Supporting Others Along the Way

Featured Image by Annie Spratt from Pixabay

One day, in the bathroom….

…at a national chain restaurant, my traveling companion loves…

I overheard the following conversation take place between two restaurant staff:

“Are you okay? “

“My dad had a stroke this morning – found out right before work – don’t know what is going on yet or how he is”

“I’m so sorry, do you need to go home? Ya want me to call my friend to cover your shift?”

“No, I need the money, and not certain if there is anything I can do by being there, I’ll just wait and check my messages during break”

And those two front line workers, exited the bathroom, after washing their hands more fully than, I suspect, is even shown in Medical Drama TV series, , took the floor and ‘did their work for the day”

I saw, later, on the floor, front line service, the worker who got bad news, right before shift.

She was stopped by one demanding drinks service and ‘what’s the hold up? on getting served’ harsh inquiry, by the spokesman of a party of folks sitting not far from me.

Who, I confess, had already sort of annoyed me with their grandiose, loud ways….

She calmly and gently, replied,

“I’ll let your server know you are ready place your food order, and we are short staffed on bar staff, so drink orders are taking a bit longer today, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.”

As she was walking away from the table, self-elected spokesman for that table, said, loud enough for me, thus, surely loud enough for her younger ears, to hear,

“Well, she sure doesn’t give smiling service at all, does she? Well, lets wait a bit longer, but we are NOT leaving a tip – that’ll teach her…I’m so tired of incompetent workers who ask for higher wages….(yada, yada, yada, morph into politics rant) “


Well, in one way, I personally congratulated myself, and still feel I exercised great personal control in not storming over to the table, shaking my finger in that man’s face, or slapping him with a leather glove or my open palm & calling him outside for duel to the death…while I called him anything but a human being….and explained loud and proud, just how wrong he was, and…btw, has he ever, in his life, worked a front line, menial labor job?

Has he??? No??? Well then shut the !@#$ up, you, sir, know nothing!

Um, yeah – that’s my ‘adrenaline’ side gearing up….

I also, meanwhile, didn’t I embarrass my dinner companion, by taking any action at all, given their long time held view that I constantly, and rudely, dare to intercede into things, that, afterall, is really, NONE of my business, is ‘how it is’ and just causes everyone, including me and her, unneeded embarrassment, loss of social status or strife in life…

On the other hand?

I was silent witness to the BS that seems to be acceptable, anytime, anywhere, for any reason, anymore, and, through my silence?

Which means,

Through my silence?

I Just signed up for, by personal choice, to be a collaborator in the whole sorry mess of the ‘not so stellar side’ of humanity – and propagated it/gave silent consent to rampant unkindness.

To this day, nearly 3 weeks later…

I think of this moment, in time, once more…

I ask myself and the Universe, what else could one ask of her, really?? She stopped, served, was polite, and went off to do her job.

She didn’t ignore the customer need, she didn’t walk on by…

To me? Nothing more to ask for or demand, of her…

Her failure as worker/customer service as judged by another?

She didn’t have her happy, bubbly, smiley face on, NOR did she wave her magic Fairy wand and instantly gratify the customer’s request.

To me?

I’d much rather have a world full of folks like her, working to serve others, than so many of those who wait on me in various fronts, with their bubbly, vivacious, smiling faces – why?

Cuz I didn’t show up there, or in other fronts for self-help, happy wappy, positive thinking NOR did I show up thinking I was emperor for a day and my every whim and time frame must be met.

Either services can be provided, on my budget of resources/time frames, or they simply cannot be, and for me? Ain’t no pep-talk, positive thinking, smiley face of server with promises of ‘everything is fine, I’ll just feed your ego, so you don’t leave without paying/or leave me bad feedback my manager will use to fire me….” makes a nano bit of difference, to me, really, on whether I stick around or not.

So, for me? Tell me the truth (she did) offer to help as you can (again she did) and now?

I have the info to decide whether I want to stick around or not…

Missed Opportunities…

I have thought, here and there, over the past few weeks, what would have happened if I had simply gotten my temper under control, calmly got up, walked over to the table, and said in low voice,

“Hi, I overheard what you said out loud, and you don’t know, but I overheard her telling a co-worker, earlier, her dad had a stroke this morning and was being rushed to hospital, right before she started her shift, so she may not be able to smile as big or be as friendly/up as you were wanting today.”

What would have happened?

I won’t ever know, because I didn’t try – why?

Same story line, Different Day –

For me, from my past, for many, on and on and on.

Experience and history have shown me over and over, folks who act/behave, and say/do, really loud, not only that phrase regarding the staff (who, after observing? seemed to be a busser of dirty tables, overall), but also loud exclamations of ,

“Order what you want! Today is on me!

(I’m a big shot, and by gummy, I’m buying and we will get the best, because, afterall, I’m a big shot that is eager to prove to everyone else how big and powerful I am, and how I can make another’s life miserable, if they don’t ask ‘how high’ when I say, ‘Jump!'”

I can’t unwind all the times I was on receiving end, part of a dinner party with such a personality in it, or times I’ve observed such things as an onlooker, in restaurants –

And, well, I didn’t say/do anything, because, history/experience, has told me over and over, useless waste of energy, unless, I resort to physical violence or threats to the life of another on any fronts where they feel insecure.

Threats I can back up, by the way, or am willing to die trying to back up – before I utter them.

My Dad told me, “Don’t say it unless you’re willing to carry through”

Over time of similar experiences, over and over? I still don’t know how to drive the message home, in way they will get it that doesn’t really turn me into them, just now….

On the other hand, who knows?

What If I had gone over to the table?

Quietly asked the man, “Sir, could I speak to you privately for a moment, wanted to ask your advice on something….”

Given him a chance to say yes or no…

What struggles Lurk for Any of Us, Really??

Maybe he would have said yes, as king protector and savior of the poor and downtrodden only he can help….. (that’s my broad generalization/labeling of him…)

I might have found out he’s working 3 jobs, to provide for others, who only appreciate him when he ‘pays’, and is scared no one in his family/friends circle will love him anymore, if he can’t –

Or maybe he wanted to do one last fancy dinner, with huge bar tab, before his business he built over 30 years, goes under cuz it couldn’t survive all the hits of COVID years…. And in his deep despair, he just wanted, one last BIG splash, inadequate to compensate for the blood, sweat and tears he had invested over many years, on many fronts – but for the feeling of ‘one last big, meal I can still pay for”

Maybe, just for that day, he wanted to feel expansive, powerful, generous, but so rarely has felt that way, he didn’t know for sure ‘how to’ act while he tried to ‘feel’ as if….

Who knows for sure?

Certainly not I…

Can’t tell ya.

Cuz I was either a coward, or didn’t ‘waste the time/effort’ to try, and/or failed in my duties as a human being, on the very front/opportunity presented, that I claim to care about so much…

So again, a story from the front lines, that, in the end?

Always, always, holds a mirror up to me, to assess myself and whether I’m walking the talk I talk – πŸ˜€

I’m 19 years old….

Featured image by Artist at Pixabay – I went to grab the link, but the Pixabay hosting server seems to be struggling with challenges just now –

Yup, this is what was shared with me, in a support call, this past week.

I’m 19 years old, I need to study for finals, this is my first job, only been here for two weeks, thanks for being nice….

Bless His Little Pea Picking Heart

Between him and I, me trying things on my end, him saying, ‘can you hold on for a minute, while I go check on something else, that might help?” and me saying, “Sure! I’ve been doing this all day, if you come back and don’t hear me? I muted while I ran to the bathroom….”


Now, truth be told, the above quote wasn’t said to me, all at once – it just came out, a little bit at a time, over the span of 72 hours – while fixing a problem, for another, who I didn’t realize before, I was still on ‘backup/can access the account/ask for help’ for –

In my world?

They gave me access to do what I needed to do for their DNS settings 2 years ago, and then, told them they could delete paying for me as a user on their account and…thought they had!

But no, guess they figure it’s worth the extra expense –

And when they called, asking for help? I was able to login, 2Step Authentication still working, and well – I had a choice of asking for an answer in about 1-4 hours via email OR get a phone call to me in 15 minutes –

So I opted for phone call…been on the phone and chat all durn day, what’s another 2-3 hours? I say to myself.

Meet “Mr. College Freshman”

He’s the main character in this story, after all.

A young man, who responded, when I muttered under my breath (but muttering still transmits over headset microphone)

“@#!$! That’s not working! I’m getting an error code so long and complex, and details don’t tell me anything but to call for support, now what?? Sorry for cussin’ outloud – not mad at you….Thanks for helping…”


“I am fine if I stay on the phone with you until the end of my shift – the last 3 customers cussed and screamed at me – you’re funny,”

Mr. College Freshman Tech Support Rep

I weep for the poor, deluded youth when they give me way more credit than I deserve –

But, during the time span of nearly 48 hours, between initial call for help, working with tech, checking back with original caller, waiting for call back from them, call back, twice, from Mr. College Freshman, to check in and see if issue resolved?

Because ya know – it’s no easier to call directly, the tech support person with feedback than it is to call back a telemarketer when it’s convenient for you and they are just sitting down to dinner….:D

But, to best of my knowledge, all has been fixed, and Mr. College Freshman asked, when he called to check back in, again! last night, if I would be willing to ‘stay on the phone’ for a short customer service survey – of course I said yes!

I punched in three numbers – 5, 5, 1

  • “On scale of 1-5, with one being poor and 5 being best, how would you rate the support you received”
  • “On scale of 1-5, with one being poor and 5 being best, how would you rate the responsiveness of the customer service rep who helped you?”
  • Was your issue resolved, press 1 for yes, 2 for no”

Sigh –

Yup, I still wait, hang out in chat, stay on the phone for that crap – why? No matter who says what, front line staff or not, in MY experience?

At some point in time, some higher up will look at basic metric numbers, time spent on call average and feedback numbers – and make threats to the employee, or hiring/firing decisions and or institute sweeping company wide mandates, that may hurt Mr. College Freshman more than they help, even if he’s doing is job best as he can.

But I also cried in my heart for Mr. College Freshman

He has entered a work world, under way more pressure, than what was held in the work world for me, when I first entered.

My first job?

Babysitting – when I was 11 years old.

Left in charge of 2-7 year olds. Their health, safety and well being. Feeding them, helping them with homework/projects, and making sure they were put to bed, and STAYED in bed/fell asleep, at the parental specified time.

For a dollar an hour, no matter if 1 child or 4.

Sure, I had sat through First Aid training and CPR training, but didn’t possess any of those certifications.

I simply tagged along, kept my mouth shut or asked questions and did all the stuff my Mom did while she got her adulting it, certified training, even though I was too young to be issued a ‘real certificate of completion’.

My parents didn’t waste $ on babysitting – either I stayed with friends/family when direly needed (middle of the night ER runs) or I went along to what they went to – on the other hand? I was expected to do my part, best as I could, for my age level, or we would all leave (i.e., there was no throwing a fit in a restaurant, while they were on their ‘date night’ and staying to get the privilege of eating out stuff not available at home. They would do without, too, if I or my brother were sick, tired or being lil ‘arse wipes’ –

His First Job?

I suspect he got hired for, given less overall training for, and thrown into the deep end of the pool, to provide service to others who will cuss at him, take their anger out on him, and sure, he may make a lot more money at it, than I did at my first job, but what he earns won’t buy as much as I could with my long ago pay and what he gets paid for his time, will pale in comparison to the kind of treatment he receives from the very folks he is trying his best to help.

Most Likely…

He has more skills, education and intuitive know-how on the tools he was hired to provide support for, than I will ever have – but what do I value MOST about him?

His Heart

His willingness to take on another call, to finish his shift ‘still working’ and maybe, just maybe, he won’t, a month from now, get ‘a talking to/told to improve his metrics’ simply because he is willing to show up and hang in there, until some kind of resolution or a plan is made to ‘check back in’ to see if one of the 3 ways we figured out together, to fix the issue, actually worked for his paying customer, that I called in as proxy for.

I won’t hold my breath his employer won’t, at some point, tell him, “You’re taking too long on calls, fix it or we’ll have to let ya go.”

At which time? He’ll be replaced by someone I hope, always, ISN’T the person who chooses to jump in and help when I submit an “SOS! Help!!!” missive with quick answer that doesn’t answer anything, really, and then, before resolved? Ends the chat/call/ticket and immediately asks for my feedback.

Those kind of interactions are increasing in wide numbers, and, while I understand the words, “I Don’t Know, let me check over here” or “I’m not sure why that isn’t working, can you hold on while I research/check over here/ask my team lead?” or “I’m going to pass you on to someone better suited to help you with this problem”

I Appreciate ANY of those responses – I’m okay with that…

But increasingly, I read or hear their response, and my first thought is one of 2 things,

  • Oh, NO! You can’t read, can you!
  • Nope, all you did is give me links to the very things I submitted to you, already, “Have tried this, this, that, and this, now what?” So, you didn’t read, did ya….?

But, on many fronts? In many ways?

I see more and more burn out, trying to ‘survive’, keep the job others do have, on several fronts (including high levels of turn over in support staff, over short periods of time….)

Not just for him, but for any front line service worker, professional or not, higher education degree or not – training received or not.

My heart quietly bleeds for me and them – for the continuing plight, on so many fronts, for so many front line service providers – who must show up and be the ‘face/voice’ of answers, when in reality?

They have little to no control/full understanding of what ‘snazzy new’ changes/tools/projects’ are chosen and implemented by those higher up the ladder than they.

Thus? To me? Ain’t a single front line service provider in my country, who actually gets paid what they are worth when they show up with their best that day- from soldiers, to customer support reps? To the restaurant employee?

Um, yeah – when they gird their loins to show up with their best, over and over?

Well, no amount of $ on earth can ‘buy’ that – it takes, the heart, overall –

I’m just hoping Mr. College Freshman felt ‘resolve’ rather than ‘despair’ when I said,

“Sigh – I hear ya, it is bewildering and stressful – as long as you work for someone else, especially in a bigger company, as front-line customer support?

This is what it is/how it goes, been my experience during the 41 years I’ve worked for a living. Doesn’t matter the front, industry, who you work for, or who you serve, in your own business.

All I can tell ya is no matter who says you’re great, who says you’re awful, as you go through life, hold, always, within yourself, a core part that isn’t impacted by either kudos/curses, not affected by carrots/sticks – cuz to me? Your heart intact, and you need only protect it from those who try to destroy it for their own needs, so it is always there for ya as you navigate each phase of life.”

Mr. College Freshman, I suspect, is less burnt out than me, and smarter on many fronts than me…hopefully, he was either heartened OR smart enough to realize,

I was giving myself another pep talk, all while trying to be nice to him – – πŸ˜€

But in the end? This story isn’t about just me, OR Mr. College Freshman –

It’s about all of us, worldwide, who show up over and over, with the best we have that moment, to try…yet….again….

The core of MY heart?

Still holds higher respect for and tries to hold the safe space within which, others can safely say, “I don’t know” or “Let me check” or “Here! Let’s try this!” more than I do those who say, “There is not problem”, “No one else is having an issue”, “Upgrade to this service and ya won’t have to deal with this – ” etc.

So, next time you call for help? Please remember the caller(s) right before you? Might have cussed out/screamed at/asked for a supervisor, and here you are, connected with a 19 year old, going to college, and just now learning, overall, how Good, Bad, Ugly and Ludicrous, the world really is, on some fronts –

Maybe he and I survive it all – maybe we don’t –

But for one moment in time? He was the Saving Grace, Safe Space and Beautiful moment in my long, ugly day full of support staff that were more interested in me just going away without any answer, not even “I don’t know” on so many fronts.

Long live those with Brave Hearts in face of bewilderment.

7-Volume Set of Books – Ordered!

I’m really excited! I finally ‘scored’, on a budget I can afford, from 2nd hand bookseller, the 7-volume set of Thomas Merton’s Journals.

Order confirmed and seller has auto-emailed me to say they should make their way to my mailbox sometime in the next 14-45 days.

I have followed, read quotes from and citations to his works on so many fronts, for so many years –

His journal set, has been on my ‘books to own wishlist’ for ever so long!

Sadly, they are gonna arrive to me, about the time of year when I’m not reading much – even though I always yearn to!

Nope, they may sit in a pile for next winters hibernation – maybe not, but well, my history tells me…sigh –

Thomas Merton

Choose any quick link served up to ya, if you search his name, you’ll find in preview, without actually visiting a website, that he was a monk, a social activist, a poet –

To me?

He’s a philosopher who took what he learned, given his path in the world, and a warrior who showed up to fight for what he believed important for the feeding and care of a human soul, no matter their religion, politics, where they lived, or how they chose to ‘organize’ themselves within a greater society –

I’ve watched/read documentaries, read biographies, read conspiracy theories over his death, rebuttals to his work & the conspiracy theories on his death, over and over, during many long years, of my hodgepodge of what I read/watch more dependent upon the radar my brain set to, in the moment , than being any dedicated, serious study/deep dive into one ‘thing’.


  • I’m not Catholic
  • I’m not a poet or philosopher
  • I’m not burning to be a social activist, political player, guru or leader in thought/building bridges among many different groups, etc.

But, well – no matter how my life changes, where I grow, where I regress, what I learn?

Thomas Merton referral citations, footnote links & quotes stalk me no matter what fields I go to ‘learn more about’ –

Quotes and Citations/Footnotes, appear as ‘evidence’ to support or refute, ideas, evidence presented by those who agree/disagree with him, on so many, many fronts, of the world I inhabit, and topics I need learn more on, or already care deeply about, all by meself even If I had never heard his name.

For better or worse, Thomas Merton haunts my world/Life Path, over and over – though he and I really never inhabited this plane of same spacetime, together.

And I find his left behind words, endlessly entertaining, enlightening and fascinating.


Well – I could afford to invest in ‘wishlist purchase of books’ when I discovered I could order the journal volumes from one bookseller at

I really don’t care what the world labels Thomas as – then, later or now – as a good guy or bad guy –

I just want to fully dive into what he ‘left behind as evidence of his life’s work/passions/focus –


I may just learn and grow more, while reading for escape from the world I wish to retreat from in the quiet of the night -as, for a moment, I can pretend I’m walking in the wilds of the forest, the desert, the mountain, while Thomas walks besides me and shares his thoughts – πŸ˜€

β€œThe beginning of love is the will to let those we love be perfectly themselves, the resolution not to twist them to fit our own image. If in loving them we do not love what they are, but only their potential likeness to ourselves, then we do not love them: we only love the reflection of ourselves we find in them”
― Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island

Embarrassing Pictures

Yeah – I wrote out 2014 words for this one – apparently? Drafts saved, manually, aren’t really saved, manually or automatically

Thus, WordPress, read this new saved draft – not happy with you, algorithms, auto save, manual draft saves either – you’re all messing up – automatically OR manually – in tech land – over and over and over –

2014 Words Gone

You’re welcome, that I let them just go. No one wanted to read, anyhoo – I guess – LOL

Short form of the story?

I never realize how bad my housekeeping is until I take a picture to post – and see it all – judged against the lens of what other folks post –

But, at the end of the day?

Every garden of Angels carries, also, those with dusty, grimey, tarnished halos.

And every garden within is forged out of walking the Path of Life, has sharp, dusty, hard rocks to navigate….

And well – who gives a flip what a piss-poor housekeeper I am, really?

And those who will judge such things, do I really give a flip what they think?

I pretty much, think not – mostly because I go clean their house OR tell them they’re not a terrible person when they fail to keep up with daily tasks like they used to/wish to/are already being ‘dog piled’ on by the superficial friends they are surrounded by –

This morning, on MULTIPLE fronts?

I am reminded – ain’t Pobody Nerfect – not me, not them, etc.

But maybe, just maybe, If I post me own lil eternal, indoor garden of hope, that I set up, long ago, and have added to, over time, in a place where I see it and am reminded of love and beauty, multiple times a day?

It might just carry the message to others struggling in an easier way than the 2014 words I wrote to go with it –

So, Featured Image Shows My Physical Indoor Garden of Hope

It’s in a little corner of wasted space, until I completely remodel my tiny home bathroom that is smaller than the walk in closet of many, and, perhaps, bigger than the whole house of others – whaddya I know? It does have a light and running water. Since 2015, it actually has plugins for things like hair dryers – or electric beard trimmers, nose hair trimmers, leg shavers or eyebrow pluckers, or teeth scrubbers folks really are committed to doing in private, with the door shut.

Why? cuz, well, someday, I’ll be dead and my family will want to sell this house to someone else – easy to get rid of the rock garden and wash away the dust/grime/repaint the walls – in current trending colors, not so easy to rewire the whole durn place (thank goodness that all got done years ago at those PRICES for labor/materials – sigh)

Bonus picture?

The latest gift from some one who I’m not sure if they value my skills, or are afraid I’ll rat them out cuz I listened one day when they shared their darkest imaginings/fears…

πŸ˜€ I don’t know – but guaranteed, this 2022 gifted addition to my ‘sigh, another dust collector – but it’s a gift, from someone I love….” will be dusty and tarnished by poor housekeeping skills, come this time, next year…

Me? Off to do ‘battle’ where and when and how I can – cuz since, I, so many hours ago, started writing, many folks world view have rather blown up on some fronts and now? I’m so mad at so many things in need of fixing, I’m just sitting pondering on which battlefield to take, next – 2 fronts already taken and well –

No casualty lists to report, just yet – πŸ˜€

But lots of laughing from others, while I explained the battlefield to take, or their backup waiting in the wings, or did the ‘after action report’ to them – LOL

Thus, for today? There are some folks who don’t care how crappy of a housekeeper I am on dusting knick-knacks and washing wall fronts – πŸ˜€

They don’t count on me for that, unless – they are sick, unable to wash their own, then guess who shows up to clean their walls/knick-knacks?

Me – LOL – BUT THATs DIFFERENT! I’m doing it for THEM – their lil hearts & souls requires that stuff to keep on chugging along, best as they can –

Me? Well – long ago, I tried to be ‘good lil housekeeper’ and have all matching decor, and decorate for special holidays in matching ways to meet the needs of those who demanded it – I learned my lesson, after I found out, later, my son told his girlfriend her gift to me in ornament wouldn’t ‘match’ my tree colors –

I only knew, at the time, how beautiful and probably expensive, her gift to me was, until he ‘confessed’ and said, “Mom, I told her to get in colors to match” and I don’t ever, ever want to repeat that mistake of putting things before people, even in outward actions that may say I do, when I really don’t, ever again –

Thus? Dusting and cleaning takes place when someone in need, with severe allergies, seeks refuge here – long term – otherwise? Meh – other more important things to be doing, right about now….

It’s Easter Sunday…

I went to bed early yesterday – cuz I could and I was in need of respite and reset before tackling anything more.

Got up at o’dark thirty, well before my ‘alarm’ set to nudge me out of hibernation/hiding I do so well in winter time – blew right good & well! past my ‘start working when I can/how I can’ fronts while connecting with others – some striving, some surviving, some drowning, some celebrating –

Sigh – I’ve been up/on duty on various fronts, to my mind, for nearly 11 hours now – do you think I got a lick of new, design, billable work, really done, to account for all those hours?

Nope – on the other hand – there are things that just needs be done, not for pay, best as we can, when the opportunity affords us the window – to put our money where our mouth claims we are –

I’ve been challenged by and also blessed, for so many months, on so many fronts – and yes, deep into assessing whether my dragging my feet to go be the workaholic I’m accused of being – is the space I only feel safe in, is simply, ever more, more and more of a ‘nudge’ to me to re-assess what I actually provide to others, for pay – or, if I got so mesmerized by what others in my industry market as, charge for, promise to do, I have managed to lose sight of why folks hired me in the first place/stick with me over the long run, even when I know damn well, they could find someone else better suited than I, for what they say they want to do –

True, others who will charge more, and give more snazzy options, cuz, um, those ‘others’ are experts in various fields I’m not, or don’t see as ‘priority to specialize in” – Still! After all these years!

For One Shining Moment….

But, for one early, dark o’thirty in the morning, moment? I stood still, doing nothing but gazing upon and drinking in the silence and beauty of the night sky – and yes, I managed to remember & grab a quick photo …sort of

My my newer model phone, purchased months ago, to replace the old/dying phone, older model, STILL doesn’t take pictures as well the old one did – naturally, no matter how much I mess with the app settings – thus – I did do a de-noise/saturation/luminence filter on the shared photo, via computer tools – stuff I HATE to do –

Cropping/resizing? To load fast, keep server level storage small? I got that down to a science – –

Using software tools to truly make the ‘point/shoot’ photo come even close, to what my heart felt/experienced, in that moment in time, to share with ya?

As example of my exasperation? Here’s a blast from the past where I just pointed and clicked – and my, ain’t it pretty with no effort at all, except resizing/optimizing to load fast in cyber land?

Ya, I’m still impatient with that whole trying to fix a photo/make it purdier in software land, instead of just point and click via tech I invested in to replace or upgrade tools, while assured, it would be BETTER!

Such things in software land, just not a priority for me yet – unless absolutely necessary for client –

It is what it is.

May you and yours be blessed with Faith, Hope, Courage and Love – whether you celebrate Easter or not. πŸ™‚

Now? I’m hungry – finally – ate really well yesterday and no Easter dinner to sit down to – but I’m a thinking, sloppy joes – yup – that’s what this year’s Easter Dinner is – and ya know what? Good Enough!

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