The tale of Dick, Harold and the Snake

This Thanksgiving week, I spent moving Mama back to the neighborhood, keeping up on work things and got to see my brother for first time in awhile. No cooking of big meal – We tabled it for Christmas. We shared a quick meal, took a break from unpacking boxes and played Farkle. Maybe I’ll do the turkey and ham in the freezer for Christmas dinner? Belated Happy Thanksgiving! And here’s a tale from Thanksgivings from the past, when my brother wrote a entry for the Tribute Family Newsletter we did for my Dad the last Thanksgiving he was with us. Enjoy!

The Good, Bad and Ludicrous

And I can’t help but share this story with you, as well, written by my brother for the same Tribute Edition:

SnakeThe Tale of Dick, Harold and the Snake

by Dubin Truff  (the wrong name that got bestowed on my brother a few years ago)

For all who don’t know who the main characters of this story are, let me give you a little background.

I have always been amused when people get a person’s name wrong, so, a few years ago, when a customer of Dad’s called him “Harold”, I couldn’t help but laugh and immediately started referring to him as “Harold” myself. A short time later Dad, myself and my brother-in-law were riding in Dad’s pickup on the way to the store for some last minute Thanksgiving dinner items.

My sister and her husband were dealing with construction contractors as their new house was being finished, and he…

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5 thoughts on “The tale of Dick, Harold and the Snake”

    1. Yes! It’s a dice game – sorta like but not even like Yahtzee and in trying to find a link to the directions in the box? Official rules? I found a whole bunch of folks who have started their own site, made up their own rules and ‘then’ declared their rules to be the OFFICIAL ones… – So if you’re bored, just do a search for ‘official Farkle Rules” and then go read “Da Rules” from the first 5 links that pop up (that aren’t an ad, and hopefully you’re using Duck Duck Go for your search engine – just saying…. 😀 )

      All I can say is “WOW! Check out how versatile this game is??!!!???!!! One site I read had rules listed for the food to be served during the ‘Farkle Game Party” and put in penalties of ‘no chips and salsa for you, if…..” – – LOL!

      It’s a simple game – tossing the dice – if the dice used aren’t ‘loaded’, a game of chance, although, still enough room for strategy decisions – – easy for 3 years old+ to learn and fun around a table with breaks for food, conversation, razzing –

      And all the versions of ‘official rules?” that exist? Well, all I can say is, it apparently is a game many find enjoyable and put their own spin on – – :D.

      Sorta like ‘house poker’ – “Deuces & one eyed jacks wild this and – if you can’t remember what’s wild for one hand of 5-card stud, one draw – better lay off the booze and not be betting your share of pumpkin pie on it…..” 😀

      Here’s the link to the ‘Affordable Farkle Game” – Here’s the link to the Luxury Set, if you get intrigued and only invest in the finest - –

      But really, all you need are 6 die, some scratchpaper, a pencil/pen and 2+ folks to start playing – 😀

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      1. We have it. Played it for a bit when our kids were younger. But haven’t played it in a long time. Last night, we hung out and played Five Crowns – a gin rummy type of card game but with as many people as want to play and a few layers of additional complexity.

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