Miss Wild Rose and Company

The mystery flower from a few days ago has too many petals for chamomile – feel 97% sure it is some variety of Fleabane – a pioneer plant of the daisy family:


A few dreaded white flowers of bindweed appeared here and there, and were promptly ripped out.

Forgot to snap a picture, but the chokecherries have survived the wet spring snow and are lush and full with green berries – oh, how I do love chokecherry jelly.

Yesterday, I discovered a beautiful plant growing near the road – Forgot to take a picture, and later in the day – the blossoms had disappeared – this morning? They unfurl again to greet the day –

Tentatively identified as Ohio Spiderwort – another ‘free plant’ that blew in from somewhere – 😀

Ohio Spiderwort? Tradescantia ohiensis? Looks like it may be….

Areas weeded, mulched and ready to be planted with flowers and herbs next week (full moon on the 14th!)

Then I’ve got just a short week to get mowing done, infrastructure built, so I can be ready for planting on the new moon, 2nd quarter and next full moon….

It feels good to be ‘back in the world’ outside my door, once more.

Wild Roses – June 2022

5 thoughts on “Miss Wild Rose and Company”

  1. Nature is so beautiful as are these gems..
    I saw some tiny flowers the other day in the hedgerow so tiny about 6 flower heads would fit on my thumb nail..
    I thought of fairies 🧚‍♂️ the moment I spotted them lol 😆
    Great photo shares 💚

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    1. Given my ancestry/lineage, I’m rather surprised that ‘fairies’ don’t come to mind, more often than they do – alas – thinking my ancestry did bring to these shores the fairies, pixies, etc., with them, like they did garden seed and domesticated stock – 😀

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    1. In researching, there are many varieties of Spiderwort – the one I have growing here, looks closest to the Ohio Spiderwort (variety) – but seems like it is, in one variety or another, rather wide spread in the North American Continent –

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