Sort of Silent Sunday….

What I felt this morning, while viewing, then belatedly trying to capture a picture of the early pre-dawn, dawn, day breaking?

Words are inadequate to share what I experienced inside – in every cell of my being.

I tried over and over to write the words – to express them.

And then realized – the words strung together by me, somehow only degrade, or limit, constrain, oppress the true voice I heard this morning of All that Is.

I still have work to do on writing and photography skills and yet – I did wish to share some small portion of the Profound that Blessed my life this early morning, long before I tried to snap a pic, or put 1,000+ words to it…

May this Day find your Life Touched by the Profound and Beautiful.

Old, Deciduous Stalwarts – Standing strong As the Wisps of Above Race By

8 thoughts on “Sort of Silent Sunday….”

  1. Wonderful Sky… And Lovely to walk back in your blog today and see them… Words in the Human Language are often inadequate and the feelings we feel often we can not find the words, because there are none…
    Life is a constant ebb and flow of energy that sweeps us up into the clouds or drowns us in the muddy puddles…
    But I certainly feel a rise to the heights of new awareness TamrahJo.. And it’s liberating..
    Love and Hugs my friend…
    And thank you so much for your visit… Meant a lot… ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Even living in town – even having curtains/screens to reduce the heat gains/losses to save energy costs year round in my place for $ and for lowering my impact…the only time I cannot view even a glimmer of the daily tides that turn towards and away, is if I simply don’t stop and take time to look. Hoping that your comment means you are indoors for Sunday services and started preparing early and not because of Mother Nature’s stormy life, Mankind’s strife, etc. Blessed Be to you all

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        1. Wonderful!!! You know, in my ignorance and fear of what I view as your local challenges greater than mine, how I worry about you and your flock! So Thank you and yes, if you sleep through it? that’s okay to! For venturing forth after dark care for a flock means, not waking up at dawn, if one is to be able to care for the flock the coming days – :D. Thanks for replying and ‘letting me know”! 😀

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        2. Hahahah its alright, it has been long not seeing notifications from your blog. I thought you were on break or slowing down as we approach the festive season.
          Hope it is well with you!
          Keep well!

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