Laughed so Hard I Nearly Peed my Pants…

Yup – I hit the “publish” button for the most recent, long winded blog post, and an “Insta Like” notification appeared.

I had a moment, and was curious as to who read that fast and liked? Auto stuff set, up, right? Surely it must be!

I clicked on the blogger who ‘liked’ only to be informed the authors had deleted their site.

Okey dokey then, less for me to read/wade through –

And yes, I looked up a Pixabay photo to put together with this short post –

Why? I’ve said it before, and well….a picture is, overall, I’m told, worth 1,000 words – which means, in just a few minutes?

All by myself and online tools?

After re-reading my published long tome, and finding a few typos and trying to decide whether to edit/fix them?

And, nearly spitting liquid out my nose in laughing response to WordPress like and notifications vagaries?

Typing this out? Finding a picture, downloading, resizing/optimizing to be low in size?

Ta Da!

Supposedly, in less than 30 minutes as reported by WordPress “post times” I’ve done all this – another post which comes in at valuation of slightly over 1,000 words – in what felt like, to me, about 3 minutes, but WP reports is going on 30 minutes…maybe 31 minutes –

It’s okay – I got a good laugh, for today – really deep, gut, belly laugh – and it’s worth it, even while I rather chafe against all the systems in place that enabled such a thing to come about, including me, posting this – 😀

I’m off to clear my inbox of email of the 9 incoming emails that create ‘fear’ or try create “FOMO (fear of missing out), if I’m to gauge by a quick scan of the ‘subject lines’ so I can get back to ‘real work’

Meh – just another day in Paradise – I guess….

2 thoughts on “Laughed so Hard I Nearly Peed my Pants…”

  1. There are a couple of bloggers who have liked every single post I’ve put up for years, but they have never, ever engaged by writing a comment. And frequently, their likes come almost immediately after I post. Why folks? Why?

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