and singing I don’t have time to worry about who is watching me or who is talking about me – and, if given a chance? I’ll invite them to sing and dance with me, so they are too busy with joy to waste another moment sitting on the sidelines talking about those who dance, instead of simply, dancing themselves! πŸ˜€


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