Fly-By Update

Yes, I’m still alive for those who have reached out via non-WP ways to check in on me –

Thank you for your cyber-buddy/neighborly check in! You are appreciated!

That said – I have been trying to like/view your posts – even sometimes commenting, though trying not comment as often as I’ve been wont to in the past – 😀

No pictures to share with ya – no words of wisdom that are 164 characters or less –

Spending more time fighting viper pit snakes and demons in the overall structure of a world that is, on many fronts? Still wading through disruptions –

Me too! And I really find myself reading more and descending into quiet because, such a cacophony of ‘Do this/Do that/You’re the Problem/Who is to blame’ stuff that I figure – why add to it?


But most of what I think is funny, is really, just sarcasm in attempt to be ‘satirical’ and well – enough of that floating around – too – thus…..

Some day I’ll go back through to edit and publish “Cow Farts – Part 1,083” and the other posts sitting in my drafts folder –

It’s BRRR cold here and we received, here on our place – about 4″ of snow today – little to no wind – no power outages – alas, for me? Unless power is out?

I really can only have a snow day if my boss (me) proclaims one and handles customer complaints –

My boss figures it’s just easier to work than it is to field the complaint calls – – LOL

Hope this finds you and yours safe, warm and faring as best ya can with myriad fronts of chaos and uncertaintity on many, many fronts, dependent where you are in life and where ya live!

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